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What is HP eStation all-in-one printer? Myths About New HP wireless Printer before release

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

The rumor mill is kicking into high gear as details for a new portable device from HP was discovered on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s web site. The newly discovered FCC filing from Hewlett-Packard appeared on Thursday, August 5.

The name of this device is the HP eStation Zeen. Sources are now saying that the Zeen is in fact a tablet device in the same vein as the iPad. What’s more is that the Zeen tablet allegedly runs Android 2.1 with a custom HP skin. This is a bit of an oddity considering that HP had acquired webOS earlier, when it bought Palm for US$1.2 Billion. You would think that HP would use webOS as the base software for future portable devices. However, these are all just rumors, so the final product may vary greatly from these initial speculations.

Rumored hardware specs have also been popping up. The Zeen is to host a capacitive touchscreen, an SD card slot, video support, and some prototypes even have cameras with a special webcam app installed. The FCC filing also specifies the inclusion of 802.11b/g/n WiFi.

One of the main features of the Zeen is its focus on e-reading and is said to connect to Barnes and Noble’s Nook network. Given that the Nook also uses Android.

A big differentiator though is that the Zeen has the capability to wirelessly connect to an HP printer, nicknamed Zeus. The Zeen/Zeus bundle is certainly a game changer when it comes to tablet PCs. By integrating the printer with the tablet, HP could offer stronger printing capabilities. This would be particularly useful in printing out e-books, or digital magazines. It could also be useful for printing out drawings and other user created content from HPs tablet.

The Zeus has its own basic control set-up, but once the Zeen is docked, it provides a richer interface for its printing functions. Presumably, this interface would directly connect to the net given the tablet’s WiFi capabilities and HPs inclination towards web compatibility.

So what of this new printer, will it be capable of wirelessly connecting to other future HP devices? Will it be backwards compatible with ordinary PCs and notebooks? Or is it exclusively for the Zeen tablet?

Well given that all of these are purely speculative, we might get to find out any time soon. However they do raise some interesting questions regarding the direction HP is taking with its portable devices. I guess we’ll have to keep an eye out for any new details.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

Great Tips and Tricks for fixing Your Printer Problems

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Almost anyone would find it disappointing that after a gruesome task of typing or encoding documents, the printer failed to print. If you’re in such a hurry, maybe you’d just find a kiosk or printing shop than try to fix the printer. But the best solution would be to troubleshoot where the problem of the printer is, and try to solve it. Here are some of the tips on fixing printers:

Clean it

Prevention is better than cure: so clean your printer. You should cover the printer when not in use to avoid dust from accumulating inside it. Dust and dirt could clog the printer head.  Also, you could use small vacuum or compressed air to clean it.  To clean the cartridge head, you can try using either moistened Q-tip (with either alcohol or just water).


Another tip on fixing the printer is running the Utility Maintenance at least once a week (even though it consumes a significant amount of printer ink). An alternative would be to print one colored page document which consumes less amount of ink.  Frequent use of printer avoids drying up or clogging of the nozzle or head of the cartridge where the ink comes out.

The utility maintenance has different functions: head cleaning, print head alignment, ink replacement, nozzle check, among others.

Check the status monitor of the printer. Most often, you’d see that the printer needs maintenance when there are gaps or faint areas or streaks that appear when you print any document, misaligned print outs, and clogged nozzles. Utility maintenance can be used to fix the printer.

Another problem for failure to print is the insufficient ink supply. Replace printer ink cartridges if the printer prompts you to. You can use the maintenance utility for this.

Paper Jams

A simple trick on fixing the printer when it comes to paper jam is by reinstalling the papers  the correct way. If this didn’t fix the printer problem, check the paper path if there are any blockage and remove it (usually papers/dust).

Check for Error Messages

The printer has its own sort of tech support installed. There are error messages or codes that pop out when the printer fails to print. You have to be mindful of these. You can try fixing the printer by following the suggested resolution given by the printer or you can refer to the manual that came with the printer.  Different models/types of printers have their own error codes and specific resolution to fix the printer, so check your manuals.

