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All you need to Know about Canon PGI 5BK Ink Cartridges

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Canon has always been a brand that delivers quality products to their millions of customers worldwide. Many offices and households today use printers, copiers and other all-in-one machines in their everyday operations. It is therefore advisable to find the right printers that will fit you needs. After finding the right printing, specific details like finding the right ink cartridges re very important.

Canon has a huge line of printers and printer ink cartridge products that their customers can choose from. The popularity of the brand is immense that most customers usually look for Canon whenever they look for accessories they need. The Canon PGI 5BK Ink Cartridges belong to this line of excellent products that the company offers.

The Canon PGI 5BK Ink Cartridges

Canon printers are known to be ink thrifty machines. They do not necessarily eat up all of their inks at record time. Instead users have praised the brand for being economical and pocket-friendly when used. The Canon PGI 5BK Ink Cartridge produces excellent quality prints for everyday use.

Users can expect to be provided with print-out that is rich and vibrant in color. It also produces above average page yield compared to its competitors in the market. The Canon PGI 5BK Ink Cartridge is also compatible with any kind of paper. Whether you use the normal printing paper or a glossy photo paper, the Canon PGI 5BK Ink Cartridge delivers the same quality and richness in its prints.

Regular texts also have their separate cartridge when printing. This brings down the cost of printing over-all since ink used for photo prints are separate to the ones used in regular print-outs.

Compatibility of the Canon PGI 5BK Ink Cartridges

As was said above, the beauty of the Canon PGI 5BK Ink Cartridge is that it can be used with any type of Canon printers. Given the wide range of printers that Canon has, the PGI 5BK is a very convenient ink cartridge brand to most Canon users.

Here are the printers compatible with the Canon PGI 5BK Ink Cartridge:

  • Canon Ix4000
  • Canon Ix5000
  • Canon PIXMA iP3300
  • Canon PIXMA iP3500
  • Canon PIXMA iP4200
  • Canon PIXMA iP4300
  • Canon PIXMA iP4500
  • Canon PIXMA iP5200
  • Canon PIXMA iP5200R
  • Canon PIXMA iP5300
  • Canon PIXMA MP500
  • Canon PIXMA MP510
  • Canon PIXMA MP520
  • Canon PIXMA MP530
  • Canon PIXMA MP600
  • Canon PIXMA MP610
  • Canon PIXMA MP800
  • Canon PIXMA MP800R
  • Canon PIXMA MP810
  • Canon PIXMA MP830
  • Canon PIXMA MP950
  • Canon PIXMA MP950
  • Canon PIXMA MP960
  • Canon PIXMA MP970
  • Canon PIXMA MX700
  • Canon PIXMA MX850

Refilling and Purchasing You own Canon PGI 5BK Ink Cartridge:

There are plenty of ways in which you can get your hands on your ink cartridge refills. Canon has several outlet stores worldwide that will offer you the PGI 5BK and other Canon products. Canon products are also available at department and retail stores. Some of these stores that sell Canon ink cartridges include Wal-mart, Office Depot, and Target.

You can also go online to buy your ink cartridge refills. Canon has their own online shop where customers can order and have their purchases delivered. There are also plenty of merchant websites in the internet today. Sites such as offer their customers bargain deals and packages in line with the ink cartridge purchases.

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