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All You Need to Know About HP 78 Ink Cartridges

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Hewlett Packard continues to offer a wide array of ink cartridges best suited for its Photosmart, DeskJet and OfficeJet printers. And with each ink cartridge that it manufactures, you will see a special technology that can be of best use for your printing needs.

HP 78 Ink Cartridges

HP 78 ink cartridges come with the tri-color technology (cyan, magenta and yellow). Otherwise known as the C6578DN ink cartridge, this product is priced at $39.99. It is available in the CB277AN (78+) printer cartridge version sold at $45.99 and the 78XL known to be ideal for voluminous printing.

You may wonder what you should expect with an HP 78 ink cartridge. Well, that will be no less than vivid photos that can last in your possession for over 50 years. Add to that, this is one of the HP ink cartridges that guarantee enhanced output for specific printing needs. And since it is part of HP Vivera inks, you get no less than fade-resistant photo and text printouts.

The tri-color HP 78 ink cartridge produces a page yield of up to 560 pages. The corresponding test was made using HP’s very own DeskJet 930c printer. This page yield may vary depending on the content of your printed pages though.

Printers Relying on HP 78 Ink Cartridges

There are plenty of them. For one, you can use them in HP color copiers such as the 180, 190, 280 and 290. In another, you can also use them for DeskJet printers like the 932C, 935c, 940c, 940cvr and 955c. An HP 78 ink is also a perfect match for Photosmart printers such as the P1000, P1100, P1100x, 1215 and 1215vm. Furthermore, it works with OfficeJet printers like those of the G85, G85xi, G95, K60, K80, V40 and V40xi.

Refilling HP 78 Ink Cartridges

Refilling an HP 78 ink cartridge is no different from refilling any other types of ink cartridge from the brand. You begin by putting some pieces of paper towel on your working table. Then you should assemble the syringe and insert it in the colored ink bottle.

If there is one distinction in refilling these two types of ink cartridges then that will be the fact that you need to be extra careful in the process. This is not just because you do not want to stain your hands. This is due to the fact that you do not want to make a mistake when refilling the cartridge with the right color.

How to Maintain an HP 78 Ink Cartridge

There are basic tips to consider when you want to maintain the life of your HP 78 ink cartridge. Make sure that the box is sealed until such time that you need to replace your existing HP ink cartridges. Once you have opened the cartridge, do keep them in the printer using the ‘home’ position. This will prevent drying out of the printhead nozzles as well as lessen the risk of airborne dust particles.

It is also important not to re-tape the ink cartridge once you have removed the protective tape during the installation process. If you need to remove printer ink cartridges from the printer, make sure you place them in sealed containers and keep them inside room temperature.

Purchasing HP 78 Ink Cartridges

You can always buy these HP ink cartridges from the company. HP offers limited warranty when you buy any type of printer cartridge from them. In some cases, a warranty date is also indicated in the cartridge.

Aside from buying the HP 78 ink cartridge from the manufacturer just because of the warranty attached to it, you may also find discounted, high quality cartridge from other online stores. One such store is The site offers you a wide array of quality HP ink cartridges as well as other HP printer supplies.

All You Need to Know About Canon MP610 Ink Cartridges

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Canon is known for producing a variety of printer and printer supplies. It has included the PIXMA in its line of products. One printer under such name is the Canon MP610. This all-in-one printer is said to be ideal for your home office and can be used as a photo all-in-one printer. Wonder which type of Canon ink cartridges fit the MP610?

Canon MP610 Ink Cartridges

You have plenty of printer ink cartridge choices for your Canon MP610. For your black inks, you can order PGI-5BK pigment black ink. For your colored printouts, you need four cartridges to invest on. The first one is the black CLI-8Bk, the second is the yellow CLI-8Y, the third is the cyan CLI-8C and the fourth one is the magenta CLI-8M.

Canon MP610 Ink Cartridge Prices

Basically, Canon offers different prices for these ink cartridges. Take for instance the PGI-5BK black ink. This one is priced at $18.49. As for the color cartridges, all are priced at $15.99 each.

When buying from other online retail stores though, you can get these sets of Canon MP610 ink at varying prices. The PGI-BK black ink can cost around $22 while the color ink cartridges are offered at a higher price of $19.06. Some offer tri-color packs as well as original multi value packs ranging from $52.75 to $63.75.

