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All You Need to Know about The Canon BCI-24 Ink Cartridges

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

For many years, Canon has been a major distributor of print-engines found in most standard printers today. They have offered their customers products that are not only efficient in doing work but are also above its competition.  Their printing machines and other printer accessories have constantly been bestsellers in the market. Business professional use them in their everyday operations. Individual owners use it for their everyday printing needs.

The accessories that they offer like their ink cartridges are one of the best in the industry. And with the wide variety of ink cartridges that they offer, customers are sure to find everything that need for their Canon machines.

The Canon BCI-24 Ink Cartridges

The Canon BCI-24 ink cartridge is a generic ink cartridge that can be used in many Canon printers. Canon has a history of developing products that will exceed the standards set by the industry and the expectations of its customers. The superiority of the BCI-24 ink cartridge can be seen with the excellent prints that it provides.

It provides quality results whether you print on a normal A1 paper or a photo paper. The vibrant and rich text colors are a trademark that Canon has kept throughout all the products it offers. The BCI-24 ink cartridge also produce professional looking pages that you can use for your presentations or hand-outs for your meetings, etc.

Vivid colors also distinguish the Canon BCI-24 Ink Cartridges from its competition. Your prints will come out excellent whether you will be printing web pages, photos or just normal documents.

Compatibility of the Canon BCI-24 Ink Cartridges

The BCI-24 ink cartridge is specifically made for Canon BCI-24 and BCI-21 printers but can also be used in other Canon printers. Printers that are compatible with the Canon BCI-24 Ink Cartridges include the Canon BJC 400J, BJC 410J, BJC 455J, BJC 2000, BJC 2100, BCJ 2115, BJC 4000, BJC 4100, BJC 4200, BJC 4300, BJC 4304 Photo, BJC 4310SP, BJC 4400, BJC 4550, BJC 4650, BJC 5000, BJC 5100, BJC 5500.

The BCI-24 can also be used with the Canon I250, Canon I320, Canon I350, Canon I450, Canon I455, Canon I470D, Canon I475D, Canon S100, Canon S200, Canon S300, Canon MPC190, Canon MPC200 Photo, Canon Fax Phone B740 and Canon Fax B180C.

The BCI-24 is also compatible with the Canon Multipass C20, C30, C50, C70, C75, C80, C530, C545, C555, C560, C635, C2500, C3000, C3500, C5000, C5500, F20, Canon Smartbase MP360, MP3605, MP370, MP390, MPC190, MPC200, Canon Pixma IP1000, IP1500, IP2000, MP110 and the Canon Pixma MP130.

Purchasing you Canon BCI-24 Ink Cartridges

A pack of the Canon BCI-24 Ink Cartridges usually costs around $7-8 on retailers. You can also have your cartridges refilled when they run low but most users suggest that you buy a new cartridge altogether.

It pays to check your ink cartridges regularly as it can damage your printer when you let your ink cartridges run too low or dry out. You can purchase new cartridges or refills at official Canon outlet stores worldwide. They also have an official online store where their customers can make their purchases.

Retail stores like Target, Office Depot and Wal-mart also have stocks of the BCI-24 and other ink cartridges in their inventories. You can also purchase online at websites like where they offer bargain deals for ink cartridges all year round.

All You Need to Know about the Epson T048120 Ink Cartridges

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Epson is one of the most recognized manufacturers in the world when it comes to computer related products. Their quality has been tested throughout the years they have been in operation. Many customers have developed a strong following for the Epson brand that despite the many improvements in technology, the Epson brand still remains as one of the most sought after brands in today’s markets.

The Epson T048120 Ink Cartridges

One of the most popular things to come out of the Epson brand of products is their ink cartridges. The Epson T048120 ink cartridge is their most reliable models. The T048120 is manufactured to give Epson users genuine black inkjet cartridge that is guaranteed to deliver and produce quality print-outs in any Epson printer used.

This ink cartridge is designed to provide the highest resolution to Epson customers. It also gives the highest color resolution among its competition. The T048120 is a quick drying and dye-based ink cartridge that enables its users to achieve optimum performance for their printers and copying machines. Since it is dye-based, it does not smudge or leak as much as the normal ink cartridges do.

Compatibility of the Epson T048120 Ink Cartridges

The beauty of the Epson T048120 Ink Cartridges lie in the fact that it can be used and installed in may types of Epson printers. So no matter what printer you have at home or in the office, the T048120 will be perfect for you.

