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All You Need to Know About Canon MP610 Ink Cartridges

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Canon is known for producing a variety of printer and printer supplies. It has included the PIXMA in its line of products. One printer under such name is the Canon MP610. This all-in-one printer is said to be ideal for your home office and can be used as a photo all-in-one printer. Wonder which type of Canon ink cartridges fit the MP610?

Canon MP610 Ink Cartridges

You have plenty of printer ink cartridge choices for your Canon MP610. For your black inks, you can order PGI-5BK pigment black ink. For your colored printouts, you need four cartridges to invest on. The first one is the black CLI-8Bk, the second is the yellow CLI-8Y, the third is the cyan CLI-8C and the fourth one is the magenta CLI-8M.

Canon MP610 Ink Cartridge Prices

Basically, Canon offers different prices for these ink cartridges. Take for instance the PGI-5BK black ink. This one is priced at $18.49. As for the color cartridges, all are priced at $15.99 each.

When buying from other online retail stores though, you can get these sets of Canon MP610 ink at varying prices. The PGI-BK black ink can cost around $22 while the color ink cartridges are offered at a higher price of $19.06. Some offer tri-color packs as well as original multi value packs ranging from $52.75 to $63.75.

Changing Your Canon MP610 Ink

Installing these ink cartridges may be more complicated than other PIXMA printers that use two types of printer cartridges only. Just the same, however, you simply need to follow steps in the process.

Turn on the printer then open its scanning unit or top cover. Once you have done this, the ink cartridges will then move to make sure you will have an easier time replacing them.

Now, you can begin replacing the printer ink cartridges. After taking off the orange protective tape (according to the direction specified by the arrow), you may insert the ink cartridge to its corresponding printer cartridge slot. Take note that you should never return the orange protective tape back to its usual place once you have removed it.

The black slot is at the left while the color slot is at the right of the printer. Press the ink cartridges in their proper positions. The click sound will indicate that the cartridges will hold on to their places.

It is easy detecting if you have installed the printer ink cartridges properly. You basically need to look into the numbers displayed on the printer’s LED. If the number ‘1’ appears then that means you have installed the cartridges properly. If the number ‘2’ appears on the screen then that denotes that the cartridges were installed otherwise.

Purchasing Your Canon MP610 Ink

You can buy directly from Canon’s online store if you want to get genuine cartridges. The ink cartridges coming from the manufacturer can last a shelf life of up to 3 years. They also come with warranties. You may also buy from other reputed outlets, preferably those authorized by Canon like Wal-Mart and Office Depot.

Of course, you may also buy such ink cartridges for your Canon MP610 through online stores like The store has a variety of cartridges compatible with your MP610 printer. It offers printer supplies for the said model as well.

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