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How to Backup Data from Your Phone (Android, Blackberry, Windows, iPhone) tips and resources

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Just as you will need to back up the data that you keep on your computer you will need to know how to back up data from your phone. Different smart phones will need to be backed up in different ways.


Google are ahead of the field and it is possible to add your phone contacts to your computer contacts and back the phone contacts up. Just open the contacts list and press “menu”. Next choose “import” and tick the “Google contacts” box.  That’s the start but there will be more you want to protect. More than likely you will have to pay for the app that will help so just look at the Android Market and decide which one you want. All in one backup mobile phone systems are paid but you may get one where you back up each section separately for free. You will need these three apps APN Backup & Restore, Call Logs Backup & Restore, and SMS Backup and Restore. This is easy to use as there are three buttons to press.

Other Options

There is an easier way to back up data and that is to use Sprite. There are concerns that there are bugs here so paying for a safe system is a good option. It is free so it may be worth giving it a go especially if there is not that much data to back up.

If your phone is rooted “Backup for root Users” it backs the lot up plus it is free. Your phone needs to be rooted however or it will not work.

Living Phone Safe offers pay as you use back up and also subscription based and is suitable for most smartphones.


At present, you can only backup tunes purchased from iTunes and you can’t select what you want to back up thus, you have to backup all of them. The same authorized account must be used on the computer as the phone and you can choose to transfer purchases not in the library. You will be lead step by step through the process.


Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits can be downloaded free on trail but the main system needs to be bought. You will be able to use it if you use the following systems Window 7, NT, Vista, 9x Xp or 2000. Once installed the screen will allow you to choose what you want to back up and then guide you through it.

Windows Mobile

This can be easy to do as you just need to pair your phone with ActiveSync if you use XP and you will be able to back up most of the files you want. You will be prompted all the way through so no need to worry about not knowing what to do. Windows Vista is different and you need to download Windows Mobile Device Center, while Windows 7 will set up the system once you plug in the WinMo phone.

If you don’t use Windows another Microsoft product MyPhone is free and will back up your whole phone.


Blackberry desktop backs up everything for you. After the app is installed click “back up”.  Then click “options” and here you can encrypt the data. Select “back up” and decide where you want to save the data. This can even be on a USB stick.

This Article is written by John C Arkin the contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

Top 10 Iphone Games to Check out

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

There are several applications including games that are available for the iphone. These games are being run in the Android OS of the iphone and can easily be downloaded to the Apple istore or market. Here are the top ten games for your iphone that you should check out.

10. GTA: China Town

This game will prove that your iphone can also be an ultimate gaming console. Enjoy the usual GTA game in the old town of China. It is one great game that you shouldn’t miss.

9. N.O.V.A.

If you’re away from your PS3 or Xbox, you can use your iphone to enjoy playing this first-person shooting game. With the iphone’s 3G connection, you can enjoy this game with other players for an online death match game.

8. Star Defense

Enjoy this science fiction game on your iphone. The game uses 3D plane action making it fun to play with the iphone’s screen resolution. Each level becomes harder and harder as you set your defense against your invading enemy.

7. Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

This game will bring you back to the time of pre-historic dinosaurs. Here you can use 6 different weapons in battling this gigantic beast in order for you to survive. Players will surely enjoy the graphics especially those who are meat lovers!

6. Low Grav Racer 2

This will be enjoyed by those gamers who love Cobra Mobile. The game is expected to have more tracks, higher visuals and an online mode. Surely, it is another anti-grav game to check out.

5. Need for Speed: Shift

The sequel of need for Speed: Undercover. Enjoy this amazing game as a racer inside a cockpit of an advance car roster and let your competitors eat dust. Online race is also available for this game.

4. Sketch Nation Shooter

The game allows you to draw your own character and can be captured by the iphone’s camera and then be played in the game itself. Here you can use your creative imagination and act and feel like a game master and game creator too.

