How to Backup Data from Your Phone (Android, Blackberry, Windows, iPhone) tips and resources

Just as you will need to back up the data that you keep on your computer you will need to know how to back up data from your phone. Different smart phones will need to be backed up in different ways.


Google are ahead of the field and it is possible to add your phone contacts to your computer contacts and back the phone contacts up. Just open the contacts list and press “menu”. Next choose “import” and tick the “Google contacts” box.  That’s the start but there will be more you want to protect. More than likely you will have to pay for the app that will help so just look at the Android Market and decide which one you want. All in one backup mobile phone systems are paid but you may get one where you back up each section separately for free. You will need these three apps APN Backup & Restore, Call Logs Backup & Restore, and SMS Backup and Restore. This is easy to use as there are three buttons to press.

Other Options

There is an easier way to back up data and that is to use Sprite. There are concerns that there are bugs here so paying for a safe system is a good option. It is free so it may be worth giving it a go especially if there is not that much data to back up.

If your phone is rooted “Backup for root Users” it backs the lot up plus it is free. Your phone needs to be rooted however or it will not work.

Living Phone Safe offers pay as you use back up and also subscription based and is suitable for most smartphones.


At present, you can only backup tunes purchased from iTunes and you can’t select what you want to back up thus, you have to backup all of them. The same authorized account must be used on the computer as the phone and you can choose to transfer purchases not in the library. You will be lead step by step through the process.


Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits can be downloaded free on trail but the main system needs to be bought. You will be able to use it if you use the following systems Window 7, NT, Vista, 9x Xp or 2000. Once installed the screen will allow you to choose what you want to back up and then guide you through it.

Windows Mobile

This can be easy to do as you just need to pair your phone with ActiveSync if you use XP and you will be able to back up most of the files you want. You will be prompted all the way through so no need to worry about not knowing what to do. Windows Vista is different and you need to download Windows Mobile Device Center, while Windows 7 will set up the system once you plug in the WinMo phone.

If you don’t use Windows another Microsoft product MyPhone is free and will back up your whole phone.


Blackberry desktop backs up everything for you. After the app is installed click “back up”.  Then click “options” and here you can encrypt the data. Select “back up” and decide where you want to save the data. This can even be on a USB stick.

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