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Canon’s Premium Desktop Calculator: X Mark I

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Canon is one of the leading brands that provide digital technologies in the world. They have different products that make our lives easier. Canon offers products for home and office usage. Some of the products it provides are printers, cameras, scanners, and calculators. In this post, we will focus on Canon’s premium desktop calculator, the X Mark I.

X Mark I

The X Mark I is a desktop calculator. It is easy to use and pair with your Windows or Mac computer via Bluetooth for added functionality. There are two ways that you can make use of this desktop calculator: one as a calculator and the other as a numeric keypad for your computer.

This small, simple, and affordable device is feature packed. It features a 12-digit large LCD display so you will not have any problems reading the numbers. The keypad is made with double injection key top to make sure that markings on the keypad will never fade even with heavy use. With this calculator, you can solve for basic math functions, Cost-Sell-Margin function, square root, sign change, and make use of its memory keys to save calculations. It also has a backspace key so it is easier to correct the numbers that you input.

Its size is just right so you can easily carry it around. Take it with you anywhere, especially when you are someone who deals with a lot of numbers and you regularly go on business trips. You can compute for values in your report or input numbers on your spreadsheet report by using it as a numeric keypad.

This simple device can help you increase your productivity. You eliminate the hassle of using your laptop keyboard to input numbers on your reports. Canon also guarantees that this product is environmentally friendly. It is made from recycled materials and it uses solar power.


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