3. Project: Forgotten Memories

Be scared on this game that was set in an abandoned hospital. The plot of the game maybe scant in details but still, you can still enjoy its graphics and its suspense-thrilling ambience and sound effects. Play this alone at night to enjoy it fully.

2. Skies of Glory

Most flight combat games available in the market are set in the advanced stage of technology; this game remains itself in the original genre and background of the World War II. Old aircrafts, battle scenes and locations of the historical war are seen in the game.

1. Rolando

Have this iconic game in your iphone and start tilting and rolling your character all throughout Rolando land. Keep those smiling faces on your rolling characters! This game becomes difficult in every round to challenge you and your patience. Check it out!

Top 10 Banned Iphone Applications

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

The iphone of the Apple Company is the leading and most successful android unit in the market today. Its Android OS allows the installation of hundreds of thousands of applications including games, themes and music players in just a touch of your fingers through its fast downloading capability. It makes the iphone similar to a computer already, with fantastic screen quality and software compatibilities. But, the consumers, the screening committee and even Apple itself banned several applications due to some reasons. Here are the top ten iphone applications that were banned in the market.

10. Zombie School

This application is a game that simulates a scenario of a school being infected by zombies. Here the character will try everything in order to survive including killing his classmates, friends and teachers. So this was banned for it promotes violence in school.

9. iphone Porn Application

Of course, this promotes pornography. Also, Apple cannot handle the vast number of users that their servers might collapse so they just stop the market of this application.

8. Baby Shaker

The mission of this game is to make a crying baby quiet by shaking it until it dies. Child abuse! This promotes killing of babies.

7. Me So Holy

This application allows the user to insert their images in place of the heads of religious icons like Christ and others. Religious groups consider this as blasphemy.

6. Obama Trampoline

The nature of the game is to pop balloons with their heads while jumping in a trampoline. The characters are politicians like Bill Clinton who is pants-less in this game. This violates the term of putting a public official in ridicule or it is a form of defamation.

5. Iboobs

It shows real life boobies. They are jiggling on your iphone screen. Thus, Apple decided to remove them already. It’s Pornography again.

4. Murderdrome

It is a depiction of a famous graphic novel, Infurious. The graphics are so brutal and merciless. Banning, it is the only thing that Apple can do to it to avoid promotion of violence.

3. South Park

The game has the tendency for violence promotion. The graphics are too vulgar to be sold in the market. Apple banned it for it is potentially abusive in nature.

2. My Shoe

It resembles the very same scenario when a certain journalist threw a shoe to the President. This game is defamatory in nature and ridicules public officials.

1. The Slasher

The game lets the player to be in a Psycho state where he can move a Knife on the screen and make slashing movements through his iphone. This application has a very big potential for abuse and violence.

Mobile Phone Payment Systems, What is Available Now And What Is Coming Soon

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Over the years, our mobile phones have been able to do more than make calls and send texts, and the scope of their use is now increasing. Thanks to ongoing development, it is now possible to use a mobile phone to pay for goods in shops and online.

You can have a link between a credit card, mobile account and the mobile phone meaning that it will be possible to pay for a cab, a restaurant bill or a parking ticket. Mobile phone payment systems are being updated and will soon be used throughout the States.

The Forerunner

MobileLime based in Massachusetts was the first company to allow mobile phone payments and in order to pay, there was the need to make a call to have a payment authorized. The mobile phone payment system at this time will have taken longer than paying by a conventional credit card.

In 2007, Google were working on payment system that would allow for payments to be made by text.

The payment system has now been updated and thanks to a partnership between Barclaycard and Orange, the transactions can be carried out much more quickly. The downside is that there needs to be a special phone used to carry out the contactless payments. Samsung have helped here and the phone to be used is called the Samsung Tocco.  Through the Nexus, Google will be hoping to compete, as will Apple with the iPhone 5.

The Current Options

The mobile wallet is well advanced and there are now a number of options.