Hence, before you run to the kiosk or anywhere else  in order to solve your printer problem, try doing these simple tips on fixing printers because in the long run, you’d benefit more from troubleshooting and fixing the printer. It would save you time, effort and money.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

Places Where You Can Find Printer Drives and Other Materials for Your Old Printers

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

More and more people buy new printer models nowadays. It is because these newer models are offered at very affordable prices. There’s one drawback to this however. It’s harder to find printer drivers, manuals, printer cartridges and other materials for older printer models. Now, if what you own belongs to the older printer versions, there’s no need to despair. You can still use a number of places in the Internet to find the materials you need for your old printer model.

1. Computer stores. You can always use these venues if you’re looking for printer ink cartridges. In fact, you can choose from a wide array of branded to generic printer cartridges. Drivers and other upgrades for almost all printer models are available through these online stores as well.

2. Printer manufacturer’s website. This is one of the best places where you may find printer manuals and drivers for your older gadget. Just simply browse on the manufacturer’s support pages and download whatever you need free of charge.

3. Freeware sites. You can download just about anything using freeware and shareware sites. In fact, you can download drivers and software from these venues too. But since more people take advantage of these free downloads, there’s a tendency that what you download might be infected by a virus. So, the technique here is to make sure this is your last resort. Always consider the first two venues mentioned in this page before choosing this option.

    You may at some points check on what online auction sites offer. They also have printer cartridges that are offered in bulk. This makes you get your needs for your older printer model less the price you have allotted for the deal.

    Tips on Finding and Installing Windows 7 Printer Drivers for HP Printers

    Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

    Just like with other product launches, the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 7 had its own “birth pains.” Consumers will love to update their PC’s with this OS version. The problem is how to find printer drivers for a certain printer brand. If you own an HP printer, here are some tips that will help you.

    Things you should do to install Windows 7 printer drivers for your HP printers

    Everything starts with your search of drivers using the HP Driver Page in the manufacturer’s website. In addition to this, you need to consider the following tips:

    1. Check if your printer is included in the list of devices supported by Windows 7. HP reiterates that you might not be able find a compatible printer driver for your old HP device. Some devices have limited support for Windows 7 as well. Furthermore, the company finds it insignificant to develop Windows 7 printer drivers for products that are already supported by the Windows XP OS.

    2. You may install your driver. Using your set-up disk, start viewing files using the “Explorer” option. Scroll down and locate the “Setup” option on the page. Right-click over the word “Properties” and click the “Compatibility” button or tab on the next window. Check “Windows Vista” while you also uncheck “Run this program in compatibility mode for”. Make sure you have checked “Run this program as administrator”. Press on the “Apply” button then click “Ok”.

      You can also make use of HP’s Windows 7 Upgrade, a program where you can upgrade a kit for this MS OS version, to install the printer driver. However, you should pass the eligibility requirement before you can order one.

      Tips on Finding and Installing Windows 7 Printer Drivers for Dell and Lexmark Printers

      Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

      Worried about updating your OS to Windows 7 only to find out later that you can’t use it for your Dell and Lexmark printers? Well, don’t worry as you can always look for a driver for any of these printers just to make sure they are compatible with the new OS from Microsoft. Use some of the tips found in this page.

      How to find and install Windows 7 printer drivers for Dell printers

      Finding printer drivers for a Dell printer can be made using the manufacturer’s website. You can find a list using the Dell Driver Page. Some products already have specific Windows 7 drivers assigned to them while you will be advised to use Vista drivers for others.

      Once you’ve found the right driver for your printer model, you may now install it. Using your PC’s “Start” button, locate the “All Programs” section then “Dell printer”. You can then click the printer model under this section and uninstall it. Install the latest Java version while getting your latest Windows 7 update. Then proceed to installing the printer.

      How to find and install Windows 7 printer drivers for Lexmark printers

      Finding a Lexmark printer driver can be done by locating information about MS OS using the manufacturer’s website. You can see a table on the said page. There are printer models that can be updated using Windows 7 drivers while others can use Lexmark drivers instead.

      Installing the drivers for your Lexmark printer will depend upon whether you are allowed to use a Windows 7 OS driver or a Lexmark driver. For the former, use the Windows Update for installation while for the latter, use the latest Lexmark driver.

      You simply have to follow some instructions when installing the printer drivers for your Dell and Lexmark printers. You can always use the customer service support of these companies for further assistance.

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