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All You Need to Know About Brother HL 2030 Toner Cartridges

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Brother HL 2030 is one of the monochrome laser printers offered by the brand name. This is basically produced by the company for personal use. It can print around 17 pages per minute and has a 250-sheet paper capacity. This printer from the brand will not work unless you invest on Brother HL 2030 toner cartridges.

Brother HL 2030 Toner Cartridges

There is one type of Brother HL 2030 toner cartridge that you can use when you own this laser printer. This one is called the TN-350 toner cartridge. The cartridge has a page yield of 2500, basing on 5% coverage. Suggested MSRP is $52.99 but its price ranges from as low as $44 to as high as $79.99

Fine particles make these Brother toner cartridges deliver the best quality printout. Once you have printed your texts using this cartridge, you can see rich blacks to lighter shades of gray in your printouts. With the TN-350, you are guaranteed to have not just clear prints but professional-looking texts as well.

Substitute to Brother TN-350 Toner Cartridges

If you want to buy Brother HL 2030 toner cartridges with higher page yields, then what you need is an imaging drum. In this regard, you may use Dell’s DR-350 drum that can print up to 12,000 pages based on 5% coverage. This one has a list price of $99.99 but can be sold by other online retailers at prices in between $81.24 to $127.99.

Installing Brother HL 2030 Toner Cartridges

The whole process of installing Brother HL 2030 toner cartridges starts by looking for the developing roller. From there, you should remove the protective tape. Lay the printer cartridge on its flat side then make sure that the plug is away from you. You will then find three Phillip screws on the cartridge. Remove them including the train end cap.

After removing the train end cap, you should also remove the black support bracket found on the cartridge’s end. Remove each of the white train gears as well. Remove the clip that looks like an ‘E’ from the drive gear’s end then remove the drive gear.

You should then lift the white bearing on the side of the toner hopper before you rotate the tab found on the same area. This will unlock the developer roller. Clear the toner hopper by lifting the developer roller then remove the latter until such time that the shaft comes out. Clean the roller all at once before refilling the toner cartridge.

Remove the toner fill plug and make sure you clean the area thoroughly as well using lint-free cloth. With the fill plug away from you, you can reinstall the developer back. Then you should rotate the white bearing clip until you hear a clicking sound.

Reinstall the ‘E’ clip and return the train gears to their corresponding places.  Reinstall all other pieces you have removed as well. Then before replacing the fill cap, fill the cartridge with toner first. Now, you can also place the protective cover on the developer roller of the Brother HL 2030 toner cartridge.

Purchasing Brother HL2030 Toner Cartridges

There are a lot of Brother official outlets where you can buy these toner cartridges from. But you can also buy the products directly from Brother’s official online site. Aside from that, you can also look for online printer supply retailers such as

All You Need to Know About Dell T0529 Ink Cartridges

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Dell has always endeavored to lead in the market for printer and printer supplies. As proof to that, the company never failed to update its own list of products. On its list, you will also find Dell ink cartridges that are best suited for certain types of Dell printers. One such product is called the Dell T0529 ink.

Dell T0529 Ink

The Dell T0529 is a black ink cartridge that contains around 18 ml of black ink volume. It promises to provide you the crisp and sharp output for your printouts. It is also one that possesses laser quality output. Owe these things to the advanced technology equipped in these printer ink cartridges.

Also known as the Dell T0529/N5878, this printer ink cartridge is composed of water soluble organic solvents, water, acrylic terpolymer and carbon black. The cartridge actually contains liquid ink with a faint odor and a black color.

Dell T0529 Ink Price

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price or MSRP for the product is $26.99. But if you buy remanufactured quality ink from other stores, you can get it at around $19.45. That is approximately 28% savings. Other retailers may also offer them to you at prices in between $17.99 to $24. All in all, you can save up to 1/3 of the MSRP when you buy the T0529 ink from other reputed online stores.

