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Canon Compact Calculators for School and Office Use

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Calculators help us solve mathematical equations accurately and fast. Everyone, at some point, finds a need to calculate for something. Whether you are a business person or a student, you will find the need for a handy calculator.

If you are looking for affordable calculators to help you with daily tasks, check out the following Canon compact calculators:

Handheld Display Calculators

  • Canon LS-555H Handheld Calculator ($12.99) – this basic calculator features an 8-digit display and comes in a foldover design. Its sturdy casing prevents dust from accumulating on the device. The keys fit the size of your fingertips so it is comfortable to use. It is battery and solar powered.
  • Canon LS-QT Handheld Calculator ($4.99) – this basic calculator fits right into the palm of your hand. It is designed with an oversized 8-digit display so numbers are easy to read. It is battery and solar powered.

Portable Display Calculators

  • Canon WS-1400H Portable Calculator ($23.99) – this calculator is great for office and home use. It has a 14-digit large display that you can tilt, double and triple zero keys for computing large values, and sign change keys. You can perform basic functions, square root, and percentage.
  • Canon TX-220TS Portable Calculator ($14.99) – this portable calculator features a 12-digit large display and lets you compute for basic, profit margin, and tax calculations. The keys are color coded for easy recognition.

Scientific Calculators

  • Canon F-766S Scientific Calculator ($15.99) – this model features a total of 349 functions, 10+2 digit display, 38 built-in formula, memory functions, and an undo button. This is great for those who deal with advance calculations.
  • Canon F604 Scientific Calculator ($11.95) ­– this calculator has a 10+2 digit display, easy-to-read key functions, and has a total of 142 functions to help you with advance calculations. Great for those who need to solve basic, trigonometric, and statistical problems.

Canon compact calculator is great for those who are looking for basic and scientific calculators. You can leave it on your desk, at home or in the office. You can also take it around with you if you need to. These calculators are great for students and professionals.


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