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Tips on How Cost per Page Can Be Calculated When Using Ink Cartridges

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Printer manufacturers as well as computer stores usually indicate page yield for ink cartridges depending on the brand and model. You have to consider this before you pick the printer model you will buy. Page yield, basically means the number of pages an ink cartridge can print during its lifespan. Wonder on how you can compute the cost you spend per page?

1. Make a separate computation for black and colored ink cartridges. The cost per page for the black cartridge can be computed by dividing the cost of the printer cartridge with the page yield for this printer ink. If your printer model uses two or more colored ink cartridges, simply compute the total amount you spent for all these printer cartridges and divide it with the total page yield for all these printer inks.

2. Take note of discrepancies in values. There are instances when you won’t actually get the number of page yield as promised by the manufacturer. This is because there are some factors causing the discrepancy such as:

    • Print coverage and paper size. Manufacturers test an ink cartridge using 5% print coverage. This means that only 5% of the paper’s surface can be printed on. Therefore, if you print on a whole legal size paper all the time, the page yield becomes lower.
    • Printer maintenance. When you print more using your printer ink cartridge, there is a tendency that you need to perform cleaning regularly. The cleaning process often requires a large amount of printer ink coming from the printer cartridge. This can then lead to lesser page yield than expected.

    The tips mentioned above are important if you want to make the most out of your printer cartridge purchase. Know the amount you can save for each printer cartridge in your printer model.

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