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All You Need to Know About Brother 1440 Toner Cartridges

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Brother 1440 is just one of the printers said to be ideal both for home and office use. It promises higher print speeds and resolutions as well as expanded user support and upgradable memory. The printing functions performed by this Brother printer are facilitated by special toner cartridges coming from the brand.

Brother 1440 Toner Cartridges

There are actually two types of Brother toner cartridges that can be used for the Brother HL 1440 printer. The first cartridge is known as the TN-460, a high capacity black laser toner cartridge sold at around $90.99 by its manufacturer. The printer supply can be bought outside for a price of only $55.95 though. This cartridge has a page yield of around 6,000 pages and promises quality prints for all types of printing materials.

The other type of toner cartridge purposely made for the Brother HL 1440 is called the TN-430. This is priced at around $62.99 and provides a page yield of up to 3,000. You can buy it from other retailers at a price of $45 though.

Other Printers Served by Brother 1440 Toner Cartridges

The TN-460 Brother 1440 toner is perfect for laser as well as LED copy or scan printers. This means that it can be used for other printer names from the brand including the HL 1250 and HL1270N, Fax 4750 and Fax 5750 and MFC 8300, 8500, 8600 and 8700. It is also ideal for Brother’s P2500 printer series. On the other hand, the TN-430 is also an ideal toner cartridge for the MFC 8300 or MFC 8600 printers.

Installing Your Brother 1440 Toner Cartridges

Installing these Brother toner cartridges is such a breeze. You simply have to open the top cover before you pull out the drum unit assembly. After pulling the aforementioned part, make sure you place it atop a disposable cloth or paper. This will help in case you spill toner while refilling the printer cartridge.

Look for the lock lever and push it down. This will separate the toner cartridge from the drum assembly unit. As you bring out the new toner cartridge, shake it gently from left to right and vice versa around five to six times. From there, you can remove its protective cover. Place the toner cartridge into the drum unit. You will know it is fastened in place when you hear the clicking sound.

Before putting the toner cartridges into use, you should clean the corona wire by running the blue tab gently from right to left and vice versa. Do this several times then make sure you return the tab to its proper position. Now, you can reinstall the drum unit assembly and close the top cover.

Purchasing Brother 1440 Toner Cartridges

One of the best places where you can buy a Brother 1440 toner cartridge is via Brother’s own website. You can of course buy such items from Brother official outlets as well. Aside from these two options however, you can also purchase the toner cartridges from reputable online stores like The site offers a wide array of other Brother toner cartridges and printer accessories as well.

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