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5 Top Rating Brother All-in-One Inkjet Printers Under $300

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Inkjet printers are affordable and come in compact sizes. These features make them ideal for students and professionals. Technology today makes it hard to choose which printer to get because of the features they have. To help narrow down your list, think of how you are going to use your printer. Will you be printing on a daily basis or every now and then? Do you need a monochrome printer or color? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself.

Multifunction printers increase productivity because you can do more with just one machine. Brother offers all-in-one printers at an affordable price. If you need a printer that does more than just printing, here is a list of Brother’s top rating all-in-one inkjet printers:

Brother MFC-J430w All-in-One Inkjet Printer ($99.99) – this printer is inexpensive but packed with features that can turn any room into an instant office. You can print, scan, copy, and fax your documents. It comes with easy-sharing capabilities like wireless connectivity and mobile printing via AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Brother iPrint&Scan, and Cortado workplace. Print your documents at 33 ppm for black and 26 ppm for color. Print fast even when you are sharing it with others.

Brother MFC-J625DW All-in-One Inkjet Printer ($129.99) – this printer will let you print, scan, copy, and fax your documents. It features duplex printing, a 1.9” touchscreen LCD display, print speeds of 35 ppm for black and 27 ppm for color, and a photo paper tray. You can easily share it with others with its Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile printing capabilities. It also comes with media slots so you can print directly from your USB or save scanned files into your external memory.

Brother MFC-J825DW All-in-One Inkjet Printer ($149.99) – this lets you print, scan, copy, and fax. It also has media slots so you can easily print without a computer. It comes with a 3.3” touchscreen LCD and fast print speeds. It is more of a media type of printer because you can print on CDs and DVDs, and lets you connect to Facebook and other social media accounts that stores photos. Save paper with its duplex printing and print conveniently with its wireless connectivity features.

Brother MFC-J835DW All-in-One Inkjet Printer ($149.99) – this model has the same features as the MFC-J825DW but comes with its own photo bypass tray for photo paper. It also has an ink save mode so you reduce ink consumption. It is great for those who do a lot of photo printing.

Brother MFCJ6710DW All-in-One Inkjet Printer ($199.99) – this is a more professional printer and it is ideal for small office use. You can print, scan, copy, and fax your documents. It comes with a 3.3” LCD display, dual paper tray that holds up to 250 sheets each, print speeds of 35 ppm black and 27 ppm color, and comes with an 11” x 17” scan glass for large documents. You can easily share this in your office through wired or wireless connectivity.

These Brother all-in-one inkjet printers are ideal for students for home and dorm use. It is also ideal for professionals who need a printer at home or their small office. Brother printers are Energy Star compliant to ensure that you save energy when you are using your printer. They also come with printer ink saving modes to ensure that you only use what you need and refill what is empty. Printers are all covered by a limited-warranty ranging from 1 year to 3 years.


3 Top Rating Brother Color Laser Printers

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

More often than not, small business office settings need a printer that can handle medium to high volume printing. You are going to want a printer that gives you high quality printouts whether in plain text or with images. And because of the volume of printing that you need, you want a printer that is going to save you money and that will last for a long time. Brother Color Laser printers are affordable and designed with the latest technology to guarantee that you get clear and sharp color documents.

We have already narrowed down the list for you; the following are top rating Brother Color laser printers that you can choose from:

Brother HL-3075CW Color Laser Printer ($299.99) – this is one of the latest printers from Brother. It offers fast color printing at 19 ppm, wireless connectivity, large paper capacity, and USB direct play capability. Brother HL-3075CW printer ensures increased productivity in your home or office. You can share it with others in so many ways like let them connect via their mobile devices, the Wi-Fi network, or just plug a USB and print documents. Whether you want black and white or colored prints, this printer will give you great quality looking documents.

Brother HL-4150CDN Color Laser Printer ($399.99) – if you need a faster color printer, this one will print your documents at 25 ppm in both black and color. It allows double-sided printing, USB direct printing, Ethernet connectivity, expandable paper capacity, and printing from mobile devices through the Brother iPrint&Scan app. Brother HL-4150CDN printer will give you high quality brochures, presentations, and other business documents you need. And because it prints fast, you do not have to worry about sharing it with a bigger group.

