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A Compact and Affordable 3D Printer: The MakiBox A6

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

3D printers create three-dimensional solid objects from a digital design. The process includes layering of materials until it forms the design. 3D printing has been around for decades now and is mostly used for industrial use like rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

3D printers are heavy machinery, until desktop versions were introduced a couple of years ago. MakerBot Industries came out with different desktop 3D printers like the Thing-O-Matic, Ultimaker, Huxley, and many more.

A new 3D printer is coming out soon, the MakiBox A6. It is startup project from Jon Buford. The MakiBox A6 3D printer starts from $300 + $50 for global shipping. The project received 375 supporters to successfully fund the project. Let us take a look at the features of this 3D printer.

The MakiBox A6 3D Printer

The MakiBox A6 3D printer is the first 3D printer that is compact, reliable and self-contained. It is the most affordable desktop 3D printer available and you can get it for $300. Other 3D printers range from $500-$2000. Compared to other desktop 3D printers, the Makibox A6 is simple to use and comes in a compact design that makes use of screws instead of pulleys and belts. This feature reduces the parts that you need to assemble and maintain.

The MakiBox A6 is smaller compared to other 3D printers and can print up to ΒΌ of its size. The printer is enclosed, securing your work without worrying about pets or children accidentally slipping something while you are printing. It has an active cooling fan to constantly keep the printer cool and perform at top efficiency.

Some things you can print

If you are wondering what you can print with the MakiBox A6 3D printer, here are some things you can print:

  • Missing pieces of board games
  • Customized hearing aid
  • Phone case with your own design and logo
  • Toys
  • Jewellery and other accessories

3D printers are ideal for designers, makers, students, engineers, and anyone who wants to start designing and making things on their own.


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