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All You Need to Know About Canon Pixma Printers and Canon Pixma Ink

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

You think you know everything about Canon Pixma printers and ink, well think again. There might be some interesting facts you can discover about these Canon Pixma products. This will help you decide on purchasing a product from the company.

Facts you should know about Canon Pixma printers

Canon Pixma printers were created by Canon to match the needs of patrons who are into photo printing. It is a great partner for digital photography. The products are offered at various prices that can suit the needs of every consumer who wants to buy these printers.

There are different types of Canon Pixma printers. If you think that this product line is all about photo printers, then you have to remove that notion from your mind. Apart from its photo printers, the line launched multi-function printers that are classified further into two – the Pixma Office and the Pixma Photo All-In-One Inkjets.

Canon Pixma Office is an ideal choice for any business. It provides for better and faster fax speeds as well as updated connectivity capabilities. It can also help with better handling of office documents and can store so much in its expanded memory. This is otherwise known as the MP class.

Canon Pixma Photo multifunction printers, on the other hand, have different design philosophies. This means that each printer model under this category is injected with distinct features that you may not find in other Canon Pixma printers in this line. There are those with 5-color ink system technologies while some are proud of their high-density black pigment ink systems.

What’s so special about Canon Pixma ink?

If there’s a Canon Pixma printer, then there must be a special Canon Pixma ink that matches the product. Well, your guess is as good as those of others. There are indeed a variety of Canon ink products to choose from.

The most popular Pixma ink is called the CLI-8 printer cartridge. If your printer runs out of this printer ink, you can buy a compatible printer cartridge at a reasonable rate of only around $6.00.

Some Canon Pixma printers may also come with compatible Pixma ink products as well. For instance, that of the Canon Pixma IP4000 can use a compatible printer ink known as the BCI-3EBK Black Ink Tank which is priced at $15.99. It can also use the BCI-6 BK Black Ink Tank that is priced a little lower than the first mentioned model at $13.99.

Another interesting fact about Canon Pixma ink is it can be bundled with your purchase of other Canon products. There are product packages that contain the black as well as the cyan, yellow and magenta tanks together with 50 pieces of Canon’s glossy photo paper. You can enjoy all these for a price of only $49.99.

If you will try to know your Canon Pixma printers and ink more, you will be able to find a great buy in the market. You can start familiarizing yourselves with these Canon Pixma products by simply browsing through the manufacturer’s website first. That way, you will never go wrong with your purchase.

Pros and Cons of using HP MFP for your small businesses

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

How many times have you heard your friends boast of their HP MFP for their small businesses? Were these the reasons behind why you also want to invest on one for your own office? Well, before you even buy your all-in-one printer from the manufacturer, it pays to look at some pros and cons of these products.

Pros of using HP MFP for your small business

There are different advantages of using HP all-in-one products for your small business such as:

1. Convenience. This is one of the criteria you will look into when you’re looking for an all-in-one printer. Well HP MFP is indeed a great choice because it has a single control panel that you may simply access for your different printing jobs.

2. Provides better networking solutions. You can use either local area networking or the Internet or wireless connections for the HP MFP. Simply use the company’s Web Jetadmin printer management software or its Jetdirect print servers.

3. Product support. You will love the fact that HP can provide you with great financing options so that your all-in-one printer will not be heavy on your pocket. Some of you may back out on the purchase knowing the products’ high prices but as soon as HP opens the financing options for you, then there’s no reason you should worry about large capital outlay for your small business.

4. Better return on investment. Before you even make any investment on a product, you also would want to know if it will yield better gains for you. Since HP MFP deploys balance strategies for its devices, you are assured of optimum asset utilization for your small business. Add to that the fact that the device can be used in a wide array of settings from small workstations to other highly centralized plans.

5. Increase in production. You can always use an HP MFP to increase document management as well as to send communication within your workgroup. You can do this using email alerts and firmware upgrades from the company.

6. Better management of the device. You can easily know if your HP all-in-one printers need some replacement for its parts. Ink toner warnings will be digitally displayed through its control panels.

Cons of using HP MFP for your small businesses

After reading about the many benefits you can gain from an HP MFP investment, it is also wise to take note of some disadvantages linked to the use of these products.

1. Some products under the HP MFP lines only have one tray instead of the usual two or three trays that you may use for your small businesses. So if you’re into a photocopying business, there’s a need to reload the paper tray all of the time.

2. Some HP all-in-one printers may have problems with its scanning features, for this, you may need to contact the manufacturer. If you intend to make use of all the functions in the printer, you must see to it that all of them work so that you won’t have problems in your small business later on.

As you have seen it, the advantages of HP MFP outweigh the disadvantages. What would the verdict be? Well, despite the glitches, there is much more to look forward to with these all-in-one printers.

