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Top 10 Luxury iPhone Cases

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

The iPhone Cases are back. From classy to trendy, there’s one to fit every style.
Since your iPhone is extremely expensive, it is crucial to protect it. Let’s take a look at the top 10 luxury iPhone Cases.

1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is come out with four different flavors of iPhone cases: Monogram Canvas, Taiga Leather, Epi Leather and Alligator Skin. The leather detailing just gives it that extra oomph.  LV logo is definitely worth the price, which ranges from $225 for the Monogram Canvas case to $1120 for the Alligator Skin case.

2. Ultra Case Luxury Edition Royal Crown – $179.99

Ultra Case Luxury Edition Royal Crown has a lot going on. It’s hard to know where to begin. It has a dazzling range of Swarovski crystals topped with a jeweled crown. The massive, artificial crystal at the back of this case is the main reason for its whopping price. Other than this, it’s heart-shaped, to make a few hearts pound.

3. SGP Ott-Paint Ultra Thin Limited Edition Gariz Case – $249.99

This case designed jointly by Gariz Design and United SGP Corporation is for those looking for sleek design and small size. Check out this glittery case marvelously painted with Ott. It is a special chemical paint that is not only flame retardant and heat resistant but also waterproof, mothproof, antiseptic and antibacterial.  This luxury case is a lesson in style at its best.

4. Swarovski Wildcat

If you’re a fan of leopard-spot pattern, this luxury iPhone case is for you. This luxurious case seems subtle. Nevertheless, if you take a closer look at it, you will see Swarovski crystals arranged by hand in a leopard-spot pattern.

5. Orbino Strada

A chic design with unique patented belt clip/pedestal is what differentiates Orbino Strada cases from the rest. The removable belt clip is made of palladium metal and it can even be used to support your iPhone so you can watch videos at your desk.

6. GlitterRing iPhone Cover

GlitterRing iPhone Covers are the most perfect in style and technology. You can get over 1,000 genuine Swarovski crystals embedded over your iPhone cases. GlitterRing’s premium cases even comprise a repair kit with extra crystals.

7. Miniot’s iWood

Miniot’s iWood cases are made using Chinese raw lacquer, clear lacquer, pigment and silver foil.

8. Softbank BB Samurai iPhone cases

Samurai iPhone cases are designed with traditional Japanese lacquer ware. Its unique design , and materials are all superior than most of the cases in the market.

The luxury iPhone cases stand out amongst the crowd due to their style.

9. Diamond iPhone Case

Diamond iPhone Cases definitely earn extra points for their chic look and fashion appeal. The goal of these cases is to grab attention. These cases aren’t for those who don’t value fashion and style.

10. GnG,  “Golden Delicious” $100,000+

This is the costliest iPhone case till now. The case is designed using 140 grams of 18k gold, a carbon fiber inlay and about 200 diamonds. The outer frame features another 400 diamonds in the logo, which may be customized.

So, now that you have all the information on the latest and the most trendy iphone cases, grab them now!


Electric Car Accessories

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Give your electric car some bling-bling, and turn it into a real haven. Sure, there’s a wide array of accessories for your vehicle—anything that you want—from a simple floor mat of your taste to a more complicated GPS unit.

Here are a few car accessories you can choose from:

Trillium Cozy Cushion Heated Car Seat Massager

Here comes the answer to everyone’s longing for comfort while on the road alongside an electric car. Trillium Cozy Cushion Heated Car Seat Massager, the name says it all! The cushion uses a soothing massage; radiating heat and cozy memory foam to provide you comfort and help you alleviate stress while driving. For maximum comfort, you can control the level of heat and vibration for massage with a hand-held controller. The cushion can be easily strapped to a seat in your electric car.

Trillium AutoVent Solar Powered Ventilator

If you have been complaining about heat circulated while your electric car is on park, you might as well invest in a Trillium AutoVent Solar Powered Ventilator. The solar-powered fan cools your electric car while on park. It doesn’t only vent hot rancid air but also cigarette and pet odors, as it helps circulate the air in your car every 20 minutes. Because it takes energy from the sun, you wouldn’t have to think about recharging.

Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover (Pair)

If you wanted a rather personal look of your seat belt, you can get a Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover. It is made of genuine sheepskins from Australia and New Zealand. It uses nature’s thermostat, which makes it cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Unlike any other material, sheepskin is real tough, lasting for several years. Plus, this product comes in a wide array of colors—sure, you can find one that fits your taste and that matches your electric car.

Level 2 240-Volt ECOtality Home Charger

Many electric car owners are having a problem about where to charge their car. This is because not all cities have public installed car hookup stations. Now, that has been solved. ECOtality Director of Stakeholder Services Steve Schey said that they can complete an installation of a home electric car charger, given the owner has a request permit. This wall-mounted charger can be installed inside your garage. Full charge can be achieved within 4 to six hours of charging.

Parrot MKi9200 Advanced Color Display Bluetooth Hands-Free Music

Keep driving safe and entertaining with Parrot MKi9200 Advanced Color Display Bluetooth Hands-Free Music, as it keeps you connected with your calls without having to hold your phone. You will be entertained with music inside your car at press of a button. Plus, it features automatic phonebook synchronization, voice recognition and several others. It’s compatible with your all music sources like the iPod, iPhone, and other mobile devices.

Knight Rider Portable GPS

If your electric car isn’t yet equipped with a GPS unit, here is Knight Rider Portable GPS to guide your direction while on travel. This comes with a Turn-By-Turn Voice Navigation that gives a voice instruction of your direction and syncs with the car lights. It also helps you locate local gas stations, hotels and restaurants easily.

Tire Pressure Valve Caps

Besides all these tire bling such as the spinners, gold rims, neon lights, etc., you can also put on these Tire Pressure Valve Caps to alert you when the tire pressure drops or when tires need air.

Sun Zapper Innovative Glare Shield

The blinding sun and reflective lights can be a distraction while you’re driving, and true, may cause you an accident. Sun Zapper Innovative Glare Shield protects you against UVA rays to keep your driving smooth and safe.

GEM electric car accessories

For GEM electric cars, which do not come with standard doors, there are retailers that offer door installation services. You can choose from the different door types available, which range from $1000 to $3000. Also, you add up a dash-mounted fan for about $70, as GEM electric vehicles do not have air conditioning. Other accessories for you GEM car includes: LSV-100 quick charge kit, heated seats, audio system, roof light bars, tilt steering, cargo carriers and many more.

Other accessories for your electric car include: air freshener, trash bin, interior packages, personalized wheels and lights, and many others.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

Be Amazed With 10 Cool Nokia Phone Applications

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

We know Nokia as a telecommunications brand popular in all corners of the world, with its slogan Nokia: Connecting People. But little has been said and made public about its beginnings. With all the chic and high-end Nokia mobile phones available in the global market today, don’t we wonder when, where and how the brand started?

Taking a closer look at the official Nokia website, one will discover that the Nokia story started by making paper – way back in 1865 when Fredrik Idestam, a Finnish mining engineer, built a wood pulp mill on Southern Finland’s Tammerkoski rapids’ banks. A second mill was built a few years later, by the Nokianvitra river, and this was where Nokia got its name.

Between 1865 and 1967, major developments took place such as the founding of Finnish Rubber and Cable works, which later on formally merged to create the Nokia Corporation in 1967. The new corporation’s movement to mobile communications happened between 1968 and 1991. Iconic products such as the Mobira Talkman portable phone and Mobira Cityman (the first handheld phone) were introduced to the market. In 1991, another history was recorded: Finnish Prime Minister Harri Holkeri used a Nokia equipment to make the world’s first GSM call (GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications, which is the European standard for digital mobile technology). The years 1992 to 1999 saw Nokia just getting better and better, with the launching of the first GSM handset and Nokia tune, first satellite call, and the mobile phone Nokia 7110 being able to connect to the internet. Over the last decade up to the present, the story of Nokia continues with the launch of built-in camera and video capture feature, plus the invention of the 3G or “Third Generation” technology.

