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3 Questions to Ask When Finding Great Deals as You Buy Printers Online

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Dumping your old printer and looking for a new one? Well, the best place to shop these days is through the internet. Not only does this choice promise a convenient option for you. You can even find great printer deals using these venues as well. But before you can buy printers online successfully, why not ask a few questions first.

1. “Is buying printers online really a great idea?” There are some pros and cons to this process. Looking at the positive side, buying online will help you get a great discount. The problem is that there might be damages on the goods when they are shipped to you. You may also have a hard time comparing specs of one printer from that of the other especially when details on each are limited.

2. “How can I find the best online deal then?” This is the secret to solving the problems linked when you buy a printer online. Why is this so? Well if you know how to find the good deals, you will be able to do some comparison shopping before you get the product in your hands. You can always compare at least three to five shops to get the printer you need.

3. “Where can I shop for these goods?” Go to trusted names in this industry. This can also be the key to solving some advantages of buying printers online. Established names such as Office Depot, Staples, Tiger Direct and Best Buy are great choices. Of course, it will also be best to buy directly from printer manufacturers using their official websites.

    After asking these questions and getting great answers for them, then there’s no reason you won’t find the best printer deals over the net. Buying printers online can then be a wise choice.

    Why Should You Recycle Printer Ink Cartridges – Plus Tips on How to Recycle Them

    Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

    Printer manufacturers as well as non-profit organizations are pushing efforts to make sure that printer ink cartridges are being recycled by end users. Basically, the main reason why they focus on this is the fact that some parts of this gadget contribute so much harm to the environment when thrown in landfills. According to Cartridge World USA, 8 printer cartridges are being thrown in landfills every second.

    Why and how will you recycle a printer cartridge?

    Printer cartridges can mainly sit down in landfills for years doing nothing. As it sits down there though, the printer ink chemicals inside the cartridge can flow and cause some harm to the environment. Worse is it can be mixed with ground water then extend far to the ocean and even to the water we drink.

    Because of this reason alone, there’s a need to recycle these printer ink cartridges.

    How will you be able to do that?

    • Start by refilling an empty printer cartridge. While it is true that refilling an empty printer cartridge can’t be done over and over again, at least you are already pushing some recycling endeavors. Refill them by going to a printer ink refilling station. If you want, you may also purchase printer ink refill kits that come with instructions.
    • Of course, you may also give your empty printer cartridge to a recycling center. You can even be paid by doing that. You can also donate the proceeds to charitable institutions. If you want, you can return the empty printer cartridge to your printer manufacturer.

    Recycling printer ink cartridges can do you more favor than harm. Be one with efforts of saving the environment.

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