Here are some of the printers that are compatible with the T048120 Ink Cartridge:

  • Epson Stylus Photo R200
  • Epson Stylus Photo R220
  • Epson Stylus Photo R300
  • Epson Stylus Photo R300M
  • Epson Stylus Photo R320
  • Epson Stylus Photo R340
  • Epson Stylus Photo RX500
  • Epson Stylus Photo RX600
  • Epson Stylus Photo RX620
  • Epson Stylus Photo RX640

Refilling the Epson T048120 Ink Cartridge

When refilling any type of ink cartridge, it is always advisable to not let everything dry up before you refill. This maintains the ink cartridge as well as the printer itself. It can be damaging to the printer if you let you ink cartridges run dry for long. Although many customers suggest that you buy an original cartridge instead of doing refills, you can save a lot more money when you buy refills for your ink cartridges.

For the Epson T048120, make sure that you buy refills at trusted outlet stores or merchant stores. There are many counterfeits out there in the market and this can also do more damage that good to your printing machines. Also, make sure you do not overfill. Check your inks regularly and always have a supply of ink in your possession so as to not hinder your printing especially if you are running a business.

Where to Buy?

Buying your Epson T048120 Ink Cartridges is a very easy thing to do. There are several Epson outlets all over the world that offer this line of ink cartridges plus many more. You can also buy our cartridges at retail stores like Wal-Mart or Target.

You can also search the internet for merchant websites like They offer a variety of deals for their customers and you can save money availing one of these.

All You Need to Know about HP 27 Ink Cartridges

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

HP’s toner and ink cartridges are some of the best ones in the market today. Many individuals and personal users have attested to the fact that HP has always been a quality and reliable brand. Many companies have turned to HP ink cartridges for their business needs. The company almost always produces a higher yield and quality when it comes to their ink cartridges.

The HP 27 Ink Cartridges

The HP 27, also known as the C8727AN, ink cartridge is a patented, pigment-based product in the line of HP’s ink cartridge offerings. The HP 27 offers its users fade-resistant ink that produces laser-quality black prints. This ink cartridge is perfect for businesses that print out numerous files for their presentation, back-up and hand-outs. This ink cartridge is designed to work perfectly with HP inkjet printers. They can also be used for copiers, fax machines and all-in-one printing machines and still produce great quality print-outs.

Its compact size is also perfect for miniature HP printers. To attain maximum quality prints, HP suggests that users use HP inkjet specialty papers for their prints. But even in normal printing papers and even transparencies, the HP 27 ink cartridge still produces the same quality results.

HP 27 Ink Cartridge Specs

It is a given that the HP 27 ink cartridge produces crisp and sharp quality print-out when used. But there is a lot more to the HP 27 than just quality prints. This ink cartridge is also reliable in the way that it produces precise and sharp print-out perfect for everyday use.

The HP 27 is estimated to yield around 280 pages of quality print-outs. This estimated yield is based on 5% coverage on basic 8.5 x 11-inch paper.

Printers compatible with HP 27 C8727AN Ink Cartridge

The C8727AN is specifically designed to work with several HP brands of printers. Some of these include the Office Jet PSC 1310, 1311, 1315, 1317, 1318, Desk Jet 3320, 3325, 3420, 3535, 3550, 3650, Office Jet PSC 1210, Office Jet 4255, Office Jet 5610, and Desk Jet 3744, 3845 and 3745. This ink cartridge is also compatible with the HP Office Jet 4215v all-in-one machine.

Purchasing your own HP 27 ink cartridge

The HP 27 C8727AN Ink cartridge is usually priced at around $17-20 per pack, although there are many sellers that price it for less or more. HP offers its users the chance to but their own stock of the HP 27 available on their retail outlet stores worldwide. They can also buy in popular chain stores like Walmart.

Another source for these ink cartridges are the several computer shops online like These shops usually offer their visitors a price that is much lower than the MSRP. Getting bargain deals from these online stores is advisable especially when buying in bulk.

All You Need to Know About HP 02 Ink Cartridges

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

HP sells a variety of products ranging from laptop computers, personal computers, printers, computer accessories, toner and ink cartridges. The company offers their customers a wide range of computer products they can use whether for home or office. The quality of their products is top-notch and HP 02 ink cartridge is one of them.

The HP 02 ink cartridge

The HP 02 ink cartridge is for HP users who print documents and files for personal or even office use. It provides high volume printing for photos and special projects.

