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All You Need to Know About Oki Data Printers and Oki Data Ribbons

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Oki Data is an electronics company established in the 1970s. It operates under a bigger group of companies called the Oki Electric Industry Inc., a multifunctional company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Oki Data focuses on manufacturing Oki Data Printers, Oki Data ribbons and other electronic machines like fax machines and other multi-functional devices. Since its American offices were established in 1972, Oki Data has reportedly shipped out 15 million of its printers.

The Oki Data B4300 Printer

One of the popular models to come out of the Oki Data line-up is the Oki Data B4300 Printer. Unlike other types of mono printers available in the market, the Oki Data B4300 is a very versatile model since it is capable of a variety of options for paper handling and extension.

The B4300 is also a very easy printer to set up. It does not require any technician or complicated software installation to be able to function. This makes the Oki Data B4300 Printer a very user-friendly printer. One more thing about this printer is that an actual PC is not necessarily needed to make it work!

The LCD screen on the printer itself displays the menu and functions of the printer. Users can go here to make the printer function. There are also several buttons available for normal printer problems like paper jam toner refill and printer ink shortages. The printer manual and software instructions are very easy to understand even for the technology-challenged individual.

The Oki Data B4300 Printer is perfect to use in the office where fast and reliable printing is always a must. It can also be used for personal prints and at home since the quality of its output is top-notch.

How to get you Oki Data Ribbons for you Printers

Oki Data provides their users with plenty of ribbon choices for their wide range of printers. From the B4300 or any other models, Oki Data makes sure that they have every printer covered and that their supply of Oki Data ribbons can be easily obtained by its users. Each Oki Data ribbon supplied by the company works exclusively with its printers, one ribbon will produce more prints than the usual monotype printer.

Also, each Oki Data ribbon is designed specifically to ensure great results in the printing of your documents. The Oki Data ribbons usually range from $15-$40 depending on what type you are using. Some of the most popular ones in the market today are the Oki 52104001 Ribbon, Oki 52106001 and the Oki 52105801.

The company itself has a web site wherein users can order their Oki Data printers or ribbons. Users can log into their web site and pick from the variety of printer sets, ribbons and other printing products that the company offers.

There are also online retail stores that offer Oki Data supplies to their visitors. is an example. This online shop has hundreds of Oki Data ribbons and other supplies available for customers to avail. They also have great deals and bargains to offer their buyers. Visitors can expect that always have supplies in stock for their Oki Data needs.

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