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All You Need to Know About Dell 924 Ink Cartridges

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Dell is one of the world leaders in printer manufacturing. It creates a lot of printers ranging from monochrome to all-in-one printers. All are said to be perfect for home or office use. With each of these types of printers, special Dell ink cartridges are being made by the company. Get to know what inks are offered for the Dell 924.

Dell 924 Ink Cartridges

The brand basically offers the color standard capacity ink cartridge known as the 592-1039. It features Dell’s ink management system and comes in three colors – cyan, magenta and yellow. This one is offered at an MSRP of $20.99.

There is also the Dell 924 ink known as the Photo Ink. This is a good replacement for the black ink cartridge that is being used for printing text documents. With the special 924 photo ink, your Dell 924 All-In-One printer will turn into a photo printer that uses 6 colors. This is sold by Dell for $27.99.

Replacing Dell 924 Ink Cartridges

Start turning your printer on and then open its top cover. From there, you should locate the scanner support to hold the cover in place while you make the necessary replacement for your 924 ink. You will notice that the ink cartridge will stop in the position where installing the replacements will be easier.

Then, you may now locate the cartridge lever. Push that part to open the cartridge lid. When you are done with that part, you can now remove the old ink cartridges and replace them with new ones.

Make sure the sticker and transparent tapes of the new ink cartridges are removed before you place them in their slots. The black or photo ink cartridge should be placed on the left slot while the color cartridge on the right slot. After replacing the old cartridges with new ones, close the lid of the cartridge lever. Then you may now return the cover back to its proper positioning.

Cleaning Your Dell 924 Ink Cartridge Nozzles

This is one thing you need to learn about when it comes to your Dell ink cartridges. In the case of the Dell 924 ink, you will be required to clean the printer cartridge nozzles when there are white marks that appear on black and graphic areas. You should do the same thing when the printout turns out either smudged or too dark.

Starting to clean the nozzles will then depend on your computer’s operating system. For Windows XP version, go to ‘Start’ then to ‘Control Panel’ then proceed to ‘Printers and Hardware’ and ‘Printers and Faxes’. For XP 2000, you simply have to click on ‘Start’, ‘Settings’ and ‘Printers.

Once you are through with this, you can click over the icon for the Dell AIO Printer 924 then proceed to ‘Printing Preferences’. Click on the Maintenance Tab and under that, you will find the ‘Clean Printer Cartridges’ option. This will then improve the 924 ink’s print quality.

Purchasing Dell 924 Ink Cartridges

You may purchase these cartridges via Dell’s online store. But you can also opt to buy the items from different official outlets of the manufacturer. If you want to buy the ink cartridges online, you can buy them from retailers such as

All you Need to Know about Ordering Dell Printer Ink & Dell Printing Supplies

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Dell has been one of the top names when it comes to computer products. From notebooks, personal computers, printers, toner and Dell ink cartridges, Dell has been a brand that most people have trusted and turned to when it comes to their gadget needs.

Their printers are one of the best in the market today and have been lauded by many users for their superior performance. Any printer produced by Dell delivers high performance printing resulting to documents, graphics and photo outputs with top-notch quality and great resolution.

Common Problems with Regards to Dell Ink Cartridges and Printers

While performance may be the least of Dell’s problems, many users, especially of their printers, have complained about the problem of refilling their printing ink cartridges for their Dell printers. If your Dell ink cartridges run out, before you would have to call the Dell hotline and ask for a refill or a new cartridge. This results in uncalled inconveniences for their customers which the company has since taken action to.

Today, Dell has made extreme efforts in providing quality service to their customers. This is not only through their excellent computer gadgets but also by making it easier for them to get their Dell Printing Supplies at the fastest time possible.

Dell ink Cartridges

Dell supplies has a line of printer ink cartridges that can cater to any Dell printer installed by their users. Some of the popular Dell brands include:

  • Dell All in One Inks (720, 725, V715w, P513w, V313w, 924, V105, 966, 968, 964, 944, 926 Photo Ink, V305, A10, V505w and many more)
  • Dell Inkjet Ink
  • Dell Photo Ink

Easier way of Ordering and Getting your Dell Printing Supplies

To address the customer complaints they have been getting for their printing supplies, Dell has made every effort to make their products easily available to their users. Many retail stores have now taken up Dell in their inventories and are now selling Dell’s printing supplies.

Staples, one of the popular retail chain stores in the United States, has picked up and agreement with Dell to make their ink cartridges available in their stores. Users can now go to these stores and purchase their ink refills instead of ordering online and waiting for days to have them delivered. Wal-mart, another popular chain of retail stores in the US, has taken Dell products on their inventories.

There are also a lot of ink suppliers available online. They supply Dell ink cartridges to businesses or personal users at a discounted price especially if you are going to make a big purchase. These online retail shops also have free delivery so users will not experience the hassle of personally picking up their purchases.

One such website is Here, users can browse through a variety of Dell supplies and several other supplies from other computer manufacturers. They can avail of bargains and great deals that are exclusive only for the website’s customers.

Dell users can still purchase their Dell products online through the company’s home web site. Here, they can get specific products that will cater to their needs. From printer ink cartridges, toners, printers or computer units, the Dell web page has all the information needed for you to make a purchase.

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