Most Popular HP Multifunction Printers in 2010

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Hewlett-Packard never fails to update its list of printer offerings to the public. This is the reason behind why it was able to establish a great reputation in the world of printers. For those of you who are avid fans of the company’s products, you may wonder which among HP multifunction printers will make a name in 2010. Well, this list may help you decide:

1.  HP OfficeJet Pro 8500. Priced at around $250, this HP all-in-one printer is starting to become popular to small offices. Owe that to the fact that it prints and copies up to 35ppm. This product makes use of the HP Thermal Inkjet technology and has duplex printing capabilities. This printer also is compatible with wireless connections.

2.   HP Photosmart Premium CC335A. While this HP all-in-one printer seem to focus more on its photo printing capabilities, users are surprised that the printer can provide more than just that. With a price of around $300, it can perform tasks such as faxing, scanning and copying. Plus its prints 33ppm in black and 32ppm in color.

3.   HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless. This is one of the HP printers that come in an elegant fusion of the black and white colors. With a wireless connectivity and copy, scan and fax functions, you will be surprised that this product sells only for an amount of $150. It can print 32ppm and 31ppm for its black and colored inks.

4.   HP PhotoSmart Premium All-In-One. If you’re looking for an HP all-in-one printer with original HP printer cartridges that suits your budget, you should choose this one. This product costs only around $150 but it promises to give copying and printing speeds at 33ppm and 32ppm for black and color.

5.   HP OfficeJet J4680. Don’t snob this product even if it is priced at around $90. This does not mean that it does not have the functions you are looking for in HP multifunction printers. In fact, this product can print as much as 28ppm for black and 22ppm for color and it also has Wi-Fi connectivity.

6.   HP OfficeJet Pro L7780. This product from HP has a black print speed of 35ppm and a color print speed of 34ppm. The product that uses compatible HP ink also has Wi-Fi connectivity and has a fax speed of 33,600 bps. With a total media capacity of 600 sheets, this printer is indeed ideal for a larger office. The product is one of the most expensive HP printers to watch out for as it costs around $500.

7.   HP PhotoSmart C8180. This HP all-in-one printer costs $200 and is ideal for those that are inclined with a digital lifestyle. With a white and grey finish, the product typically reminds people of the Classic iPod. The good thing about this product is you can make use of its touch screen panel to enjoy your usual printing, copying, scanning and faxing jobs. This HP all-in-one printer is equipped with a LightScribe Disc Burner that allows you to take your pictures then the printer will scan them to a CD.

These are just some of the many products to watch out for from the world of HP multifunction printers for this year. Many users have tried buying these products and all of them have great praises for this list of HP printers.

All You Need to Know About HP PhotoSmart Printers and HP PhotoSmart Ink

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

All You Need to Know About HP PhotoSmart Printers and HP PhotoSmart Ink

HP PhotoSmart printers are ideal for printing quality photos in either the home or the business setting. These PhotoSmart printers effortlessly handle your printing needs without the help of a PC.

These are just some of the HP PhotoSmart printers:

HP PhotoSmart printers

1. HP PhotoSmart C4680 All-in-One Printer

This HP PhotoSmart Printer functions as a printer, a copier, and a scanner. It prints at a speed of up to 29ppm, and scans at up to 1200 x 2400 dpi. This HP printer comes equipped with a 1.45” color TouchSmart display, which allows you to view and print your photos without needing a computer. This printer is also Energy Star qualified, and uses less than 1-watt of energy when turned off.

2. HP PhotoSmart A646 Compact Photo Printer

There is no need for a computer with this compact and portable HP PhotoSmart printer. You can also run a slide show on the printer’s 3.45” HP TouchSmart screen. This HP printer allows you to create photo greeting cards, add special effects, and add creative elements to your photos. This printer will even allow you to print quality photos from a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

3. HP PhotoSmart C8180 All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Copier

This HP PhotoSmart printer boasts superior color accuracy, which is ideal for those who want to restore old photos and damaged negatives and slides. It allows you to remove dust and scratches from old photos, then print, copy, and archive these photos to discs. You can also print from CDs, DVDs, Bluetooth-enabled devices, and memory cards, all by using the printer’s 3.5” touch screen. This wireless HP printer operates at up to 34 ppm in black and white, and up to 33 ppm in color.

4. HP PhotoSmart Premium TouchSmart Web All-in-One Printer

Printing Web content such as coupons, maps, recipes, and movie tickets are possible with this HP printer’s TouchSmart screen. You can also use the printer’s Quick Forms feature, which allows you to print notebook paper, checklists, and other templates and forms. This printer is 10% more energy-efficient than a standard model, and is also Energy Star qualified.