1.   Premium SMS based transactional payments – this is slow and has proved not to be effective. It is also expensive and there is not an immediate way to link payments made to products bought.

2.   Direct Mobile Billing – this is most usually used on line and the amount spent is added onto the mobile phone bill. The advantages are that it is secure as there needs to be a two stage authentification; and easy as there is no need to register the phone with any other organization.

3.   Mobile web payments – payment pages are downloaded and this is a quick and efficient system although there is the need to register with PayPal or a bank card. This payment system is secure.

4.   Contactless – here, the mobile phone is placed next to a machine in the store and the reading is made. The money can be taken from a bank account, credit card or be prepaid.

So far different countries and even individual phone companies have different regulations regarding payment processing and this will determine which method of payment can be made.

What Next?

Google are now looking to launch a phone and it will be on the Nexus S that will be used. It will be available first in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Square is also planning to update meaning that it will now be possible to send as well as receive secure mobile phone payments. This is an update from the 2009 development which allowed payments to be received. Apple is also getting involved and is developing its own NFC system.

ISIS is now hoping to work with Google and the major banks and credit card companies to make sure that there is a secure payment system that can be used throughout the United States.

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What Parents Can Do to Minimize Sexting Incidents Involving Their Teens

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

iPhones and smartphones are absolutely great devices to connect with your loved ones. With any of this equipment, you can have the pleasure of calling and texting friends, browsing your favorite websites, playing games, listening and watching video clips, as well as forwarding pictures. No wonder, your teenagers have their eyes on them.

Unfortunately, while smartphones are reliable during emergency situations, they can also spell a few dangers for some people. Statistics show that an alarming number of teenagers are forwarding nude and semi-nude images from one mobile phone to another; thus, the term “sexting” was born. And as if this isn’t enough, sexting has also been responsible in a few selected incidents of teenage death, such as the case of an 18-year old Ohio teenager, Jessica Logan, who hanged herself in July 2008 after her boyfriend forwarded explicit photos of her following their break-up

If you’re a parent, you’d ask: Is giving my teenager an iPhone or smartphone a good idea nowadays?

Sure, you don’t want to deprive your children with the latest technology; but you are also wary of the fact that your teen can be a potential victim of sexting. So, what now are you going to do?

Exercise Parental Monitoring

Paying all or part of your teenager’s iPhone bills can justify your doing a spot check on his/her smartphone. The Pew study revealed that teens who paid for their own phone bills were more likely to report that they had engaged in sexting. Although this strategy does not eliminate the risk of sexting, it does help minimize the incident.

In addition, carefully reviewing phone plans offered by many mobile companies allow you to choose the acceptable subscription for your teenager. Many phones plans limit the number of texts that can be sent per month, as well as block images.

At home, you can set rules for their iPhone or smartphone use and make them clear of the consequences for breaking the rules. You can also ask your teenager to turn in his/her smartphone when bedtime comes to prevent nightly text fest and potential sexting.

Educate Your Teen About Sexting

Making your teenager aware of the dangers of sexting gives them something to think about. But before you can offer them useful information, you have to educate yourself first. Do your own research on facts and then choose an approach and the time to talk with them. The more they are informed, the more they are to become responsible with their own actions. Talk to your teens in a calm manner and don’t forget to also ask them what they already know about sexting.

Be Aware of New Technology and iPhone Applications

iPhone applications vary in several different categories. If you’re a non-technical savvy parent and you’re giving your teenager an iPhone, then you must start getting yourself aware of existing iPhone applications, as well the latest in iPhone technology. This allows you to know and better understand what you’re teenager is up to with his/her iPhone.

In October 2010, Apple was awarded a patent on its new anti-sexting technology. Although it has not been commercialized, the programming would let a phone’s administrator block an iPhone from sending or receiving texts with certain words. For further readings about this iPhone anti-sexting technology, you can visit

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