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6 Factors in Computing for Total Printer Ownership Cost

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Are you caught in between investing on a printer or not? Is this because you think it isn’t wise to spend money on the purchase? But if you are planning to set up your own business, getting a printer is necessary. You also need to compute for printer ownership cost for you to have an idea on how much to charge for your printing services so that you will gain profit from it. Here are some factors that may affect the calculation of this cost.

1. Price of the printer. It is important to compute this cost per printer unit you own. Then you should add up the YTD depreciation value, property insurance and cost of capital. Add taxes whenever available. Multiply the total with the black and colored printout percentages.

2. Pages printed annually. This does not mean you have to wait for one year to be able to compute for the total pages you consume. What you need here is to compute the total number of pages you print per three months then multiply it by 4. This should be done for each printer.

3. Support cost. This is computed by adding purchase, installation and on-going support cost. If you are leasing your printers, then add that cost to the total as well.

4. Cost of printer parts. This can be computed by simply multiplying the total amount for printer parts with that of the black and colored printout percentages.

5. Cost of maintenance. This is computed by adding the estimated time percentage that a 3rd party vendor may spend on the printer unit and the annual support cost from third party vendors. The sum will then be divided by the black and colored printout percentages.

6. Printer supplies cost. This is calculated by multiplying the percentage of colored printouts with total staples cost. The result will then be added to the costs spent on printer ink cartridges for all of your printers.

    Once you have computed for printer ownership cost, you are about ready to set-up your own printing business. You don’t have to be a financial expert on this.

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