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How to Find Best Deals and Coupons for Buying a New Multifunction Printer

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Are you on the lookout for a new multifunction printer? Before you decide to buy one straight from the manufacturer’s site or from popular gadget websites, take time to scout other tech sites for coupons codes, rebates or sales. You might be able to save as much as 50% off the original price of multifunction printers. It’s easy to look for codes, rebates and sales—all you have to do is make use of your search engine. Here are some practical tips that can help you find the best deals and coupons for buying a new multifunction printer.

* Use search engines wisely. All you have to do is type in “codes” or “rebates” and your search engine will direct you to dozens of websites that offer codes, coupons and rebates for items such as clothes, furniture and even a multifunction printer. You can even narrow down your search by using different words such as “codes for printers” or “rebates for a multifunction printer.”

* Check if these websites require membership or registration. Some websites instantly show coupon codes on their home page, even if you did not register or sign up for membership. Other sites, though, require you to register before you can have access to these coupons codes or even codes for free shipping online. While there are many shopping websites that offer membership for free, others require you to pay a fee to be able to join. Read through the user agreements of these sites before signing up or making payments. Only sign up with sites that you know you can trust.

* Pick two or three websites that offer good deals or coupon codes and register with them. Memberships with these websites have a lot of perks, including regular updates on new codes for discounts, free shipping online and rebates. Some websites even offer members-only discounts and access to special sales and deals for gadgets, cameras and also the best multifunction printer.

* Look for popular coupon search engines. Websites such as Retail Me Not and Slick Deals list down coupons codes from many different online stores, such as Gap, Victoria’s Secret, and even electronic stores that sell the multifunction printer you’re looking for.

* Subscribe to the Twitter account of a brand or use Facebook and become a fan of stores or brands. Many brands and companies use Twitter and Facebook to announce sales, free online shipping and even to post coupons codes. Get regular updates on these great deals by following them on Twitter or becoming a fan of these different brands and companies on Facebook.

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* Register in a company’s website. Sign up in the website of manufacturer of the multifunction printer you’re eyeing. Once your email is in their database, you will receive daily or weekly updates on deals like free online shipping. You even get first dibs on special sales.

Save on money and grab the best deals on the multifunction printer you want by using the Internet to look for coupons codes or rebates. With the wide, wide world the Internet has to offer, you’re bound to stumble on a great deal online.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

6 Factors in Computing for Total Printer Ownership Cost

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Are you caught in between investing on a printer or not? Is this because you think it isn’t wise to spend money on the purchase? But if you are planning to set up your own business, getting a printer is necessary. You also need to compute for printer ownership cost for you to have an idea on how much to charge for your printing services so that you will gain profit from it. Here are some factors that may affect the calculation of this cost.

1. Price of the printer. It is important to compute this cost per printer unit you own. Then you should add up the YTD depreciation value, property insurance and cost of capital. Add taxes whenever available. Multiply the total with the black and colored printout percentages.

2. Pages printed annually. This does not mean you have to wait for one year to be able to compute for the total pages you consume. What you need here is to compute the total number of pages you print per three months then multiply it by 4. This should be done for each printer.

3. Support cost. This is computed by adding purchase, installation and on-going support cost. If you are leasing your printers, then add that cost to the total as well.

4. Cost of printer parts. This can be computed by simply multiplying the total amount for printer parts with that of the black and colored printout percentages.

5. Cost of maintenance. This is computed by adding the estimated time percentage that a 3rd party vendor may spend on the printer unit and the annual support cost from third party vendors. The sum will then be divided by the black and colored printout percentages.

6. Printer supplies cost. This is calculated by multiplying the percentage of colored printouts with total staples cost. The result will then be added to the costs spent on printer ink cartridges for all of your printers.

    Once you have computed for printer ownership cost, you are about ready to set-up your own printing business. You don’t have to be a financial expert on this.

    3 Questions to Ask When Finding Great Deals as You Buy Printers Online

    Friday, March 12th, 2010

    Dumping your old printer and looking for a new one? Well, the best place to shop these days is through the internet. Not only does this choice promise a convenient option for you. You can even find great printer deals using these venues as well. But before you can buy printers online successfully, why not ask a few questions first.

    1. “Is buying printers online really a great idea?” There are some pros and cons to this process. Looking at the positive side, buying online will help you get a great discount. The problem is that there might be damages on the goods when they are shipped to you. You may also have a hard time comparing specs of one printer from that of the other especially when details on each are limited.

    2. “How can I find the best online deal then?” This is the secret to solving the problems linked when you buy a printer online. Why is this so? Well if you know how to find the good deals, you will be able to do some comparison shopping before you get the product in your hands. You can always compare at least three to five shops to get the printer you need.

