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All You Need to Know About HP 57 Ink Cartridges

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Hewlett-Packard is one of the most recognizable brands all over the world. It has businesses in most countries and its reach can be seen in the numerous computer products that we use in our schools and houses. Aside from its personal computers, printers and notebook business, HP is also known for its top-notch ink cartridges. One of which is the HP 57 ink cartridge.

The HP 57

The HP 57, also known as the C6657A, is a high capacity ink cartridge with tri-colour capability from Hewlett-Packard. It has a 17 ml capacity for ink and a page yield of approximately 500 pages. It is compatible with numerous HP printers in the market today making one of the more popular ink cartridges available.

Its tri-colour capability enables it to deliver three inks, all in one cartridge. Not only does this save you time when printing but more importantly, it saves you money since you do not need to buy three separate cartridges for your printer.

Also known as the C6657AE, its 500 page yield capacity is above the standards of other photo printers out there in the market. Being a high capacity printer, the HP 57 is loaded with more ink than any standard photo printers. This translates to big time savings for you.

HP 57 Compatibility

Many printers already use the HP 57 ink cartridge. These include HP Desk Jet F4180, HP PSC 1317, HP Photosmart 245v, HP PSC 1210, HP PSC 1350, HP PSC 2410xi, HP Photosmart 7200, HP PSC 1110, HP Photosmart245xi, HP PSC 1215, HP Desk Jet 450wbt, HP Desk Jet 5150, HP Office Jet 4200, HP Desk Jet 450ci, HP Photosmart 7450, HP PSC 2210xi, HP PSC 2510, HP PSC 2510xi, HP Photosmart 148, HP Desk Jet 5550, HP Photosmart 7762, HP Desk Jet 5650, HP PSC 1315, and HP PSC 1205.

Refilling your HP 57 Ink Cartridges

Refilling your own printers with new HP ink cartridges is very easy to do. Here are some tips you have to remember when you change your HP 57 ink cartridges:

1. Never touch the microchip in the cartridge. This chip is used by the printer to recognize the ink cartridge you are installing on it. Damaging this or even just tainting it a little bit can affect the performance of the cartridge.

2. An ink cartridge, aside from the HP 57, can be refilled and used multiple times. You don’t have to buy new ones every time your cartridge runs out of ink.

3. When refilling your HP 57, try not to let your existing cartridge run absolutely out of printer ink before refilling it. Check your ink levels regularly. Dry cartridges not only does damage to the cartridge but also to the printer itself.

    Where to buy your HP 57 ink cartridges

    There are several ways you can get your hands on the HP 57 ink cartridge. You can go to HP outlet stores worldwide and make your purchase there. You can also go online and buy at the HP online store. Or you can search the internet for websites like which offers several bargain deals when you buy your ink cartridges from them.

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