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US Printer and Printer Cartridge Sales Market Share and Statistics

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Over the years, people tend to presume that the United States is one of the primary users of printers and printer ink cartridges. But this is just a matter of speculation. What is the reality behind it? We will never know unless we have actual statistics on hand.

Sales of US Printers

Since 2005, the pattern for printer sales seems to change yearly. As per Gartner’s records, printer shipments and sales totaled to approximately 5.9 million units of inkjet printers and 1.5 million units of page printers in 2005. But several months after that, at the close of the second quarter of 2006, inkjet printer shipment declined to 5.5 million units but shipments for page printers increased to 1.7 million units. The total decline is around 4.2% and was attributable to poor photo printer sales.

As of the fourth quarter of 2009 however, printer sales increased to 3.6% on the worldwide scale. Owe this to the 34 million units sold worldwide. In the list provided by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the US market remained to be in very good shape when compared to other regions in the world.

As the industry’s frontrunner, US posted printer shipments amounting to $4.4 billion at the close of the year 2009. This made it the highest in terms of sales. In terms of number of printers shipped however, US ranked number two after Western Europe with only 7.8 million units sold. The United States ranked fourth and fifth in terms of shipment growth and shipment value growth respectively.

When it comes to sales in the US according to the different brands of printers, here are some statistics from IDC for the year 2009.:

1. HP printer sales in the US were posted at 3% growth.

2. US was the best performing region for Canon printer sales at 14%.

3. The US ranked second in terms of Epson printer sales with a growth of 4%.

4. The US posted a 10% decline in Brother printer sales.

5. Another decline of 15% was attributed to Samsung printer sales.

US Printer Cartridge Sales

Printer Cartridges Online revealed that there is an average of $21 billion sales for printer cartridges in the United States alone. HP, the world’s largest major provider of printer and ink cartridges was able to predict revenue of $6.2 billion for the first quarter of 2010. This was according to Scott Ferguson’s article published via eWeek. But among all types of printer cartridges, inkjet cartridge sales are growing in number. This is basically because around 7 out of 10 printers sold in the market today are inkjet printers.

The US printer cartridge market is being dominated by refilling market franchisors. Because of them, printer cartridge sales increase yearly. One of the top providers in the US isĀ  Cartridge World that showed a 13% increase in sales of printer cartridges from 2007 to 2008. Other franchisors that are having their fair share in the market are: Caboodle Cartridge that belongs to the $30 billion US printer cartridge industry; and Rapid Refill Ink that made a name in the industry after it ranked 11th in the list of the New Entrepreneur’s Franchise.

3 R’s When Disposing Inkjet and Toner Cartridges in an Environment-Friendly Way

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Printer manufacturers have been launching initiatives to make sure that every printer user does his share in saving the environment. One of the focuses of attention is geared over the right ways to dispose printer ink and toner cartridges. Many programs are pushed even by non-profit organizations.

Do you wonder how you can participate in this endeavor? Well, first you have to consider some reasons on why you should not just throw the printer toners or cartridges away. Review some of the dreaded facts regarding printer cartridge disposal. Just start by thinking that there are 8 ink cartridges thrown to trash every second. Do the math and see how much of these wastes are thrown to landfills each day. In this regard, consider the following:

1. Recycle. There are many ways by which you may recycle your inkjet cartridges. Instead of throwing it to trash once it is emptied, you can send it off to institutions accepting cartridge recycling. You can request for mailing materials to be used for the process. You can also use some drop boxes utilized for this endeavor.

2. Refill. You can purchase kits to refill your empty cartridges. This is better than just throwing the empty printer cartridge to trash. Refilling won’t be a problem as instructions are provided handy with your purchase of the kit.

3. Return. You can do this with some printer manufacturer recycling programs. You can check on this through the packages of the printer brand you own. Instructions on how to return the printer ink cartridges are also provided.

You can exhaust all possible options if you want to save the environment from harm with your toner and inkjet cartridges. Always bear in mind that doing this will benefit you and the generations that will come after you.

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