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Tips on Cleaning a Clogged Printer Head

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

There are two reasons behind why you should clean your printer head. First is for the fact that a clogged print head can affect printing quality. The second one is the fact that this can eventually cause damage to your printer.

There are also things you should consider when cleaning this part of the printer ink cartridge. You should take note of preventive measures before you clear the clogs from the said area.

1.   How to prevent the print head from clogging. You can simply do this by making sure you’re using your printer regularly. It is essential to use the printer at least once a week. This is a better option over running the cleaning utility of the printer as it costs lesser printer ink.

In addition to this, you must make sure that your printer is free from any dust or pollutants. Check for any debris that may affect its head. Furthermore, you should turn off the printer when it is not in use.

2.  How to clear clogs. You can always use the built-in system for cleaning printer heads. You just have to initiate the cleaning cycles, usually once every week. This can prevent printer heads from being clogged. But, this process becomes inefficient in that it wastes printer ink.

Instead of running the cleaning utility system you may use a brush for the printer heads. Make sure the Q-tips have been soaked in water. As much as possible avoid using alcohol in this process. Of course, you may also invest on cleaning kits for your printer. The most common ones contain ammonia in tubes which you can spray over printer heads to get rid of dried printer ink.

Don’t waste any time. Start cleaning your printer head regularly and you will no longer encounter printer and printing problems in the future.

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