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How to Clean Printheads

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Did you ever think that print head cleaning methods are all the same for all printer brands? Well, they have their similarities but there are some unique tips to consider for each of these brands as well. So whether you own an HP, a Lexmark or a Dell printer, this article will help you get an idea on how to clean printheads for these printer brands.

Cleaning an HP printhead

There are various methods you may use when cleaning an HP printhead.

1. Cleaning the printhead using the control panel. Start by pressing the power button first. Using the ‘Resume’ button, you can select your own levels for cleaning printheads. Press this button 6 times for level 1 cleaning; five times for level 2; and seven times for level 3.

2. Cleaning an HP printhead using the EWS or Embedded Web Server. Start by launching the EWS using your web browser or the printer toolbox’s ‘Information Tab’. When you use the web browser, you will be required to type the IP address assigned to your HP printer. After choosing the right method, you can now click on “Settings”, “Maintenance” then the “Printhead” tabs. Under the “Printhead” tab simply choose clean printheads then click “Apply”.

3. Cleaning printheads manually. Start by turning your printer on and opening your HP printer’s top cover. After which, you should wait around two or three seconds before you unplug the printer’s power cord. Now, you may lift the printhead’s latch and handle. Then you are now prepared to remove any HP printer ink left on the contact pads of the printhead. Make sure you use dry and soft cloth.

    Once you are through with your print head cleaning, you may now place the printhead on paper towel. See to it that the nozzles are not directly in contact with that of the paper. Then you can now proceed to cleaning the printhead contact points found inside the printer. Wait for these ones to dry before you turn the printer on again. Repeat all these steps if you have more than one HP printhead.

    Cleaning a Lexmark printhead

    You can start cleaning your Lexmark printhead by inserting a paper inside the paper tray. Then using your Windows-based computer, click on the ‘Start’ menu. Then simply select ‘All Programs’ to choose the folder made for Lexmark. There may be instances when ‘Lexmark Solution Center’ will appear on the options. You can use that one to clean your printheads.

    From there, you may use the ‘Maintenance’ option. This will lead you to click on the cleaning settings for your printer. Then after that, you will be given the print test page option. Doing this will clean the Lexmark printhead.

    Cleaning your Dell printhead

    The first thing you should do when cleaning your Dell printhead is to use the ‘print and align’ functions. When this does not work, you should clean the head manually. Dip a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol then clean the area where Dell Printer ink build-up is most prominent. Allow the area to dry before placing the cartridge back into the printer.

    In all these three printer brands, the print head cleaning process should be tested by printing a test page. This is your way of knowing that the printer still prints. If not, then you might as well repeat the cleaning process or replace your ink cartridges instead.

    3 Things to Bear in Mind When You Refill Your Dell Inkjet Cartridge

    Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

    What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when your Dell inkjet cartridge stops to work? Maybe, you’ll just end up throwing them away. But, haven’t you thought it wiser to refill the printer cartridge instead? Don’t be afraid to do this as there are only three things to consider in the entire process.

    1.  Think of why you need to refill the printer cartridge instead of throwing them away. You save money on printer ink and printer supplies. You also help save the environment from harm. Don’t ever think that refilling your printer cartridge will damage your printer or void your printer’s warranty.

    2.  Know the signs on when to refill your empty printer cartridges. Please don’t wait until they are empty. This can dry and eventually clog the printer nozzle. As an end result, your printer won’t work. When the “low ink” warning sign shows, refill the empty printer cartridge at once.

    3.  It is important to learn the refilling process. Be ready with your paper towels before you start this job. Make a small hole on the ink cartridge, particularly where the letter “e” in Dell is written. Use a 1/16 inch drill for this process.

    Use a syringe to transfer the printer ink slowly into the printer cartridge – about 10 to 15 ml will do. Insert the syringe and make sure it reaches the hard sponge inside the printer cartridge. Allow the printer ink to set overnight before placing it back inside the Dell printer. Remember to put a tape over the small hole to prevent ink from drying.

    Once you’ve kept all the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can refill your Dell printer ink with much ease. You can do ink refilling once or twice before you dispose your printer cartridge with Dell supplies.

    Brother vs. Dell Printers? Which one to Buy, Why?

    Sunday, February 7th, 2010

    Well-established brands in the printer market include both Brother Printers and Dell printers.  Although they are not as popular as the heavily marketed Hewlett-Packard and Canon brands, reviewers, critics and even purchasers still hold Brother Printers and Dell printers in high regard. So in a situation wherein you have to choose a brand of printer between the two brands of printers; which one of the two brands are you going to purchase? This seems not an easy question and the answer depends on you the consumer. I have no pretense in persuading you to buy one brand over the other. But I will present the advantages of each printer brand for you to decide which to purchase.