Using Dell T0529 Ink

These ink cartridges are perfect matches for some of Dell’s most popular printer products. For one you can use it for the all-in-one Dell A920 printer. In another, you may also use it for the inkjet color printer Dell 720.

Troubleshooting Dell T0529 Ink

There are instances when you may encounter some problems using your Dell T0529 ink. When this happens, you basically have to establish the problem first. Once you have identified the real problem, it will be easy to troubleshoot it.

For instance, the printer ink cartridge is not accepted by the machine. What you need to do is to make sure that the protective tape together with the plastic tape has been removed. It is also best to check if the electronic strip is clean.

When the cartridge does not print (or prints poorly), you just need to get a warm damp paper towel. Hold the paper towel against the printhead for a couple of seconds. From there, swipe the paper towel gently over the printhead then dry it up using a dry paper towel this time.

Purchasing Dell T0529 Ink Cartridges

Aside from using Dell’s online store and list of official outlets, you can also buy these Dell supplies from reputable local stores like Office Depot. If you opt for online retailers, you can also order such items from The store offers free shipping if you buy 3 pieces of Dell T0529 ink cartridges.

All You Need to Know About HP 57 Ink Cartridges

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Hewlett Packard as a company has been synonymous to excellence with regards to the manufacturing of computer products worldwide. With its diverse offering ranging from computers, notebooks, printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges, HP has been one of the names that has been on the lead with regards to the technology advancement in the world today.

The HP 57 Ink Cartridges

The HP 57 Inkjet Print Cartridge is one of the latest and top of the line printer ink cartridges that HP offers in its stores worldwide. This tri-color ink cartridge provides its users quality prints in vibrant colors that can be compared to real photo prints. Aside from the dazzling images that the HP 57 and the other ink cartridge types produce, HP cartridges are very easy to install and use. One HP ink cartridge produces approximately 400 photo-quality and color rich prints

The HP 57, or also known as C6657AE, is also an integrated ink cartridge. This means that this particular line of ink cartridges are made and sold as a whole with its printhead and ink supply already intact. This contributes to the great prints it produces at fast speeds and the handiness that is perfect personal usage.

Perfect for Personal Printing at Home

Compatible with almost any HP printers like the HP Deskjet Series (F2430, 450cbi, 450ci, 450wbt, 5550, 5551, 5650, 9650, 9670, 9680), the OfficeJet Series (4110mfp, 4110vmfp, 4110ximfp, 4215, 5500, 5505, 5510, 5510v) and the HP PhotoSmart Series (PhotoSmart 100, 130, 130v, 130xi, 145, 145xi, 230, 230v, 230xi, 7150, 7260, 7260v, 7260w, 7350, 7450, 7550, 7660, 7755, 7760, 7960, 7960v).

Installation made Easy

Installing the HP 57 to your HP personal printers is very easy and can be done even without a professional technician’s assistance. HP has seen to it that the line of products that it offers is easy to use so as to not provide any inconvenience to their users.

All one has to do to install HP 57 ink cartridge to their printers is to make sure that their printer is turned on and wait for the print carriage to stop moving. They can then detach the old cartridge and replace it with the new one. It should be noted that the ink cartridge is very sensitive and fragile so it should be handled with care during installation. Aside from this, put the new cartridge into its slot then print a test page and your printer is ready to go.

It is also advisable that before you change your ink cartridge; let your existing ink cartridge run low or empty out first. There is nothing really wrong with doing so and it is the more economical way of using the printer cartridge.

Purchasing your very own HP 57 Ink Cartridge

If you want your very own HP 57 Ink, you can go to HP’s official outlet stores available in major stores like Wal-Mart. You can also purchase them at HP’s online stores and get the best warranty deals for them of up to three years.

You can also browse online for online retail shops that offer HP 57 ink cartridges. is one such web site that offers a variety of products not only HP ink cartridges but also other HP accessories.

