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Replacement Cartridges: 3 Different Options for Your Printing Needs

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Replacement printer cartridges vary from one printer brand to another. In order to understand this concept even more and to know your options, you have to learn about the different types that are out in the market today.

# 1 – OEM replacement cartridges

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This simply means that OEM cartridges are genuine printer cartridges produced by the corresponding printer manufacturer. At times, you can also order OEM from the manufacturer’s licensed partners. Since they are genuine, they carry the brand name (Dell, Brother, HP, Canon etc.) of the OEM. These are somehow more expensive over the other types of replacement ink cartridges.

# 2 – Compatible replacement cartridges

These are cheaper options over the first type of replacement cartridge. Most often than not, they are made to meet specifications by the OEM. In some cases, however, these compatible cartridges exceed the said requirements thus making it as reliable as the OEM versions. But since they are produced by third party manufacturers, they do not carry the brand’s logo on the inkjet replacement cartridges.

If you are looking for cost-effective options over OEM printer cartridges, you can have compatible replacement cartridges instead. The price of these replacements is around a third to one half of the OEM versions thus providing huge amounts of savings on your part. However, these printer ink cartridges are made specifically for some printer models only so better check on that before buying one. Plus, if you are buying a cartridge that is not 100% compatible to the printer brand and model you own, the tendency is you will encounter printing problem errors.

# 3 – Remanufactured replacement cartridges

Oftentimes called refurbished printer cartridges, these are either OEM or third party replacement inkjet or toner cartridges. These are cartridges which were once used and have been refilled or recharged by the user. To make remanufactured printer cartridges, service providers thoroughly clean all parts – and replace them when necessary – then fill them with a printer ink formula similar to that of the original manufacturer’s specifications. After that it goes through rigorous testing. Although these are cheaper than OEM replacements, they are pricier than compatible versions.

These replacement printer cartridges can be bought from a lot of online service providers. If you want to get high quality yet low cost replacements, consider buying one from

Canon Pixma MX860 Wireless Multifunction Printer Review

Monday, March 8th, 2010

The Canon Pixma MX860 printer is a multifunction, wireless printer that is perfect for your work place or your home office. Its Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to print from any Wi-Fi connected computer in any room in your office or your home. Its Super 3G Fax, 4800-dpi scanner and high-quality copier makes the Canon Pixma MX860 truly a wireless wonder. All these give this Canon printer a 4 out of 5 rating.

Quick Summary

The Canon Pixma MX860 is an all-in-one office printer that boasts of connectivity via Bluetooth, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It can print at an astonishing 9600 x 2400 maximum color dpi as fast as 41 seconds for a full-color document. It also got a built-in, 35-sheet fully integrated document feeder that allows you to multi-task while printing. In addition, this wonder printer gives you more printing options via compatible memory cards and PictBridge, which allows you to print directly from your camera or mobile phone. Its 2.5-inch LED screen also makes editing photos easy and simple.

The Pros of the Canon PIXMA MX860

The Canon PIXMA MX860 printer quickly prints clear and sharp documents—whether in full color or black and white. Some even say that the quality of the text printed out in this multifunction printer is quite close to that of a laser printer. The copy feature of this Canon printer also duplicates documents as closely to the original as possible.

The duplex scanning and auto-feeder also makes this a very practical tool to help you become more productive in the office. A handy feature of this printer is that it waits a bit before printing on the other side of the paper, to avoid smearing.

The Cons of the Canon PIXMA MX860

With its ability to print and scan both sides of a document, its Wi-Fi connectivity and its high-quality output, there seems to be nothing wrong with this multifunction printer. But a nagging itch about the Canon PIXMA MX860 is that it sometimes takes too long to print from a Wi-Fi connected computer. Also, the Canon Pixma ink cartridges come in smaller sizes, meaning that they are used up more easily.

Printer Cartridges Used in Canon PIXMA MX860

PGI-220 Black         19ml

CLI-221 Black          9ml

CLI-221 Cyan          9ml

CLI-221 Yellow        9ml

CLI-221 Magenta    9ml

Troubleshooting & Support Information

It is recommended that you download the driver of the Canon Pixma MX860 printer manually, rather than going for auto-update. You can find the printer drivers of the Canon Pixma MX860 here:

For troubleshooting tips and online help, visit

You can also check out a list of compatible printer cartridges for the Canon PIXMA MX860 printer, by visiting

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