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Recycled Cartridges: 5 Steps on How They Are Made

Monday, April 5th, 2010

What exactly are recycled printer cartridges? Well, these are either recycled inkjet cartridges or recycled toner cartridges that you can recycle on your own or buy from a service provider that offers one. Buying or using these items will help you save the environment. Add to that the fact that it can also be beneficial to charity.

How are recycled cartridges made?

The first thing you need to bear in mind is to bring your empty printer ink cartridges to a recycling center. These recycling centers will usually receive a bulk of other empty print cartridges from other users like you. A series of steps are followed before they are resold in the market in the form of recycled cartridges.

1. Sorting. The company starts by sorting out the empty printer cartridges they have on hand. The sorting is made according to brand then down to the printer model and depending on their condition.

2. Checking and Replacement. Checking of the soon-to-be recycled printer cartridges is made in order to see the condition of the empty printer cartridges. The recycling center will check for damages on the printer cartridge parts. Damaged components will then be replaced with new ones.

3. Reassembly and Refill. The empty cartridges will then be reassembled and refilled with their corresponding printer ink or toner. The same formulation with that of the OEM’s requirements is used in this process.

4. Testing and Packing. Vigorous testing is done to make sure that the recycled cartridges will still function as clients want them to. Testing is made for errors. Once the printer cartridges are in good condition then they would be placed inside their new packages.

5. Marketing. This time, recycled printer cartridges are offered both in the offline and online market. These printer cartridges are then sold as remanufactured printer cartridges .

    Buy recycled cartridges

    Once recycled cartridges are sold in the market, you can now start buying them. This is one way for you to take your own share in saving the environment. However, buying these new versions of toner and printer ink cartridges requires some thought. Make sure that the printer cartridges have color control and fade resistant qualities.

    How will you be assured you’ll get that in your recycled cartridges? You should always go for reputed marketers that offer one. An example of a reputable site is which sells low cost print cartridges to the public.

    Why Should You Recycle Printer Ink Cartridges – Plus Tips on How to Recycle Them

    Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

    Printer manufacturers as well as non-profit organizations are pushing efforts to make sure that printer ink cartridges are being recycled by end users. Basically, the main reason why they focus on this is the fact that some parts of this gadget contribute so much harm to the environment when thrown in landfills. According to Cartridge World USA, 8 printer cartridges are being thrown in landfills every second.

    Why and how will you recycle a printer cartridge?

    Printer cartridges can mainly sit down in landfills for years doing nothing. As it sits down there though, the printer ink chemicals inside the cartridge can flow and cause some harm to the environment. Worse is it can be mixed with ground water then extend far to the ocean and even to the water we drink.

    Because of this reason alone, there’s a need to recycle these printer ink cartridges.

    How will you be able to do that?

    • Start by refilling an empty printer cartridge. While it is true that refilling an empty printer cartridge can’t be done over and over again, at least you are already pushing some recycling endeavors. Refill them by going to a printer ink refilling station. If you want, you may also purchase printer ink refill kits that come with instructions.
    • Of course, you may also give your empty printer cartridge to a recycling center. You can even be paid by doing that. You can also donate the proceeds to charitable institutions. If you want, you can return the empty printer cartridge to your printer manufacturer.

    Recycling printer ink cartridges can do you more favor than harm. Be one with efforts of saving the environment.

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