Brother HL-4570CDW Color Laser Printer ($499.99) – this laser color printer can handle medium to high volume printing, perfect for small businesses who print a lot of documents. HL-4570CDW features a print speed of 30 ppm in black and color, Wi-Fi connectivity, duplex printing, large paper capacity that can be expanded to 800 sheets, and allows printing from mobile devices. It is great for a fast-paced small business office.

Brother laser color printers are great for home or office use. If you are looking for an affordable yet durable laser printer, check out these printers. These printers come with high capacity toner cartridges to help you save cost. Each printer comes with a one year warranty and support in case you are having any problems.


Which Printers Have the Best Warranty and Customer Service After Sales

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

When on the lookout for a new printer, it’s often hard to decide which one is the best. Most of the newer models have the same specifications, the same price and even the same features. If you’re hard-pressed on which printer or brand to buy, check the manufacturer’s customer support and see which one has better after sales service and a longer warranty period.

The quality of after sales service is important when choosing a printer brand to buy. You should be able to contact customer support easily if you need an important printer repair. In addition, the warranty period of a new printer should ideally last more than a year and have extensive coverage. But how do you know which printers have great after sales service and excellent support representatives? Go online and read printer reviews from real users to find out which brands you should avoid. We’ve compiled some of the printers with better customer support services, based on research we’ve spotted on the Internet.

1. Hewlett-Packard. Hewlett-Packard is one of the most popular printers out in the market today and with good reason. A lot of people have reported satisfaction with HP printers because of their durability, quality of their prints and even with good customer support. Although you may read some negative feedback in a lot of forums about bad after sales service, you have to understand that people tend to talk or comment more when they’re upset. Some customers, though, have reported fast and reliable repairs as well as courteous customer support representatives who were able to answer questions. HP warranty covers labor and parts and customers even have the option to extend this warranty.

2. Brother. Brother is another well-loved printer brand that has satisfied customers for years. Brother printers usually cost less than their competitors, which makes them a practical choice for many consumers. The customer support of Brother is fairly fast and reliable. There are some customers, though, who have complained about the turn-around time in which after sales representatives are able to get back to them. Most of those who are able to buy this brand, though, get responses within minutes. Printer repair is also done quickly and efficiently.

3. Canon printers. Canon is known for producing excellent high-quality photos and images. It is also one of the brands that have great after sales service and customer support. Users have commented that Canon customer support representatives know about the different products and can even guide them in simple printer repair. You can even have your Canon printer replaced within its one-year warranty period if it has been proven to be defective.

There are lots of different things to consider when buying a printer but don’t just base your decision on a printer’s specifications, features and the kind of printer ink cartridge it uses. It’s best to research on customer support, the warranty and the after sales services of the different printers. These are just as important as a printer’s features, how much its ink cartridges cost and the quality of its print output.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

Brother vs. Dell Printers? Which one to Buy, Why?

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Well-established brands in the printer market include both Brother Printers and Dell printers.  Although they are not as popular as the heavily marketed Hewlett-Packard and Canon brands, reviewers, critics and even purchasers still hold Brother Printers and Dell printers in high regard. So in a situation wherein you have to choose a brand of printer between the two brands of printers; which one of the two brands are you going to purchase? This seems not an easy question and the answer depends on you the consumer. I have no pretense in persuading you to buy one brand over the other. But I will present the advantages of each printer brand for you to decide which to purchase.

Reasons Why to Choose Dell

  • One of the more inexpensive printers, superior quality printing and photograph imaging cost a lesser amount with Dell printers. As a matter of fact, with Dell printers, you can save a lot of money on printing—from the hardware to the consumables such as the printer ink cartridges.
  • Known for award winning printers, Dell printers dominate prestigious Buyer’s Pick Awards year after year. In 2009, a reputable computer magazine rated the Dell 3130cn as a nearly perfect printer. Then in 2008, the Dell printers namely the 2130cn, 2135cn, and 2335dn won prizes for being considered as the top choices of most printer buyers. This only shows that a lot of consumers prefer buying Dell printers.
  • Dell printers provide three years warranty. Obviously, this means that when a consumer buys a Dell printer, he or she does not have to worry about the machine breaking down early. For any factory defect of the printer, the company replaces a new unit.
  • Dell printers offer easy fulfillment process. In other words, no wasted time when it comes to replacement of toner and refilling of Dell printer ink. The company proposes online ordering and free shipping for printer inks and toners.
  • Dell printers feature green technology by making use of emulsion aggregation. By keeping in their objective to save the environment, Dell printers use less energy in order to operate.