Mobile phones can do a lot more than just make calls with the 3G innovation. With latest mobile accessories & 3G, one can make video calls, download music, browse the web, and watch TV while mobile. These and so much other applications with just a click!

There are five key services areas which Nokia focuses on: Games, Media, Maps, Music and Messaging. All these can be accessed via Ovi. Ovi is Nokia’s Internet services brand. Ovi services and applications can be used from a mobile gadget, computer (through Ovi Suite) or through the web (

Out of the hundreds of Nokia applications offered, let us just center on ten amazing ones:

1.   Mail For Exchange. For the business savvy, this Nokia application allows you to easily organize your Microsoft Exchange calendar, contacts, email and tasks on your mobile devices. The latest Nokia models such as Nokia E72, Nokia E75, Nokia N8, Nokia C6, among others, have this application.

2.   Microsoft Communicator Mobile. If you want and need to check the availability of your colleagues and start instant messaging conversation with them, then this Nokia application is for you. It uses a traffic light system which alerts you of your friends’ statuses and allows you to call, email or send them instant messages. There is no need for a new IT hardware plus this is easier to use if you are already familiar with Microsoft Communicator on your PCs.

3.   Ovi Maps. Want to find where you are, where you’re going and how to get there? Then this cool application suits you. In just one click, you can instantly know your position on the map. It also allows you to find places and share locations. This is forever free navigation right on your phones.

4.   Ovi Photo Sharing. This is perfect for all cam whores who want to immediately update family and friends of about recent activities. Ovi Share lets you store all your digital media, upload photos and videos, create albums and share them wherever you are.

5.   Ovi Player. Music lovers will love this Nokia application. With Ovi Player, you can save all the songs you love on your phone – with ease on transferring, ripping and managing. It is the best way to transfer your music to and from the PC to your device. All you need to do is drag and drop the songs to create playlists then sync them to your mobile phone.

6.   Handwriting Calculator. Now you can calculate mathematical expressions by simply writing down the numbers, just like what you do in papers. This is a showcase of the new handwriting recognition technology of Nokia.

7.   Find Me. Know the current locations of your family and friends and get information on their movements in an instant.

8.   Photo Edit. Straight on your device, you can add final touches to your photos by cropping, removing red eye, adjusting brightness or adding some clip art, then saving them to use as wallpapers or transfer to your PCs.

9.   Air Painter. This is a hip gizmo that uses an accelerometer, which lets you select a brush then “paint” on a black or white wall in any direction you wish to.

10.               Amazon Video on Demand. Choose among 40,000+ movie and TV videos and experience home entertainment straight from your handset! All you need to do is download the player, download the videos you want then transfer the videos on your device.

I have just given you ten Nokia phone applications which I believe are equally amazing and useful for every Nokia mobile phone user. Hope you get to experience them straight on your handsets. Enjoy!

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

Pros and Cons of iPad and iPhone Screen Protectors

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Apple’s iPhone and iPad product lines are considered state of the art technologies in mobile communications and computing. Price-wise, it is a modest investment to own these devices. While there may be a few gadget clones and wannabes that try to mimic these products, the global demand driven by their high quality and uniqueness has elevated these distinct devices as status symbols.

It is therefore very important for owners of these devices to protect their investment. One way of doing that is by attaching thin flexible plastic screen protectors. With the iPad selling for almost $500 and the iPhone at around $100, what is an additional $20 for a layer of protection?

Nevertheless, since March 2010, Apple discontinued the selling of screen guards for its devices on its online stores and at their real-world retail outlets. To date, there is still no official statement from the company that offers a clear explanation for the move. Some third-party manufacturers and suppliers may be worried that Apple may serve its own line of screen covers that would compete with theirs.

