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Deal With Paper Jams in Three Simple Ways

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Have you been a victim of paper jams that take place during the printing process? When this happens, there’s a tendency you’ll get grumpy and disappointed. Some of you may also be guilty of just pulling the paper out from the printer forcefully. But have you ever thought that there’s a best way to deal with a paper jam? Here are three easy steps:

1. Know what causes a paper to be jammed. This can be due to the thickness of printer paper. Some printer manufacturers have limitations when it comes to the type of paper to use in the printing process. If it’s too thick, then it might cause jamming. The jam may also be caused by papers that stick together, crumpled and folded paper edges and dust accumulation on the paper.

2. Get out of the situation. The best way to deal with this is to turn off your printer first then remove paper loaded into the paper try. Remove the ink or toner cartridge then carefully pull out the jammed paper. This is the best way to keep your printer from damage. Rotate the printer rollers when there’s a torn portion of paper left.

3. Learn how to prevent this from happening. Make sure that your paper is free from folds and creases. Know the limitations of the printer manufacturer when it comes to paper thickness. It is also wise to clean your printer and its other parts regularly.

    It is essential to clean your printer when you encounter paper jams more frequently. You can refer to your printer’s manual regarding the cleaning process for your own printer model.

    All You Need to Know About Canon ImageClass Multifunction Printers

    Sunday, February 21st, 2010

    There is a long list of items and equipment you have to purchase when setting up an office (be it in huge company or a home office). But because of the many different multifunction printers out in the market today, you buy just one printer to do the work of three or four different equipment. Now, you can have a printer, scanner, fax and copier in one convenient, space-saving package. And you don’t have to look further than a Canon printer if you want one of the best multifunction printers for your office.

    The Canon ImageClass laser printer is just one of the many practical multi-function printers out in the market today. It’s no bigger than a regular printer, but its compact size houses a scanner, printer, copier and even a fax machine. It’s also one of the more affordable multifunction laser printers you can find. Wondering whether this is the perfect printer for your home office? We’ll give you a rundown on the pros and cons of the Canon ImageClass printer to help you decide.

    What Users Like About this Printer

    Affordable, fast and quiet are just some of the good points of this all-in-one printer. Let’s go through some of the other pros of buying a Canon ImageClass printer.

    * At less than $200, this Canon printer is priced lower than other multifunction laser printers available today. And, since it is a laser printer, you save more per page of printing. It also prints black and white documents better than an inkjet at 1200 x 600 dpi quality.

    * This machine prints at a pretty fast rate of 21 pages per minute. It also warms up quickly, so you don’t have to wait that long to print once you power up the machine.

    * This Canon printer is bundled with basic OCR software that can recognize words on scanned documents. This means that you can scan books or documents and convert these images into text. This is great if you want to preserve your own books into a handy e-book library.

    * It also comes with its own software that makes it perfect for a home office. Its Canon Multifunction Toolbox offers a variety of options to make scanning and printing easier and faster. The best feature of this software is that it automatically resizes a scanned image based on the file size you want. It can also scan straight to email or instantly convert your scans to PDF.

    What Users Don’t Like About this Printer

    Despite its affordability, some users would rather buy a different multifunction printer because of their bad experiences with this Canon printer. Here are some of the quirks of the Canon ImageClass printer.

    * You can’t print colored documents or photos using this printer. Well, it is a laser printer after all. If your home office has a lot of requirements for photos and colored documents, then you’d be better off buying a colored inkjet Canon printer instead.

    * Its fax machine is harder to operate than the fax of other multifunction printers. Some users report that it hangs up on calls even if it is set on manual mode. It also does not have an automatic paper feeder, which can be a nuisance for those who fax frequently.

    * The Canon ImageClass printer isn’t the sexiest beast out on the market. This could be a turn-off if you want aesthetically pleasing machines for your home office.

    * There is no duplexing function in this Canon printer. This makes it extremely hard to print back-to-back pages. Other users have also commented that the heat from the laser printer curls up the pages, resulting in paper jams if you turn the page over to print on the back of it.

    The Canon ImageClass printer is one of the most affordable multifunction printers out in the market today. It’s a steal at $200 and can work well for your home office, if you only require black and white documents and doesn’t have to print back-to-back pages often. Its fax feature may have some quirks and it may not be the sleekest-looking printer around, but it’s a good option for a small, basic office.

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