Top Rated HP Calculators

HP has been manufacturing a variety of calculators since the 1960s. Their calculators are powerful and known to cater to professional needs. Today, they are still one of the top brands that create calculators. Occasionally they release new models but their previous models still work really well. That is why HP continues to manufacture improved versions of their previous models.

If you are looking for a HP calculator to help you solve graphing, financial, business, and engineering problems, here are some of HP’s top rated calculators that you can choose from:

HP 50g Graphing Calculator ($129.99) – this graphing calculator features a 2.5MB memory so you can perform all the work that you need. It has a large screen display. You can change data entry modes from RPN, algebraic, and textbook. It contains 2300+ built-in functions, lessons, and step by step problem solving. This calculator is powerful and great for engineering, math, and science professionals. It is also great for college students that are dealing with calculations and graphs.

HP 12bII+ Financial Calculator ($99.99) – this financial calculator is great for those who are in the real estate, finance, and business industries. It features 250 built-in functions, highlights two-variable statistics and forecasting, and can store data with its 28K memory. You can change data entry mode to RPN and algebraic. You can easily calculate for variables like bonds, value of money, convert currency and many more. It is also great for business students.

HP 15c Scientific Calculator ($99.99) – this is one of HP scientific calculators. It is back and 100x faster than the original model. It performs complex calculations, matrix operations, root solving, and numerical integration. Experience simplified data entry with its RPN mode. It also comes in a compact design so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. It is great for scientists, engineers, and collectors.

HP 12c Financial Calculator ($69.99) – this business calculator is great for business and finance. You can store data, solve problems easier with its 120 built-in functions, and easy data entry with its RPN mode. If you cannot remember the tasks that you performed, you can access up to the last 99 steps that you performed on your calculator.

HP 35s Scientific Calculator ($59.99) – this model lets you choose between RPN and algebraic data entry modes. It lets you program your keystroke, work on heavy calculations with its 30KB memory, allow you to solve for different variables with its 100 built-in functions, and then view your inputs and results on its two-line display. You can also simplify physics with its built-in physical constants.

These are HP’s top rated calculators so far this year. They are tried and tested by professionals.  Some are already a remake of an old model and customers still buy them. If you are a professional or a student who wants a calculator that is powerful and will last, check out these HP calculators.


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