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All you Need to Know about Ordering Dell Printer Ink & Dell Printing Supplies

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Dell has been one of the top names when it comes to computer products. From notebooks, personal computers, printers, toner and Dell ink cartridges, Dell has been a brand that most people have trusted and turned to when it comes to their gadget needs.

Their printers are one of the best in the market today and have been lauded by many users for their superior performance. Any printer produced by Dell delivers high performance printing resulting to documents, graphics and photo outputs with top-notch quality and great resolution.

Common Problems with Regards to Dell Ink Cartridges and Printers

While performance may be the least of Dell’s problems, many users, especially of their printers, have complained about the problem of refilling their printing ink cartridges for their Dell printers. If your Dell ink cartridges run out, before you would have to call the Dell hotline and ask for a refill or a new cartridge. This results in uncalled inconveniences for their customers which the company has since taken action to.

Today, Dell has made extreme efforts in providing quality service to their customers. This is not only through their excellent computer gadgets but also by making it easier for them to get their Dell Printing Supplies at the fastest time possible.

Dell ink Cartridges

Dell supplies has a line of printer ink cartridges that can cater to any Dell printer installed by their users. Some of the popular Dell brands include:

  • Dell All in One Inks (720, 725, V715w, P513w, V313w, 924, V105, 966, 968, 964, 944, 926 Photo Ink, V305, A10, V505w and many more)
  • Dell Inkjet Ink
  • Dell Photo Ink

Easier way of Ordering and Getting your Dell Printing Supplies

To address the customer complaints they have been getting for their printing supplies, Dell has made every effort to make their products easily available to their users. Many retail stores have now taken up Dell in their inventories and are now selling Dell’s printing supplies.

Staples, one of the popular retail chain stores in the United States, has picked up and agreement with Dell to make their ink cartridges available in their stores. Users can now go to these stores and purchase their ink refills instead of ordering online and waiting for days to have them delivered. Wal-mart, another popular chain of retail stores in the US, has taken Dell products on their inventories.

There are also a lot of ink suppliers available online. They supply Dell ink cartridges to businesses or personal users at a discounted price especially if you are going to make a big purchase. These online retail shops also have free delivery so users will not experience the hassle of personally picking up their purchases.

One such website is Here, users can browse through a variety of Dell supplies and several other supplies from other computer manufacturers. They can avail of bargains and great deals that are exclusive only for the website’s customers.

Dell users can still purchase their Dell products online through the company’s home web site. Here, they can get specific products that will cater to their needs. From printer ink cartridges, toners, printers or computer units, the Dell web page has all the information needed for you to make a purchase.

All You Need to Know about Canon PIXMA Cartridges

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Canon has been known for many years now as one of the premier technology manufacturers in the world today. Its series of inkjet printers, ink cartridges and toners as well as its line of high quality cameras have put Canon in the marquee among printing product producers.

Canon PIXMA is one of the top-line brands that Canon has been offering over the past few years. The Canon PIXMA brand is a line of printers that are catered for office, business and personal usage. Aside from the Canon PIXMA, Canon also offers other lines of printers including the Bubble Jet, Bubble Jet Color, SmartBase and MultiPass.

The Canon PIXMA iP4000 series of printers has been known for their quality prints and value for money. Not as expensive as the others in the market today, the Canon PIXMA iP4000 printers are very good bargains especially for those who are looking for a normal home printer.

Ink Cartridges for Canon Printers

The Canon PGI5 cartridges are black ink cartridges that are compatible with a variety of printers in the Canon line. These include printers like the PIXMA iP4200 iP4300 iP4500 iP5100 iP5200 iP5200R iP5300 MP500 MP530 MP600 MP600R MP610 MP800 MP800R MP810 MP830 MP960 MP970 9000 and many more.

Depending on the type of printer that you have, replacing the ink cartridges of your Canon printers is a very easy thing to do. Canon PIXMA cartridges are usually refillable which makes it even more economical and cheap to purchase.

Some users though have complained of having a hard time refilling their cartridges since it needs specific tools to do so. All you need is to buy your replacement color and you yourself can refill your printer ink cartridges.

Comparing Prices

The usual Canon PIXMA Ink Cartridge sells at around $10-$30. A lot of online stores sell them for less especially for those who would order in bulk. Several bargain deals are also present in these stores wherein you can buy Canon PIXMA cartridges and take another one for free. Most of them also offer free shipping and delivery straight to your doorsteps!

Purchasing Canon PIXMA cartridges

The printer ink cartridges for this line of printers can usually be bought at Canon outlets and retail stores nationwide. Many users have also been searching the web for the best deals to acquire their ink refills from. One of the more popular printer ink cartridges that Canon offers is the CLI8 or the PGI5 with Chip.

A lot of online websites have established a connection with Canon to be able to sell their printer ink cartridges to users worldwide. Finding the best deals around the internet will depend on the users themselves but there have been numerous online stores that offer bargain deals for these Canon PIXMA cartridges.

One example is which has offered a variety of Canon PIXMA cartridges at very affordable prices to its visitors. At visitors can browse through several deals and bargains available to satisfy their Canon PIXMA needs.

Other online stores would be Stinky Ink Shop, Pix Mania and NexTag. and these other online stores are authorized Canon suppliers and they ensure their customers that everything they sell to them is authentic and fully functioning.

3 Tips To Find Empty Cartridges

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Think about this – for every few hundred pages that are printed out, there is at least one empty printer cartridge that will be disposed. In a year you can be sure that you will consume several cartridges with regularly use of your printer. This supports the fact that the printer cartridge is the economic force driving the desktop printing industry.