    Reasons Why to Choose Dell

    • One of the more inexpensive printers, superior quality printing and photograph imaging cost a lesser amount with Dell printers. As a matter of fact, with Dell printers, you can save a lot of money on printing—from the hardware to the consumables such as the printer ink cartridges.
    • Known for award winning printers, Dell printers dominate prestigious Buyer’s Pick Awards year after year. In 2009, a reputable computer magazine rated the Dell 3130cn as a nearly perfect printer. Then in 2008, the Dell printers namely the 2130cn, 2135cn, and 2335dn won prizes for being considered as the top choices of most printer buyers. This only shows that a lot of consumers prefer buying Dell printers.
    • Dell printers provide three years warranty. Obviously, this means that when a consumer buys a Dell printer, he or she does not have to worry about the machine breaking down early. For any factory defect of the printer, the company replaces a new unit.
    • Dell printers offer easy fulfillment process. In other words, no wasted time when it comes to replacement of toner and refilling of Dell printer ink. The company proposes online ordering and free shipping for printer inks and toners.
    • Dell printers feature green technology by making use of emulsion aggregation. By keeping in their objective to save the environment, Dell printers use less energy in order to operate.

    Reasons why to Choose Brother

    • Let us face the truth, Brother Printers sell at a very low price compared to Dell printers and other printer brands.  Nonetheless, Brother Printers and most well-known printers usually have the same set of functions and features. With Brother Printers, the consumer actually saves money while still using almost the same features as other printer brands.
    • Brother Printers offers a wide selection of printers that is appropriate for specific needs of consumers. They have printers for personal use, home networking, small offices, large businesses, wireless workgroups, and portable usage.
    • Brother printers using compatible ink boasts of new functions such as fast speed printing of 20 pages per minute to 30 pages per minute, compatibility with both PCs and MACs, scanning images and documents, as well as faxing.
    • Brother printers have actually pleasing aesthetic designs that are appealing to the eyes. They come in different colors and due to their compact size can fit in different places in the office or at someone’s personal desk at home.
    • Brother printers need very low maintenance unlike other well-known brands like Canon printers or Hewlett-Packard printers

    As shown here, I have listed down five reasons why you should choose either of the two printer brands. You make the decision whether to get a Brother printer or a Dell printer. But rest assured, these two brands churn out quality output. A lot of consumers from students to CEOs use both brands. It is a matter of personal choice on your part which brand of printer suits your taste. So choose wisely when you decide to buy a printer from either brand.

    This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

    Most Common Printing Problems for Your Dell Inkjet Printers and How to Fix Them

    Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

    As with other printers, you may encounter printing problems using your Dell inkjet printers. The best way to solve this problem is to look intently into the problem. There are also instances when you need to read instructions that may appear on your PC’s – those that denote errors and how to solve them. But if the screen does not provide you with the right way on how to solve the problem, then you may make use of other tips as well.

    How to fix Dell inkjet printer printing problems

    Here is a list of some of the most common problems that you share with other Dell inkjet printer users. Learn about how you may troubleshoot them.

    1. Paper jam. This can be very common to all printers. The main solution here is to turn off the printer, remove the jam and then reload the paper. But what if you don’t see any jammed paper on your Dell inkjet printer? What you need to do is to check on your printer rollers. Fix the roller and tighten it up when needed.

    2. Printing failure. What if you failed to print your document when in fact you found out that everything is going on fine? The solution is to check on the inkjet cartridge. There must be some dried ink stuck in there. Moisten that portion using a cotton swab. This will allow ink to flow out again of the cartridge.

    3. Printing failure after making cartridge refills. When your Dell inkjet printer does not function after you have refilled its cartridge, then there might be something wrong with how you installed it. But in some instances however, this problem may arise once you have not refilled the cartridge after the low printer ink status appeared on your screen. Therefore, it is important to refill your printer cartridges immediately once the status is low. Otherwise, you may need to pay for a new cartridge.

    4. Problems on paper feeding. There are some Dell inkjet printers that can cause you these problems. The most common example of which is paper jam. To solve this problem, you should check on the paper path. Something must be blocking the paper to get in there. Afterwards, simply turn off the printer then unplug it. Shake it to remove whatever is blocking your inkjet printer.

    These are just some of the printing problems you may encounter with Dell inkjet printers. If you don’t want these errors to get in the way of your printing, you should research more and find out on how you can solve other problems that may arise with your use of an inkjet printer from the manufacturer. The best way to make searches is through the company’s website.

    This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

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