There are several models under the HP 02 ink cartridge brand. These include the HP 02 2 pack Black Ink Cartridges or the C9500FN, HP 02 Black Ink Cartridge or C8721WN, HP 02 Combo-pack Ink Cartridges or CC604FN, HP 02 Light Cyan Ink Cartridge or C8774WN, HP 02 Light Magenta Ink Cartridge or C8775WN, HP 02 Magenta Ink Cartridge or C8772WN and the HP 02 Yellow Ink Cartridge or C8773WN. All these HP 02 ink cartridges provide users with excellent prints for a bargain price.

Refilling your HP 02 ink cartridges

HP 02 ink cartridges are relatively easy to refill. Users just have to keep in mind that ink cartridges need not be drained until the last drop before refilled. Checking you ink levels regularly is one way of maintaining your printers and its cartridges. Leaving your cartridges drained not only affects the cartridge but the printer altogether.

You can purchase your 02 refills at HP outlet stores all over the world. They have branches that provide users with their refills in any color they may want them. You can also go to their online stores and make your purchases there. There are also numerous merchant website like that offers its visitors the best value deals for their ink cartridge purchases.

Price Comparisons

The HP 02 is pretty much a value purchase for everyone who wants to try the products. Buyers will be surprised at the value that this particular HP ink cartridge provides. Aside from the excellent prints, users can also count on the print quality and long life span that an HP 02 ink cartridge provides.

A standard HP 02 ink cartridge usually sell very cheap in the market. A standard black ink cartridge can go around $19-20 per pack. Other colors can go for as low as $11 a pack. However, if you are looking for best value for your money, you can go purchase the combo packs of this 02 ink cartridge. For examples, the HP 02 Combo-pack Ink Cartridges (CC604FN) gives users 5 ink cartridges in a single pack for the very low price of $50. The combined inks provide users with convenience as they do not have to buy five inks separately.

HP users can also buy the HP 02 2-pack Black Ink Cartridges (C9500FN), another value pack, for just approximately $36. This particular pack gives them 2 ink cartridges (black) that provides more quality prints than the standard black ink cartridge.

All you Need to Know about Ordering Dell Printer Ink & Dell Printing Supplies

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Dell has been one of the top names when it comes to computer products. From notebooks, personal computers, printers, toner and Dell ink cartridges, Dell has been a brand that most people have trusted and turned to when it comes to their gadget needs.

Their printers are one of the best in the market today and have been lauded by many users for their superior performance. Any printer produced by Dell delivers high performance printing resulting to documents, graphics and photo outputs with top-notch quality and great resolution.

Common Problems with Regards to Dell Ink Cartridges and Printers

While performance may be the least of Dell’s problems, many users, especially of their printers, have complained about the problem of refilling their printing ink cartridges for their Dell printers. If your Dell ink cartridges run out, before you would have to call the Dell hotline and ask for a refill or a new cartridge. This results in uncalled inconveniences for their customers which the company has since taken action to.

Today, Dell has made extreme efforts in providing quality service to their customers. This is not only through their excellent computer gadgets but also by making it easier for them to get their Dell Printing Supplies at the fastest time possible.

Dell ink Cartridges

Dell supplies has a line of printer ink cartridges that can cater to any Dell printer installed by their users. Some of the popular Dell brands include:

  • Dell All in One Inks (720, 725, V715w, P513w, V313w, 924, V105, 966, 968, 964, 944, 926 Photo Ink, V305, A10, V505w and many more)
  • Dell Inkjet Ink
  • Dell Photo Ink

Easier way of Ordering and Getting your Dell Printing Supplies

To address the customer complaints they have been getting for their printing supplies, Dell has made every effort to make their products easily available to their users. Many retail stores have now taken up Dell in their inventories and are now selling Dell’s printing supplies.

Staples, one of the popular retail chain stores in the United States, has picked up and agreement with Dell to make their ink cartridges available in their stores. Users can now go to these stores and purchase their ink refills instead of ordering online and waiting for days to have them delivered. Wal-mart, another popular chain of retail stores in the US, has taken Dell products on their inventories.

There are also a lot of ink suppliers available online. They supply Dell ink cartridges to businesses or personal users at a discounted price especially if you are going to make a big purchase. These online retail shops also have free delivery so users will not experience the hassle of personally picking up their purchases.

One such website is Here, users can browse through a variety of Dell supplies and several other supplies from other computer manufacturers. They can avail of bargains and great deals that are exclusive only for the website’s customers.

Dell users can still purchase their Dell products online through the company’s home web site. Here, they can get specific products that will cater to their needs. From printer ink cartridges, toners, printers or computer units, the Dell web page has all the information needed for you to make a purchase.

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