Worldwide, an estimated 2 billion empty printer cartridges are disposed of each year. These are mostly cartridges for inkjet printers, which are the most popular printing devices among computer owners. Most households will consume at least two cartridges a year, up to four cartridges if they print a lot of family photos. For small offices, multiply that by a factor of three. Some large companies use up hundreds of ink and toner cartridges annually. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that supplying ink cartridges is a very profitable business.

Making Money With Empty Cartridges

The same is true with empty cartridges. Selling your empty printer cartridges to specific buyers can lead to a significant payoff. A used inkjet cartridge can be exchanged for amounts ranging from $0.25 to as much as $5.00 or sometimes more. The rate varies from buyer to buyer and also depends largely on the type of empty cartridge being sold.

There are businesses that are dedicated solely to the recycling of printer cartridges. They buy the used cartridges from individual consumers then resell them to ink cartridge manufacturers and re-manufacturers for profit. This business model is very similar to the used beverage bottle trading of bygone years. It is expected that making money through the reselling of used cartridges will continue to thrive until a better technology supplants current desktop printers from the consumer market.

Finding buyers for your cartridges is not difficult at all. A simple search online will yield dozens of these business near your locality. Chances are good that ink cartridge refillers in your community will also offer to buy used cartridges.

Ways To Find More Cartridges

If you want to get into reselling of used printer cartridges, you will need to source for additional empty cartridges to make your efforts viable. Here are 3 practical methods to secure more cartridges, which you can then in turn sell to buyers.

1.  In your community, start a free pick-up service for used cartridges. Many households just throw away their printer ink cartridges because they don’t have the time to go out and bring them to the recycling centers. Some of them may be willing to give you their used cartridges for you to manage their disposal. Create flyers and distribute them all over your community. Before long you will have calls asking you to pick-up their used printer cartridges.

2.  Similar to the first, you can write to businesses near you and ask that you be the one to collect their printer and toner cartridges. While most companies may have recycling policies in place, there are still some that do not have regulations for recycling used cartridges. You can also write to hospitals, churches, schools and similar institutions. To be more effective, you may need to offer them cash in exchange for their used cartridges; in which case, make sure that the rates you offer are nominal and will not eat up your revenue significantly.

3.  Finally, you may choose to host an event where the requirement for entrance is used printer cartridges. If you have access to a pool, you can have a swimming party. You can also have a bingo social where part of the proceeds will go to a local charity. To offset expenses for the event, you can approach some companies to be your sponsors.

Be creative and daring; you are collecting an item that people no longer use. By taking care of their empty cartridges you are providing an invaluable service to your community. Soon enough, you will have a steady income stream from used printer cartridges that will bring additional cash to your bank account.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

4 Things to Focus on To Keep Your Printers in Good Condition

Friday, March 12th, 2010

There are reasons behind why you should always keep your printers in good condition. But the most obvious reason here is the fact that this is the best way for you to enjoy the printer for a longer time. This will translate to great savings in the long run. So if you want to keep your printer in shape, you better take note of the following reminders:

1. There are advantages to cleaning printers. Doing this task will lessen the amount of printer ink that is being put to waste. In addition, this will keep the nozzle away from smudging and smearing. In the end, this will also lessen paper waste.

2. There is a schedule to follow when doing this task. On the average, it is important to clean your printer at least once every month. But if the amount and quality of printouts get affected, you might be obliged to increase the cleaning process more frequently than usual. The cleaning process may also depend upon the ink cartridge you use and the printer’s working environment.

3. There are things that are required in printer cleaning. You will need a scratch paper for test printing purposes. In other instances, the scratch paper may also be used in the cleaning process. It is also wise to have a fine bristle brush and a moist cloth on hand.

4. It is also important to follow the cleaning process. Cleaning a printer may vary from one brand to another. But basically, you need to print a test page first and see how it compares to what appears on the computer’s screen. If there is any slight difference, then you have to click on the “Clean” button. The printer should also be unplugged from its source. Sweep off dust found on the device’s exterior as well.

    Once you have brought all these four considerations in mind, then you are sure your printers will be in good condition for a longer time.

    6 Factors in Computing for Total Printer Ownership Cost

    Friday, March 12th, 2010

    Are you caught in between investing on a printer or not? Is this because you think it isn’t wise to spend money on the purchase? But if you are planning to set up your own business, getting a printer is necessary. You also need to compute for printer ownership cost for you to have an idea on how much to charge for your printing services so that you will gain profit from it. Here are some factors that may affect the calculation of this cost.

    1. Price of the printer. It is important to compute this cost per printer unit you own. Then you should add up the YTD depreciation value, property insurance and cost of capital. Add taxes whenever available. Multiply the total with the black and colored printout percentages.

    2. Pages printed annually. This does not mean you have to wait for one year to be able to compute for the total pages you consume. What you need here is to compute the total number of pages you print per three months then multiply it by 4. This should be done for each printer.

    3. Support cost. This is computed by adding purchase, installation and on-going support cost. If you are leasing your printers, then add that cost to the total as well.

    4. Cost of printer parts. This can be computed by simply multiplying the total amount for printer parts with that of the black and colored printout percentages.

    5. Cost of maintenance. This is computed by adding the estimated time percentage that a 3rd party vendor may spend on the printer unit and the annual support cost from third party vendors. The sum will then be divided by the black and colored printout percentages.

    6. Printer supplies cost. This is calculated by multiplying the percentage of colored printouts with total staples cost. The result will then be added to the costs spent on printer ink cartridges for all of your printers.

      Once you have computed for printer ownership cost, you are about ready to set-up your own printing business. You don’t have to be a financial expert on this.

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