5. HP PhotoSmart Pro B8850 Printer

This HP printer is perfect for amateur photographers. It prints photos of professional quality, producing lifelike portraits and stunning color photos. It prints 4×6” photos in as little time as 10 seconds, and produces 13×19” photos in as little time as 90 seconds. This HP PhotoSmart printer also comes with a calibration feature that allows you to produce predictable and reliable colors.

6. HP PhotoSmart Pro B8800 Printer

This HP PhotoSmart printer uses 8 individual high-capacity HP Vivera pigment links, producing professional-quality photos with ease. This HP printer allows you to print photos sized 3×5” to 13×19” at an outstanding speed. This printer also features a specialty media tray with straight paper path. This feature allows you to print on various types of media sizes and weights.

7. HP PhotoSmart B8550 Printer

This HP PhotoSmart printer is perfect for individuals and businesses that need one printer to handle printing everyday documents to quality photos. It prints photos ranging from 4×6” to 13×19”, as well as 12×12” scrapbooking pages. This HP printer makes use of dual drop volume technology that produces extremely small printer ink drops, allowing you to enjoy enhanced photo detail.

HP PhotoSmart Ink

HP PhotoSmart ink is highly reliable when it comes to producing quality text, graphics, and photos. The printer ink dries up very quickly, which makes it the perfect ink to use when printing photos. HP PhotoSmart ink is rich in color and lasts a long time.

HP PhotoSmart ink can also be purchased separately. A number of the HP printers use individual HP PhotoSmart ink cartridges, which allows you to easily change the empty printer cartridges that need to be replaced.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

All You Need to Know About WorkCentre Printers and WorkCentre Ink

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

WorkCentre printers are a product of the popular brand Xerox. A basic WorkCentre device serves a printer and copier, with a number of other functions depending on the model.

WorkCentre printers

These are examples of WorkCentre printers that are ideal for the office environment:

1. WorkCentre C2424

This WorkCentre printer operates at a speed of up to 24 ppm. This tabletop model can print, copy, and scan. It makes use of a unique technology from Xerox known as Solid Ink color that produces output that is saturated and extremely consistent from page to page. This multifunction printer is full of extra features that help enhance productivity, such as booklet printing, 2-sided printing, and automatic color correction.

2. WorkCentre 3220

The WorkCentre 3220 is another multifunction printer from Xerox that can print, copy, color scan, email, and fax. This WorkCentre printer also has security features such as Secure Fax Receive, which waits for a PIN number to be encoded before releasing a fax message. This particular printer is perfect for small offices because it can be easily tucked into tight spaces.

3. WorkCentre 5150

The WorkCentre 5150 is a multifunction printer that allows you to print, copy, scan, fax, and email at a speed of up to 50 ppm. This WorkCentre printer comes with a feature called Secure Print, which prevents unauthorized people from viewing the documents in the queue until a user is authenticated. Image Overwrite is another security feature that clears all traces of a document or image on the hard drive after the printing, copying, scanning, or faxing job.

4. WorkCentre 6400

The WorkCentre 6400 can print, copy, color scan, and email at a speed of up to 32 ppm in color, and 37 ppm in black. This WorkCentre printer has a Print Around feature that continues to print other jobs even if one particular job is held up and needs attention. This is also one printer that truly multitasks, allowing you to copy, scan, or fax other documents while printing.

5. WorkCentre 7435

The WorkCentre 7435 is an extremely quiet multifunction printer that operates at a speed of up to 35 ppm. It uses less energy compared to competitive products, using less than 2 watts when left in standby mode. It also handles paper of up to 256 gsm, while most models can only feed up to 220 gsm. This printer has a wide range of finishing options such as stapling, hole punching, stacking, and saddle stitching.

6. WorkCentre M20

The WorkCentre M20 is a multifunction printer with a speed of up to 22 ppm. It has a toner cartridge saving mode that prints all solid areas in a shade of gray instead of black, which saves on the consumption of printer ink. This WorkCentre printer also has a feature called N-up, which saves paper by printing multiple pages on a single sheet. The Interrupt feature on this printer allows you to perform a quick copy or printing job despite the queue of other jobs in the system.

7. WorkCentre BookMark 55

The WorkCentre BookMark 55 is a multifunction printer that operates at a speed of up to 55 ppm. It has a standard paper capacity of up to 4,800 sheets, and has a maximum duty cycle of up to 150,000 images in a month. This device has an angled side-panel for copying bound documents such as books.

WorkCentre ink

WorkCentre printer ink cartridges produce crisp, clean, and sharp prints of excellent quality.

In order to save on costs of printer ink, consider WorkCentre models that feature a Smart Kit technology that prevent downtime. This technology also monitors the levels of the printer ink cartridges to make sure that every drop of printer ink is utilized.

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