Most Common Canon Printer Problems and How to Fix Them

Printers are essential to any space, from school, homes, offices and most especially to enterprise level companies and high grade printing facilities. Canon is one brand people trust because of its efficiency and of course great variety of products for various types of printing needs. Sometimes your life hangs on an efficient printer for projects, corporate information, releases and high grade image printing. Having Canon printer problems would be a nightmare and so what do we do to fix the most common problems that we usually encounter?

  • The first thing you have to do when you have a new printer is to make sure that the printer driver matches the Canon printer itself. Otherwise, there will be a lot of errors that you will encounter and so you might want to purge the documents first and reset your printer until all the unnecessary conditions are removed. This is essential to have a smooth printing process with your Canon printers.
  • Printer paper issues- what you can do is to restart your computer, then restart your printer and start making a test page to know if the printer is well calibrated for your purposes. If you have a paper jam, Canon printers would usually have a button designated to release a jammed paper but if it does not work, open your device and guide the printer and the paper gently. Do not tug too much as it may damage the device.

Look at your guide for proper paper feeding. Canon printers have marks and designated alignments to know the right position of your paper for the size of the paper. You can fed the paper on the tray but sometimes, there are printers like the Dot matrix that can be fed like a typewriter style and so you have to know the settings that you need in order to minimize printer jamming.

  • Always make sure that the printer ink is always at good levels because when you print with printer inks that are clogged and almost empty, the quality of printing especially for photos and colored projects are going to suffer. Check your Canon printer ink levels every now and then. Use only high quality Canon ink for better printer performance.
  • Cleaning your Canon print head is essential to prevent your document from having the unnecessary smears and dirt that could ruin your project or important document.
  • Another Canon printer problem is when the printer is not responding, if that is the case, check if your connections are placed well and verify if your cables are on the right spots. Sometimes it may be the printer itself that has a problem.

Canon Printer problems can be avoided by following the right printing procedures, making sure that the printer ink levels are right, the printer facility is clean and at the right temperature, and your paper is positioned well. Also check your connections and drivers to ensure that you save on precious paper and ink as well as minimize hassles and Canon printer  problems.

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6 Responses to “Most Common Canon Printer Problems and How to Fix Them”

  1. Dale Beckman says:

    image Class MF4350d. Works fine except when printing double sided. Then at very top of first page it creates a half inch wide band of distorted print from very top of sheet down about 2 inches. Then on second page the same band is from top to bottom . The band is about 4 inches in from left hand side of page.

    Thank you.

  2. Marlene Shapiro says:

    I have a Canon MP510 color printer. It is not printing. I don’t see a jam. Under the reset button, there are 2 bars with a yellow light and a green light flashing alternately. When I open the printer to check on the ink, the cartridges do not automatically come around so I can’t check them. I have pushed the reset button lots of times, nothing happens. Any idea what is wrong?

    -Marlene Shapiro

  3. tom says:

    i hve a canon pixma model mp760 printer . an erroe message apears in the window — type of print headis not correct install the correct printhead]
    i have removed the power cord and restarted also checked all the ink tanks are correctly installed but no response any help would be appreciated regards tom

  4. Paul J says:

    My Pixma MP620 does not print BLUE properly. I ran all maintenance alignment and cleaning categories including deep clean. Alignment column A has “fair” color on line +5 and decreases in color to line +2. Line +1 is blank. Column B has no color top to bottom.
    All other columns are OK. The CLEANING pattern shows the following:
    PGBK: good
    C: light/faint blue
    C: Blank
    C: Blank
    All remaining lines are good


    Note: printer is used only for print not photo
    Thanks for your help.

  5. Barb says:

    I have a Canon PIXMA MX340. I get the message that a document is in the ADF but I can’t find anything. It says to eject document and hit ok. I’ve tried rebooting and also pressing menu button several times but nothing works. I appreciate any advice I can get.

    Thank you,


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