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Types of Digital Media – The Full Terminology

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

What is digital media? It is information that is stored in a computer language format. It uses the binary numeral system, with ones and zeroes representing arbitrary data. To put it simply, digital media is pretty much any type of electronic media. It can be accessed with electronic devices or a digital media player such as a mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer and many more.

What are some types of digital media?

1. Blank CD

A CD is also known as a compact disc, which is used to store digital data. Originally, the CD was created in order to store sound recordings. However, blank CDs were later on used in order to contain other forms of data. Today, most people use blank CDs as a medium for storing audio files. A standard blank CD can hold about 700MB worth of data.

2. Blank DVD

Toshiba and Time Warner created the DVD in 1995. The DVD is also commonly known as the Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc. It is a form of optical storage media similar to the CD. A blank DVD can be used to store audio, videos and data and can be played on a digital media player such as a laptop or desktop computer.  A single-sided and single-layer DVD can contain up to 4.7GB of content, which is about six or seven times the capacity that a CD can hold.

3. Blu-ray Disc

The name of this form of digital media is derived from the blue-violet colored laser that is used to both read and write this particular disc. Most Blu-Ray discs contain a maximum capacity of 50GB, while consumer Blu-ray discs can only contain up to 25GB.

4. USB Flash Drives

A USB flash drive is another form of digital media. It consists of a flash memory data storage device that is incorporated with a Universal Serial Bus or USB. They are small and are easily removable and rewritable. USB flash drives differ in capacity. You can get a USB flash drive that can contain data of up to 256 GB.

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