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Adobe Releases LeanPrint to Help Save Printing Cost

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Printing cost is something that we want to monitor whether we are using a printer for home or office use. It is important that we track how much we are spending on our overall printing process like how often we refill our paper tray, the number of printer ink replacements in a period of time, and other costs. Tracking printing cost will help us become efficient and save on expenses while still getting high quality print outs.

It is not easy to track printing costs and sometimes, the easiest way to track your overall usage is by using a software. Adobe together with Toshiba, launched LeanPrint, a software technology that will help you optimize printer use so you save on cost at the same time track your overall printer use.

Adobe LeanPrint

Adobe LeanPrint helps overall printer use by automatically optimizing printer ink and toner management, and document layout to decrease your consumption of paper and ink. This technology is also Adobe’s way of helping conserve the environment by efficiently using resources. The software will give you up to 40 percent savings on your usual office document.

Adobe LeanPrint uses its own technologies to automatically enhance document color and layout. It uses plug-ins for Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Microsoft Excel and Word, and other common programs that are normally used by businesses and consumers. You can also view your final output on the software before printing it. This way you are sure that your document will come out like how you want it to look.

LeanPrint is compatible with any type of printer and printer brand, whether personal or shared. Adobe understands that we need to help conserve the environment at the same time find ways to decrease printing cost. LeanPrint provides a different approach to saving and maximizing resources, not by limiting the number of pages per person in your office, but by making sure that all documents use only what it needs while maintaining quality output. Adobe is offering a 90-day trial for organizations and 30-day trial for individuals if you want to try the product. Contact for more information.


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