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All You Need to Know About Canon MP210 Ink Cartridges

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Canon MP210 is just one of the many PIXMA printers coming from the brand. The printer comes with a stylish design that can basically help you in everything that you do. You can print, scan and copy documents using this printer. You can even create photos out of this printer. Because the MP210 is a special printer, it basically requires its very own set of Canon ink cartridges.

Canon MP210 Ink Cartridges

Canon offers three types of ink cartridges for its MP210 printer. The first one is called the PG-30 pigment black ink cartridge, the second is the PG-40 black ink tank and the last is the CL-31 color FINE ink cartridge. The Canon PG-30 ink offers a yield of 220 pages while the PG-40 can print 490 pages.

Canon MP210 Ink Cartridge Prices

Canon basically sells the PG-30 at $16.99, the PG-40 at $22.99 and the CL-31 at $20.99. When you buy from retailers, a genuine PG-30 costs around $14.81 only and the PG-40 is priced at $18.75. That will mean great savings on your part. If you buy in bulk, you can even have huge amounts of discounts depending on the online store where you will buy the printer ink cartridges from.

Canon MP210 Ink Cartridges and Other Printers Where they Can Be Used For

Aside from being a great partner to the PIXMA MP210, these ink cartridges are also great fits to other printer models from the brand. For instance, you can use the PG-30 for Canon PIXMA printers in the iP series like the iP1800 and iP1600. They also fit the MP140, MP190, MP470, MX300 and MX310. The Canon PG-40 on the other hand, may be used for PIXMA printers like the iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP2600, MX300, MX310, MP140, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP190, MP460 and MP470.

Installing Canon MP210 Ink Cartridges

Basically, you need one black and one color printer cartridge to do the job. Start by opening the printer’s cover. You can use the special brace found on its side to support the opening. From here, you may begin installing each of the ink cartridges.

Start with the black fine Canon MP210 ink. Locate the tape that protects the cartridge’s printhead nozzles. Remove that part then place the printer cartridge in the printer slot with the letter ‘B’ on it. Make sure it clicks into place. You can use the same process for the color fine cartridge. The only difference is you should place it on the slot marked with the letter ‘C’.

After putting both cartridges in place, you can now remove the brace before you close the printer’s cover. You will then notice a green LED light flashing on the printer’s top part. Once you have seen the number ‘1’ displayed on the LED display, then you can now begin your printing job.

Purchasing a Canon MP210 Ink Cartridge

You can always buy these ink cartridges directly from Canon’s online store. You may also use some of the company’s official outlets. Wal-Mart and Office Depot are great stores to use in your purchase of these printer cartridges.

You may also go to retail shops such as The store offers a wide array of ink cartridges and other printer supplies as well.

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