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Change Brother Printer Ink Cartridges in 5 Easy Steps

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Yes, changing the cartridge for your Brother printer is easy. This is because the printer warns you once the printer cartridge needs replacement. Want to know how you will be able to replace the ink cartridge successfully?

1.  Start by checking your printer’s LCD panel. The LCD displays the message when your printer ink cartridge is empty. Always wait for this warning sign so you will not waste printer ink.
2.  Once you find out which printer cartridge needs replacement, you should remove it using the release lever found inside your printer. Pull the lever carefully to unlock and remove the ink cartridge.
3.  It is time to replace the empty printer cartridge. Make sure you have pulled out the protective yellow cap off the new printer cartridge. You should not touch its insertion slot as this can stain your skin.
4.  Lock the new printer cartridge into the printer. Use the arrow located at the side of the printer ink in order to install the printer cartridge correctly. Once you have positioned the cartridge in the right spot, push its release lever. Wait for the “clicking” sound to ensure it is secured in its place.
5.  Reset your printer’s ink dot counter. You will then be asked by the printer through its LCD screen if the cartridge is brand new. This is important so that it can reset the printer ink dot counter. You may press any of these three buttons for this process: the up navigation key; the number “1”; or the “+” sign.

    With all the steps mentioned above, you can change your Brother’s printer ink with a wide smile.

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