2 Ways to Recover Lost iPhone Photos

You enjoy taking pictures using your iPhone’s camera and you keep the pictures stored in your phone. There will be times that you might accidentally delete photos or someone who played with your phone unknowingly deleted some important photos. If this happens and you want to retrieve your photos, there are two things that you can do: use a software that retrieve files or you can restore your iPhone from the most recent backup that you performed.

We normally panic when we delete files from our phones without meaning to do so but don’t panic yet, there is hope if we act on it the right way. iPhones use the same storing process like computer hard drives do, therefore deleted files are not permanently removed from the drive for a certain time. The space your file filled will remain there until it is replaced with another file.

Remember to act right away in retrieving your photos before the hard drive fills the space where the deleted file was. Avoid using your phone and saving files before you are done retrieving your photos.

Restore from last iTunes backup – Once you are aware that photos were deleted on your iPhone, restore your phone to the latest iTunes backup that you did. This is also why doing a regular backup on your iDevices are a must. Once you are done, your photos should be there where you left them. However, if you never performed a backup or the last time you did it was several months ago, you will need a software to help you retrieve the pictures.

Retrieve files using Software – There are two softwares that you can choose from, although there are several other softwares, these two are among the popular searches: iPhone Photo Recovery and Stellar Photo Recovery. Both softwares require a PC or Mac computer. Download your choice of software and install it on your computer. After completing installation, connect your iPhone and the software should detect your phone right away. Just follow instructions carefully and you should be able to recover lost iPhone pictures.

Once you recover your lost pictures, get the habit of backing your iPhone on iTunes to make recovery an easier task just in case you lose important data on your phone again. If you have time, you can also sign up for free cloud services like DropBox where you can store your files wirelessly and access them anytime you need your files.


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