Changing Your Canon MP610 Ink

Installing these ink cartridges may be more complicated than other PIXMA printers that use two types of printer cartridges only. Just the same, however, you simply need to follow steps in the process.

Turn on the printer then open its scanning unit or top cover. Once you have done this, the ink cartridges will then move to make sure you will have an easier time replacing them.

Now, you can begin replacing the printer ink cartridges. After taking off the orange protective tape (according to the direction specified by the arrow), you may insert the ink cartridge to its corresponding printer cartridge slot. Take note that you should never return the orange protective tape back to its usual place once you have removed it.

The black slot is at the left while the color slot is at the right of the printer. Press the ink cartridges in their proper positions. The click sound will indicate that the cartridges will hold on to their places.

It is easy detecting if you have installed the printer ink cartridges properly. You basically need to look into the numbers displayed on the printer’s LED. If the number ‘1’ appears then that means you have installed the cartridges properly. If the number ‘2’ appears on the screen then that denotes that the cartridges were installed otherwise.

Purchasing Your Canon MP610 Ink

You can buy directly from Canon’s online store if you want to get genuine cartridges. The ink cartridges coming from the manufacturer can last a shelf life of up to 3 years. They also come with warranties. You may also buy from other reputed outlets, preferably those authorized by Canon like Wal-Mart and Office Depot.

Of course, you may also buy such ink cartridges for your Canon MP610 through online stores like The store has a variety of cartridges compatible with your MP610 printer. It offers printer supplies for the said model as well.

All You Need to Know About Canon MP210 Ink Cartridges

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Canon MP210 is just one of the many PIXMA printers coming from the brand. The printer comes with a stylish design that can basically help you in everything that you do. You can print, scan and copy documents using this printer. You can even create photos out of this printer. Because the MP210 is a special printer, it basically requires its very own set of Canon ink cartridges.

Canon MP210 Ink Cartridges

Canon offers three types of ink cartridges for its MP210 printer. The first one is called the PG-30 pigment black ink cartridge, the second is the PG-40 black ink tank and the last is the CL-31 color FINE ink cartridge. The Canon PG-30 ink offers a yield of 220 pages while the PG-40 can print 490 pages.

Canon MP210 Ink Cartridge Prices

Canon basically sells the PG-30 at $16.99, the PG-40 at $22.99 and the CL-31 at $20.99. When you buy from retailers, a genuine PG-30 costs around $14.81 only and the PG-40 is priced at $18.75. That will mean great savings on your part. If you buy in bulk, you can even have huge amounts of discounts depending on the online store where you will buy the printer ink cartridges from.

Canon MP210 Ink Cartridges and Other Printers Where they Can Be Used For

Aside from being a great partner to the PIXMA MP210, these ink cartridges are also great fits to other printer models from the brand. For instance, you can use the PG-30 for Canon PIXMA printers in the iP series like the iP1800 and iP1600. They also fit the MP140, MP190, MP470, MX300 and MX310. The Canon PG-40 on the other hand, may be used for PIXMA printers like the iP1600, iP1700, iP1800, iP2600, MX300, MX310, MP140, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP190, MP460 and MP470.

Installing Canon MP210 Ink Cartridges

Basically, you need one black and one color printer cartridge to do the job. Start by opening the printer’s cover. You can use the special brace found on its side to support the opening. From here, you may begin installing each of the ink cartridges.

Start with the black fine Canon MP210 ink. Locate the tape that protects the cartridge’s printhead nozzles. Remove that part then place the printer cartridge in the printer slot with the letter ‘B’ on it. Make sure it clicks into place. You can use the same process for the color fine cartridge. The only difference is you should place it on the slot marked with the letter ‘C’.

After putting both cartridges in place, you can now remove the brace before you close the printer’s cover. You will then notice a green LED light flashing on the printer’s top part. Once you have seen the number ‘1’ displayed on the LED display, then you can now begin your printing job.

Purchasing a Canon MP210 Ink Cartridge

You can always buy these ink cartridges directly from Canon’s online store. You may also use some of the company’s official outlets. Wal-Mart and Office Depot are great stores to use in your purchase of these printer cartridges.

You may also go to retail shops such as The store offers a wide array of ink cartridges and other printer supplies as well.

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