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Great Tips and Tricks for fixing Your Printer Problems

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Almost anyone would find it disappointing that after a gruesome task of typing or encoding documents, the printer failed to print. If you’re in such a hurry, maybe you’d just find a kiosk or printing shop than try to fix the printer. But the best solution would be to troubleshoot where the problem of the printer is, and try to solve it. Here are some of the tips on fixing printers:

Clean it

Prevention is better than cure: so clean your printer. You should cover the printer when not in use to avoid dust from accumulating inside it. Dust and dirt could clog the printer head.  Also, you could use small vacuum or compressed air to clean it.  To clean the cartridge head, you can try using either moistened Q-tip (with either alcohol or just water).


Another tip on fixing the printer is running the Utility Maintenance at least once a week (even though it consumes a significant amount of printer ink). An alternative would be to print one colored page document which consumes less amount of ink.  Frequent use of printer avoids drying up or clogging of the nozzle or head of the cartridge where the ink comes out.

The utility maintenance has different functions: head cleaning, print head alignment, ink replacement, nozzle check, among others.

Check the status monitor of the printer. Most often, you’d see that the printer needs maintenance when there are gaps or faint areas or streaks that appear when you print any document, misaligned print outs, and clogged nozzles. Utility maintenance can be used to fix the printer.

Another problem for failure to print is the insufficient ink supply. Replace printer ink cartridges if the printer prompts you to. You can use the maintenance utility for this.

Paper Jams

A simple trick on fixing the printer when it comes to paper jam is by reinstalling the papers  the correct way. If this didn’t fix the printer problem, check the paper path if there are any blockage and remove it (usually papers/dust).

Check for Error Messages

The printer has its own sort of tech support installed. There are error messages or codes that pop out when the printer fails to print. You have to be mindful of these. You can try fixing the printer by following the suggested resolution given by the printer or you can refer to the manual that came with the printer.  Different models/types of printers have their own error codes and specific resolution to fix the printer, so check your manuals.

Hence, before you run to the kiosk or anywhere else  in order to solve your printer problem, try doing these simple tips on fixing printers because in the long run, you’d benefit more from troubleshooting and fixing the printer. It would save you time, effort and money.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

Most Common Problems for Lexmark Inkjet Printers and How to Fix Them

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Are you using Lexmark inkjet printers? Was there ever a time that you have encountered printer error codes appearing on your PC’s screen? If you have such problems with your inkjet printers, you don’t need to worry. You can always make use of tips on how to fix these errors for your printer.

Most common Lexmark inkjet printer paper errors

There are various paper errors that may occur in your Lexmark inkjet printers. Here are some error codes to watch out for. Find out how you can solve them:

1. Error Code 22. This Lexmark inkjet printer error denotes paper jam or paper out. The solution is for you to check out for the paper in the tray. You must also check on the paper size and make sure that it is the same as the one set in your PC’s printing dialogue box.

2. Error Code 23. This is also known as paper jam. You should follow the same rules as those used for Error Code 22. In addition, you should exit the fuser’s sensor flag and sensor board.

3. Error Code 24. This is error on individual manual feed. This can indicate that you have manually fed the paper on the Lexmark inkjet printer paper tray when a paper is currently being pulled out of the gadget. You should not feed paper on the tray unless you are requested to do so.

4. Error Code 31. This error code signifies that you need to change paper. You must check paper size first to make sure that the one you have fed into the paper tray is the same as the one requested by the software. If there is a discrepancy, you need to reinstall the right paper size or adjust the paper size setting.

5. Error Code 35 and Error Code 36. These two denote paper error and load paper error respectively. Follow tips provide for Error Code 22. In addition, you must also take a look at recommendations for Error Code 23.

Other Lexmark inkjet printer error codes

Aside from the above mentioned error codes that indicate paper errors, other error codes that may arise if you own inkjet printers from Lexmark are the following:

1. Error Code 30. This is an indication that the Lexmark inkjet printer cover is open. First, you should make sure that the printer cartridge is installed correctly. Next, you need to switch the activator which is found hanging on the left portion of the printer’s top cover.

2. Error Code 40. This is more of a system board failure. When this error appears on your screen, you are requested to replace the system board.

3. Error Code 41. This can signify that your requested font is not available. Using the software or the font card, you must install the requested font before you try printing again. This can sometimes appear as Error Code 42.

4. Error Code 43. This denotes font card error and can be the same as Error Code 44. This can arise if you removed the font card while the printer is turned on. You need to reset the power source and check if there is a defective font card.

5. Error Code 45. This error indicates that there is a mistake in downloading the character font. You should check on the system software, set-up and board.

These are but just some few of the common problems associated with your use of Lexmark inkjet printers. Should you encounter any other problems that may arise in the future, you may contact the manufacturer for help. Lexmark inkjet printers are provided with corresponding support pages in the company’s website.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

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