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Tips on Finding and Installing Windows 7 Printer Drivers for Dell and Lexmark Printers

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Worried about updating your OS to Windows 7 only to find out later that you can’t use it for your Dell and Lexmark printers? Well, don’t worry as you can always look for a driver for any of these printers just to make sure they are compatible with the new OS from Microsoft. Use some of the tips found in this page.

How to find and install Windows 7 printer drivers for Dell printers

Finding printer drivers for a Dell printer can be made using the manufacturer’s website. You can find a list using the Dell Driver Page. Some products already have specific Windows 7 drivers assigned to them while you will be advised to use Vista drivers for others.

Once you’ve found the right driver for your printer model, you may now install it. Using your PC’s “Start” button, locate the “All Programs” section then “Dell printer”. You can then click the printer model under this section and uninstall it. Install the latest Java version while getting your latest Windows 7 update. Then proceed to installing the printer.

How to find and install Windows 7 printer drivers for Lexmark printers

Finding a Lexmark printer driver can be done by locating information about MS OS using the manufacturer’s website. You can see a table on the said page. There are printer models that can be updated using Windows 7 drivers while others can use Lexmark drivers instead.

Installing the drivers for your Lexmark printer will depend upon whether you are allowed to use a Windows 7 OS driver or a Lexmark driver. For the former, use the Windows Update for installation while for the latter, use the latest Lexmark driver.

You simply have to follow some instructions when installing the printer drivers for your Dell and Lexmark printers. You can always use the customer service support of these companies for further assistance.

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