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Tips on Finding and Installing Windows 7 Printer Drivers for HP Printers

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Just like with other product launches, the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 7 had its own “birth pains.” Consumers will love to update their PC’s with this OS version. The problem is how to find printer drivers for a certain printer brand. If you own an HP printer, here are some tips that will help you.

Things you should do to install Windows 7 printer drivers for your HP printers

Everything starts with your search of drivers using the HP Driver Page in the manufacturer’s website. In addition to this, you need to consider the following tips:

1. Check if your printer is included in the list of devices supported by Windows 7. HP reiterates that you might not be able find a compatible printer driver for your old HP device. Some devices have limited support for Windows 7 as well. Furthermore, the company finds it insignificant to develop Windows 7 printer drivers for products that are already supported by the Windows XP OS.

2. You may install your driver. Using your set-up disk, start viewing files using the “Explorer” option. Scroll down and locate the “Setup” option on the page. Right-click over the word “Properties” and click the “Compatibility” button or tab on the next window. Check “Windows Vista” while you also uncheck “Run this program in compatibility mode for”. Make sure you have checked “Run this program as administrator”. Press on the “Apply” button then click “Ok”.

    You can also make use of HP’s Windows 7 Upgrade, a program where you can upgrade a kit for this MS OS version, to install the printer driver. However, you should pass the eligibility requirement before you can order one.

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