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Pros and Cons of iPad and iPhone Screen Protectors

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Apple’s iPhone and iPad product lines are considered state of the art technologies in mobile communications and computing. Price-wise, it is a modest investment to own these devices. While there may be a few gadget clones and wannabes that try to mimic these products, the global demand driven by their high quality and uniqueness has elevated these distinct devices as status symbols.

It is therefore very important for owners of these devices to protect their investment. One way of doing that is by attaching thin flexible plastic screen protectors. With the iPad selling for almost $500 and the iPhone at around $100, what is an additional $20 for a layer of protection?

Nevertheless, since March 2010, Apple discontinued the selling of screen guards for its devices on its online stores and at their real-world retail outlets. To date, there is still no official statement from the company that offers a clear explanation for the move. Some third-party manufacturers and suppliers may be worried that Apple may serve its own line of screen covers that would compete with theirs.

Others speculate that perhaps the company simply feels confident that their touch screen devices will stand normal wear and tear even without an extra layer of screen protection. Whatever the reason, many consumers still bet their dollars on the screen shields that are available in the market. The question remains, are screen protectors really worth the extra cost?

Benefits and Drawbacks

The main and obvious benefit of having a screen cover for your touch screen device is the elimination, if not reduction, of scratches on the glass surface of the display screen. Most gadgets that employ Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology, such as cellphones, PDAs and even digital watches will suffer minute scratches over time. Eventually, these scratches and handling marks become noticeable as dust and oil accumulate and gets trapped in the blemish. As a result, the display of information is impeded thus decreasing the functionality and value of the device.

It is thought that LCD screen protectors would act as barriers against such damage. These plastic covers have been developed to be scratch resistant and impervious to dust and dirt. Besides, it is certainly cheaper to change an attached plastic cover than it is to have a ruined touch screen panel repaired or replaced. It is also conveniently easier and safer to wipe clean a screen that has an extra layer of film covering it.

However, the key point against screen covers for the iPad and iPhone is the perceived lessening of the touch screen’s sensitivity. Perhaps some screen shield manufacturers made their products thicker than industry specifications.

Others also feel that the protective layer may not be clear enough to ensure that readability of the information on screen does not diminish. This is especially true if the device is viewed at a particular angle. Related to this, air bubbles sometimes form between the screen and the protective film, which again impacts the viewing of the screen.

Still, there are reviews against screen shields pointing out that some brands are not a precise fit to the device. This last bit may be only a matter of cosmetics but for people who can afford to have an iPad, they can also afford to complain.

Practical Tips for Choosing Touch Screen Guards

The choice is quite simple. While Apple may boast of their oleophobic technology that makes their touch screens resilient to scratches and oil, attaching an additional protective screen does not really do any harm to the device. The advancement behind screen covers has made them indispensable in the proper care and maintenance of these expensive gadgets.

To ensure that you get the right screen guard for your device, choose among top brands like ZAGG, Speck and Targus. These have proven track records based on industry standards and consumer feedback.

You are better off spending more on a high quality screen shield than risk your iPad or iPhone on a substandard protector. Make sure that you are purchasing with a money-back guarantee or at least a product return policy. If the vendor offers it, allow them to install the screen cover in your presence and make sure that the workmanship is to your satisfaction.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

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