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All You Need to Know about the HP 1020 Toner Cartridge

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

HP has continually ranked on top of many lists with regards to products quality and reliability. Their printers are popular as well as the accessories that come with them. Their ink and toner cartridges are some of the most sought-after cartridges in the market. The HP 1020 toner cartridge is just one of the many products that HP prides itself with.

HP Laser Jet 1020 Toner Cartridge (Standard)

This is the standard one available in the market today. This toner cartridge yields approximately 2,000 pages of quality prints with 5% page coverage. Compared to the regular ink cartridge, the HP 1020 toner cartridge has a longer lifespan as it does not dry quickly like any other regular ink cartridges.

Laser Jet printers usually use toners instead of ink cartridges which makes them more long-lasting than a regular printer. Toners are a form of powder which spares it from drying up when not used for too long. It is said that a sealed toner can last up to two years in storage after purchase.

HP Laser Jet 1020 High-Yield Toner Cartridge

This high yield toner cartridge is compatible with the HP Laser Jet 1020 printer. These high yield cartridges are made and designed to specifically perform better than the usual toner cartridges. It is an upgrade made by HP to its usual toner cartridges that produces more print-outs and photos over-all.

High yield toner cartridges also contain more ink/toner than their usual counterparts in the market. A standard toner cartridge can print as much as 2,000 pages but with the high-yield ones, users can expect their printers to produce over 3,000 quality print-outs with an average of 5% coverage.

Regular Usage for HP 1020 toner cartridges

The HP 1020 toner cartridge can be used for personal or business print-outs. Really seeing the value of this toner cartridge though would take an environment where heavy printing is apparent. Businesses that print out files, back-up files or even presentations can benefit greatly by using the HP 1020 toner cartridges.

Aside from the fact that toner cartridges yield more than a regular ink cartridge, they also produce clearer and more presentable output. They produce vivid colors with professional quality that makes any report and print-outs very presentable to your clients and business partners.

HP also prides itself in offering products that are environment friendly aside from being reliable. This saves their customers big amounts of money and time. The bargain prices of their toner cartridges, from the HP 1020 toner cartridge as well as other models, make it a very viable option for individuals and companies looking for quality toner cartridges.

Price and Ways to Purchase the HP 1020 Toner Cartridge

HP 1020 high-yield toner cartridges are usually priced at around $75-80 per set.  A standard one is cheaper and goes at around $25 per set. Users can visit the company’s website and get more information on how to purchase their toner cartridges. They can also visit outlet stores and personally buy their cartridges.

Users can also search the internet for bargain deals that can be found on merchant websites such as The products that they offer are of the same quality as the ones sold at HP and they can even give you generous discounts for every purchase that you make.

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