US Printer and Printer Cartridge Sales Market Share and Statistics

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Over the years, people tend to presume that the United States is one of the primary users of printers and printer ink cartridges. But this is just a matter of speculation. What is the reality behind it? We will never know unless we have actual statistics on hand.

Sales of US Printers

Since 2005, the pattern for printer sales seems to change yearly. As per Gartner’s records, printer shipments and sales totaled to approximately 5.9 million units of inkjet printers and 1.5 million units of page printers in 2005. But several months after that, at the close of the second quarter of 2006, inkjet printer shipment declined to 5.5 million units but shipments for page printers increased to 1.7 million units. The total decline is around 4.2% and was attributable to poor photo printer sales.

As of the fourth quarter of 2009 however, printer sales increased to 3.6% on the worldwide scale. Owe this to the 34 million units sold worldwide. In the list provided by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the US market remained to be in very good shape when compared to other regions in the world.

As the industry’s frontrunner, US posted printer shipments amounting to $4.4 billion at the close of the year 2009. This made it the highest in terms of sales. In terms of number of printers shipped however, US ranked number two after Western Europe with only 7.8 million units sold. The United States ranked fourth and fifth in terms of shipment growth and shipment value growth respectively.

When it comes to sales in the US according to the different brands of printers, here are some statistics from IDC for the year 2009.:

1. HP printer sales in the US were posted at 3% growth.

2. US was the best performing region for Canon printer sales at 14%.

3. The US ranked second in terms of Epson printer sales with a growth of 4%.

4. The US posted a 10% decline in Brother printer sales.

5. Another decline of 15% was attributed to Samsung printer sales.

US Printer Cartridge Sales

Printer Cartridges Online revealed that there is an average of $21 billion sales for printer cartridges in the United States alone. HP, the world’s largest major provider of printer and ink cartridges was able to predict revenue of $6.2 billion for the first quarter of 2010. This was according to Scott Ferguson’s article published via eWeek. But among all types of printer cartridges, inkjet cartridge sales are growing in number. This is basically because around 7 out of 10 printers sold in the market today are inkjet printers.

The US printer cartridge market is being dominated by refilling market franchisors. Because of them, printer cartridge sales increase yearly. One of the top providers in the US is  Cartridge World that showed a 13% increase in sales of printer cartridges from 2007 to 2008. Other franchisors that are having their fair share in the market are: Caboodle Cartridge that belongs to the $30 billion US printer cartridge industry; and Rapid Refill Ink that made a name in the industry after it ranked 11th in the list of the New Entrepreneur’s Franchise.

5 Steps to Save an Open Ink Cartridge

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Worried about not being able to use an ink cartridge after you have opened it? Well, you really don’t have to be worried about this. There are ways by which you may save the open printer cartridge from drying.

Why should you actually save open ink cartridges? The answer is very simple. Try to imagine the money you’ve spent for the purchase when in fact you haven’t used the open printer cartridge at all. Additionally, think of the fact that throwing the unused open printer cartridge directly to trash will cause some danger to the environment. Having thought of these things, will you still not opt to save the open cartridge? Of course you will.

How to save an open cartridge

In order to save an open ink cartridge, you must consider 5 steps on how to store them properly for future consumption:

1. Using a moist cloth, you should wipe the printer cartridge nozzle. This can remove dried printer ink which may cause clogging later on.

2. Prevent any possible leakage from the printer cartridge. Do this by covering its opening through the aid of a vinyl tape. If you are dealing with multiple color ink tanks, make sure that each opening is covered with tape.

3. Wrap the printer cartridge inside a clean and damp cloth then place it inside a plastic bag.

4. Store the printer cartridge in a cool and dry place.

5. You have to check the printer ink cartridge every two to three days to make sure that it doesn’t dry up. When it does, you have to remoisten the cloth wrapped around it. Do this until such time you’re ready to use the opened printer cartridge.

    With all these said, you will be able to save on purchasing a new printer cartridge to replace the open one.

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