Others speculate that perhaps the company simply feels confident that their touch screen devices will stand normal wear and tear even without an extra layer of screen protection. Whatever the reason, many consumers still bet their dollars on the screen shields that are available in the market. The question remains, are screen protectors really worth the extra cost?

Benefits and Drawbacks

The main and obvious benefit of having a screen cover for your touch screen device is the elimination, if not reduction, of scratches on the glass surface of the display screen. Most gadgets that employ Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology, such as cellphones, PDAs and even digital watches will suffer minute scratches over time. Eventually, these scratches and handling marks become noticeable as dust and oil accumulate and gets trapped in the blemish. As a result, the display of information is impeded thus decreasing the functionality and value of the device.

It is thought that LCD screen protectors would act as barriers against such damage. These plastic covers have been developed to be scratch resistant and impervious to dust and dirt. Besides, it is certainly cheaper to change an attached plastic cover than it is to have a ruined touch screen panel repaired or replaced. It is also conveniently easier and safer to wipe clean a screen that has an extra layer of film covering it.

However, the key point against screen covers for the iPad and iPhone is the perceived lessening of the touch screen’s sensitivity. Perhaps some screen shield manufacturers made their products thicker than industry specifications.

Others also feel that the protective layer may not be clear enough to ensure that readability of the information on screen does not diminish. This is especially true if the device is viewed at a particular angle. Related to this, air bubbles sometimes form between the screen and the protective film, which again impacts the viewing of the screen.

Still, there are reviews against screen shields pointing out that some brands are not a precise fit to the device. This last bit may be only a matter of cosmetics but for people who can afford to have an iPad, they can also afford to complain.

Practical Tips for Choosing Touch Screen Guards

The choice is quite simple. While Apple may boast of their oleophobic technology that makes their touch screens resilient to scratches and oil, attaching an additional protective screen does not really do any harm to the device. The advancement behind screen covers has made them indispensable in the proper care and maintenance of these expensive gadgets.

To ensure that you get the right screen guard for your device, choose among top brands like ZAGG, Speck and Targus. These have proven track records based on industry standards and consumer feedback.

You are better off spending more on a high quality screen shield than risk your iPad or iPhone on a substandard protector. Make sure that you are purchasing with a money-back guarantee or at least a product return policy. If the vendor offers it, allow them to install the screen cover in your presence and make sure that the workmanship is to your satisfaction.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of PrintCountry News Articles.

Types of Digital Media – The Full Terminology

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

What is digital media? It is information that is stored in a computer language format. It uses the binary numeral system, with ones and zeroes representing arbitrary data. To put it simply, digital media is pretty much any type of electronic media. It can be accessed with electronic devices or a digital media player such as a mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer and many more.

What are some types of digital media?

1. Blank CD

A CD is also known as a compact disc, which is used to store digital data. Originally, the CD was created in order to store sound recordings. However, blank CDs were later on used in order to contain other forms of data. Today, most people use blank CDs as a medium for storing audio files. A standard blank CD can hold about 700MB worth of data.

2. Blank DVD

Toshiba and Time Warner created the DVD in 1995. The DVD is also commonly known as the Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc. It is a form of optical storage media similar to the CD. A blank DVD can be used to store audio, videos and data and can be played on a digital media player such as a laptop or desktop computer.  A single-sided and single-layer DVD can contain up to 4.7GB of content, which is about six or seven times the capacity that a CD can hold.

3. Blu-ray Disc

The name of this form of digital media is derived from the blue-violet colored laser that is used to both read and write this particular disc. Most Blu-Ray discs contain a maximum capacity of 50GB, while consumer Blu-ray discs can only contain up to 25GB.

4. USB Flash Drives

A USB flash drive is another form of digital media. It consists of a flash memory data storage device that is incorporated with a Universal Serial Bus or USB. They are small and are easily removable and rewritable. USB flash drives differ in capacity. You can get a USB flash drive that can contain data of up to 256 GB.

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