Reasons why to Choose Brother

  • Let us face the truth, Brother Printers sell at a very low price compared to Dell printers and other printer brands.  Nonetheless, Brother Printers and most well-known printers usually have the same set of functions and features. With Brother Printers, the consumer actually saves money while still using almost the same features as other printer brands.
  • Brother Printers offers a wide selection of printers that is appropriate for specific needs of consumers. They have printers for personal use, home networking, small offices, large businesses, wireless workgroups, and portable usage.
  • Brother printers using compatible ink boasts of new functions such as fast speed printing of 20 pages per minute to 30 pages per minute, compatibility with both PCs and MACs, scanning images and documents, as well as faxing.
  • Brother printers have actually pleasing aesthetic designs that are appealing to the eyes. They come in different colors and due to their compact size can fit in different places in the office or at someone’s personal desk at home.
  • Brother printers need very low maintenance unlike other well-known brands like Canon printers or Hewlett-Packard printers

As shown here, I have listed down five reasons why you should choose either of the two printer brands. You make the decision whether to get a Brother printer or a Dell printer. But rest assured, these two brands churn out quality output. A lot of consumers from students to CEOs use both brands. It is a matter of personal choice on your part which brand of printer suits your taste. So choose wisely when you decide to buy a printer from either brand.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

5 Best Brother Printers to Buy in Year 2010

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Although not as popular as the other printer brands like Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, and Canon Brother Printers can compete with them. Techie critics, users, and experts gave commendable and positive reviews on several Brother Printers. Given its rise in popularity among consumers and the positive reviews it received in various online websites and print magazines, Brother Printers now resiliently contend in the printer market.

If you prefer purchasing Brother Printers over other brands, then you may select any of the following five best Brother Printers out there today. Here are the five of them:

A popular Brother Printer, the laser printer HL-2140 boasts of a fast printing speed of 22 pages per minute. But what makes it tremendously awesome as a HL-2140printer had more to do with its maximum resolution. This Brother Printer prints at an amazing 2,400 x 600 dpi, which results in really solid and lucid text and images. This Brother Printer handles about 250 sheets so that numerous and continuous printing is no stressful endeavor. Designed to be a really cost-effective printer, the HL 21-40 uses a Brother toner ink that can print out 2,600 pages. High-production offices can really make use of this Brother printer. The compact design of the HL-2140 aids in making the most of space in a desk or a table.


For a BDCP-165Crother printer with multi-function usage, the DCP-165C is one of the best Brother Printers to purchase this year. The DCP -165C prints in black and color, copies, and scans altogether.  Easy to use and compact in size, the DCP-165C makes a perfect all around workplace equipment in the comfort of one’s home. This Brother printer prints really quality photographs and colored documents. The DCP-165C also features PC-free photo printing. This means that you can print photographs without using a desktop or laptop. With the DCP-165C, one can print photos from a digital camera or a memory card. This Brother printer with Brother compatible ink prints at 30 pages per minute at black and 25 pages per minute at colored printing.



For a Brother printer that allows the user to save precious time and money, the DCP-185C features an Auto-Document Feeder that allows the user to copy or scan multiple pages while he or she is doing something else. Like other Brother Printers, the DCP-185C allows the user to print photographs directly without the use of a desktop or a laptop. A USB flash memory drive or digital camera can be connected directly to it in order to print pictures. In addition to that, the DCP-185C allows the user to scan a document straight to an Adobe PDF file or as a e-mail attachment.  The DCP-185C toner ink cartridges permits the user to do a lot of work at a faster pace than normal.

With the MFC-290C, a normal household can be converted into a small workplace. The MFC-290C prints top-quality photographs and colored documents. It also has an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) which makes it useful for continuous printing. It also features PC-free photo printing, which means that you can print directly from a USB flash drive or a digital camera.


The HL-5250DN Brother printer prints at quite a fast print speed of 28 pages per minute for colored and 30 pages per minute for black. It also features a duplex print option, which allows it to auto duplex print up to 13 pages per minute. In addition to that, this Brother printer prints at an amazing 1200 x 1200 dpi.

This means that this Brother printer can produce really detailed graphic photographs.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

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