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Hewlett –Packard is one of the major manufacturers of calculators. In 1972, the company was one of the first to successfully design a handheld calculator that performed more than the four basic functions. It was called the HP-35 and it was the first pocket HP scientific calculator. Following the calculator’s success, the company started designing other calculators with different features to address other computing needs.

The HP-35 was smaller yet a powerful computing device compared to those first calculator models introduced in the 1960’s. From this handheld device, HP continued to produce different models like their first HP business calculator, the HP-80. This model had formulas set for users who are in the business/finance industry. After this model, HP continued to improve their calculators by adding functions, more keys, print options, and programmability options.

Over the years, with the progress of technology, HP calculators became more and more portable without compromising functionality. HP calculators performed the four basic functions, algebraic, trigonometric, logarithmic, statistical, financial, and scientific so users can solve for the information they needed in whatever industry they are involved in. From 1972 to this day, there are over a hundred HP calculator models.

There is actually a database for HP calculators set up by collectors. The calculator database is where you can find all HP calculator models and a summary of features, introduction date, and photos of each model. This is helpful for those who want to know more about HP calculators, how they advanced through the years, their differences and other information about different models.

The HP calculator database is a place where you can meet people who like collecting the calculators. People who know about these calculators can also contribute information on the database to help others on their collection. HP calculators are found to be valuable because they have the potential to become a collector’s item. So if you find an HP calculator and thought of getting rid of them, especially the old models, try to get rid of them online instead because there might be collectors who are interested in your old calculator.


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