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5 Great yet Not Popular Video Games Accessories for PlayStation 3

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

The PlayStation 3, also known as the PS3, is the third video game console created by Sony Computer Entertainment. There is a vast array of accessories available for this state-of-the art console, and these are just some of the great accessories you can purchase:

1. Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Ken Wireless FightPad

Street Fighter is one of the most popular PlayStation games ever created. This PS3 controller is perfect for you if you’re a Street Fighter fanatic constantly looking for ways to improve your game. This wireless FightPad features Street Fighter IV’s Ken and is composed of a six-button layout with additional Turbo functionality. The FightPad also features an enlarged eight-way floating D-pad. With the Ken Wireless FightPad, you can precisely control each and every action in your game. You are provided with a firm handhold, as the controller features rubber grips for you to work the controls. Best of all, you are free to move the controller around without having to be bothered by wires.

2. Pelican Afterglow Pro Controller

The Afterglow Pro Controller is a product of Pelican, created just for the PlayStation 3. This controller features housing that illuminates beautifully during the evening and also precision controls. These precision controls allow you to make quick moves and tight turns. With this controller, movement in all PlayStation games is going to be more accurate. This stylish PS3 controller comes in four different colors of white, red, green or blue.

3. Blockhead Rock Band Hit Kit

Do your parents or neighbors often complain that you’re making too much noise playing the drums on Rock Band? Blockhead’s Rock Band Hit Kit is a great PlayStation 3 accessory for all lovers of Rock Band and Rock Band 2. The kit contains all sorts of accessories to enhance your drumming experience. The Rock Band Hit Kit is composed of drum pads, an adjustable drum pedal and custom drumsticks. The drum pedal is very comfortable to use. The drum pads in the kit reduce or dampen the noise you make when using the drum set. These pads may just be the answer to your mother’s prayers.

4. Nyko Charge Base 2

No one likes being engrossed in PlayStation games only to find out that the controller batteries are running low. Nyko’s Charge Base 2 allows you to both charge and store your PlayStation 3 controllers in one place. The Charge Base 2 rapidly charges two controllers at the same time. You simply need to plug the unit into any wall outlet in order to begin charging. You can use the two USB charge adapters. With the sleek and handy Charge Base 2 in your entertainment center, you’ll be back in the game in no time at all.

5. Nyko Media Hub+

Nyko’s stylish Media Hub+ is an ideal way to expand the multimedia capabilities of your PlayStation 3. The Media Hub provides you with three additional USB ports. You can use these ports to charge your controllers or even connect your USB controllers such as the drums or guitars. You can also attach USB devices such as your iPod, PSP, or thumb drives in order to save your PlayStation 3 games or view photos. The Media Hub+ also includes a card reader, which is compatible with both Memory Sticks and SD cards. The contour and curves of the Media Hub+ will match your PS3 perfectly.

5 Great yet Not Popular Video Games Accessories for Wii

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

The Wii is an extremely popular console by Nintendo, which was designed for people of all ages. There are hundreds of games to choose from, and even more accessories to complement these games. Here are five great video game accessories for your Wii:

T-Charge All Wii

Running out of batteries is the worst thing that could happen when you’re completely engrossed in a good game. The T-Charge All Wii serves as both an automatic recharging stand and as storage space for your Wiimote and the Nunchuks. There is no need to charge the batteries separately. You simply need to insert the Wiimote into the stand in order to charge them. With the help of an integrated double charger that connects to the Wii’s USB port, you can charge two Wii Remotes at a time. It also features two battery holders, and includes two rechargeable AAA batteries. This lacquered storage stand keeps wires completely out of sight. Fore sure, the T-Charge All Wii is stylish and functional at the same time.

Guitar Remote Controller Adapter

The Guitar Remote Controller Adapter is perfect for people who love to play Popstar Guitar on the Wii. The guitar for Nintendo games is a difficult instrument to master. With this accessory, one doesn’t need to be familiar with properly holding the guitar for the Wii. This controller is designed to make playing the guitar on Popstar Guitar much easier. Unfortunately, the Guitar Remote Controller Adapter doesn’t work with Guitar Hero and Rock Band yet. Hopefully, there will be video game accessories in the future that are similar to this one.