    3. “Where can I shop for these goods?” Go to trusted names in this industry. This can also be the key to solving some advantages of buying printers online. Established names such as Office Depot, Staples, Tiger Direct and Best Buy are great choices. Of course, it will also be best to buy directly from printer manufacturers using their official websites.

      After asking these questions and getting great answers for them, then there’s no reason you won’t find the best printer deals over the net. Buying printers online can then be a wise choice.

      4 Steps When Buying All In One Printers

      Friday, March 12th, 2010

      Are you looking for multifunctional or all in one printers? But before you even jump into the purchase, make sure you really need one. Otherwise, the purchase won’t be worth it. Be a wise all in one printer buyer by doing the following steps before you even acquire one.

      1. Make sure you’re ready for the technical stuff. There are a few terms to remember when buying your multifunction printers. First there is the RAM or the printer’s memory. The greater the printer’s RAM, the faster the device will work. There is also the DPI term which is short for “dots per inch”. The higher the DPI, the better print quality you will produce with the MFP.

      2. Make some researches on various all in one printers. It is important to do some comparison shopping. Read customer printer reviews using various websites to gauge which printer will suit your needs best. Make sure that you compare prices as well.

      3. See to it that it’s compatible with your OS. You can check this using various websites. While it is true that most printer models are compatible with the Mac, Linux and Windows OS, you still have to make sure you don’t pass on this step.

      4. Make sure that printer supplies are readily available. This is important if you don’t want to do some cramming when looking for stuff that fits your printer model. Above all these, make sure that printer ink cartridges are also available for these printers.

        You do have a lot of choices when it comes to all in one printers. This is the reason why you should make sure you get the best buy.

        Best 7 Printers to Buy for Your Home Office in 2010

        Thursday, February 25th, 2010

        Are you planning to update your home office printers for this year? Then if you are, you might want to know more about the best buy printers out in the market today. Speaking of best buy, you will certainly be looking for affordable yet quality products in the market. Want to know what your options are? Here are great printer models to consider for your home office:
        1.   Canon Pixma MX860. This is a wireless all-in-one printer that comes from one of the most popular brands in the world. The product has a resolution of up to 9400 by 2400 color dpi and has an automatic document feeder. It also makes use of duplex printing thus making it a go green option. The product is reasonably priced at $129.99.

        2.   Epson Artisan 810. This multifunction color inkjet printer is so classy. With a black finishing, every home office owner will love to own this product. But much more than looking at its outer features, why not try to know more about what’s inside it. For one, the product is equipped with a 7.8-inch touch panel for better picture viewing and editing. It uses duplex printing and is also equipped with an automatic document feeder. For all these, you get to pay only around $199.99.

        3.   HP OfficeJet 6500 Wireless. This printer offers print, copy, scan and fax options. With all these multiple functions, you will have one of the cheapest home office printers in the market as this one is offered only at a price of $150. It has a 250-capacity paper tray that makes printing even easier. It also has an automatic double-sided printing.

        4.   Lexmark Prospect Pro2008. This is also a wireless and all-in-one printer that is marketed at a very cheap cost. It is currently selling at $100 but its retail price is set at $180. Aside from the basic printing, faxing, scanning and copying functions, this best buy printer comes with wireless capabilities. It is loaded with an eco mode feature and has a black print speed of 33ppm as well as a color printing speed of 30ppm.

        5.   Brother MFC-495CW. This wireless home office printer incorporates a 6-in-one technology. It is offered at a promo price of around $99.99 but it is regularly sold at $149.99 in the market. It has a PhotoCapture Center and a 3.3-inch color LCD display. It also comes with a built-in photo paper tray.

        6.   HP OfficeJet J6450. This is one of the newest home office printers offered by HP. It is priced only at $199.99 despite its wide range of product features such as a built-in Ethernet port, and automatic two-sided printing. You can also leave faxing, copying and scanning jobs with around 35 pages of paper found on its paper tray. It also has a junk fax blocker function that allows you to save both on paper and printer ink.

        7.   Lexmark Interact S608. This all-in-one printer is loaded with great features that you will love. One is the touch screen feature known as the MyTouch LCD that is around 4.3 inches in size. It also uses the Vizink technology that promises quality printing results. What’s good about this home office printer is the fact that its printer ink cartridges can be replaced one at a time. This product is yours for a price of only $169.99.

        If you are looking for best buy home office printers within the $100 and $200 range, then the products mentioned above are great considerations. Come to think of the many features you will enjoy in each of these printers and you will surely be convinced that you’re getting a great purchase.

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