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Strength Kit

Have you been unsuccessful with your goal to lose weight with your Wii? You may have tried a number of Nintendo games with all sorts of video game accessories. The Biggest Loser Ultimate Strength Kit may be just the solution you’re looking for. This kit comes with wrist weights, dumbbells, a fitness cord and a jump rope. The kit also comes with a headband and wristbands. Once you’re done with your workout, you can store all your equipment in a gym bag that is also included in the kit. The Biggest Loser Ultimate Strength Kit should be able to help you in your quest to tone and shape your body. You can exercise while having fun. What more could you ask for?

CTA Digital Bowling Ball

If you love to play bowling games on your Nintendo, then this one of the video game accessories you should purchase. The CTA digital bowling ball is modeled after a real bowling ball. You simply need to press a release button in order to open the ball in half, and then you store your Wiimote inside. This digital bowling ball makes your game much more authentic, with three holes for you to position your fingers the way you would with a real bowling ball. The CTA digital bowling ball works with games such as Wii Sports, Ten Pin Alley 2 and AMF Bowling: World Lanes.

PDP Fog Liquid

If you and your friends love to play Rock Band on your Wii, then you probably have the Rock Band stage kit. If you want to make your Rock Band experience even more intense, you might want to consider buying PDP Fog Liquid. The ready to use PDP Fog Liquid contains one gallon of a nontoxic, water-based liquid. You simply need to pour this liquid into the Rock Band stage kit fog machine, and you will find yourself surrounded by a carpet of dense, white fog. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of your living room or at a party. The Fog Liquid will wow your audience. Surely, you’re going to have the performance of a lifetime with this setup.

5 Great yet Not Popular Video Games Accessories for Xbox360

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

The Xbox 360 is the successor of the Xbox, both video game consoles created by Microsoft. The Microsoft Xbox includes major features such as the Xbox LIVE service, which allows players to compete with one another online, as well as allows them to download games, trailers, movies and TV shows.

There are a great number of accessories for the console and the various Xbox 360 games, although not all of them are well known. Here are some of these great accessories:

Messenger Kit

The Messenger Kit is perfect for people who love to chat on Xbox LIVE. The Messenger Kit comes with a Chat Pad that features keys for different letters and characters. The buttons on the Messenger Kit are backlit, allowing you to easily type words in dim areas. The Chat Pad seamlessly attaches to the Xbox 360 controller. Aside from allowing you to chat effortlessly, this device is easy to hold and allows you to maintain gameplay functionality. The Messenger Kit also comes with an Xbox 360 Wired Headset, allowing you to easily communicate with your friends and family.

Konnet Power Pyramid Charging and Storage Dock

The Konnet Power Pyramid Charging and Storage Dock is a wonderful video game accessory for your Microsoft Xbox. As its name denotes, this device is a charging and storage dock for your Xbox 360 game controllers. You no longer have to take out the batteries and place them in a different charger. It allows you to charge four game controllers simultaneously. It features LED indication for the charging status, glowing red when the controllers are still charging and glowing blue when they are fully charged. The Power Pyramid is stylish and practical at the same time.

Madcatz Wireless Gaming Adapter

The Madcatz Wireless Gaming Adapter is a great accessory for those with a wireless network at home, but who have no means to connect the Microsoft Xbox to the Internet. You simply need to plug the adapter into a PC with the included Ethernet cable, and plug it directly into the console’s Ethernet port. Expect a quick and easy configuration process with this wireless gaming adapter. Take advantage of the Internet connection and play your Xbox 360 games online. Downloading, movie viewing and online gaming have never been easier.

XCM Full Chrome Case

As it is, the Microsoft Xbox is already a stylish and sleek console. Who says it can’t be even more stylish? With the XCM Full Chrome Case, you can dress up your console to be the centerpiece of your entertainment center. It is very easy to install, and is made of quality material. This mirror casing on your console will definitely be the envy of all your friends. Witness the beauty of chrome in its entirety with this case for your Xbox 360.

Pro Arcade Fighting Stick

If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer with your Xbox 360, then you should get yourself a Pro Arcade Fighting Stick. This accessory enhances your experience with Xbox 360 games, with precise buttons and controls that only an arcade machine can match. This controller uses quality arcade parts straight out of the Street Fighter IV arcade machines. If you are a serious and experienced arcade fighter, you will surely find the Pro Fighting Stick very easy to use.

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