Edible Ink: 6 Facts on this Technology

Edible ink, as the name implies, is an printer ink that is actually safe for eating. It can be used in food decoration especially for pastries and other baked goods. Do not worry much if you see cakes with photographs on them. It is safe to eat that portion as they are made of edible ink.

The edible ink technology

Printer edible ink is not a complex technology as you think it is. You can appreciate this technology using the following facts:

1. Commercial bakeries were the first to discover this technology. Some decades ago, people made use of edible printer ink using food dyes and colorings. These were not yet termed as edible ink by then. During the year 2000s and above, edible ink were made especially for printer use. These were the ones that reproduce photographs for decorating cakes and other baked goods. From commercial bakeries, households are now making use of this new technology.

2. There are two known printer brands that make use of edible ink – Canon and Epson. These companies produced edible cartridges as well as edible ink paper (also known as icing sheets) to support the technology. All these components are made using non-toxic ingredients approved by the FDA.

3. The icing sheets or the edible ink paper are derived from either cornstarch or sugar or corn syrup. They are available in different sizes and are as thin as wafers. In line with this, companies also produced multi-colored edible inks. These printer inks are capable of producing a variety of color hues.

4. There is also special software used in the process. This one is essential in order for you to design the images you want from an edible ink.

5. Putting all the components together – the edible ink, edible printer cartridges and edible ink paper – you will be able to produce the images you want. You can place these images on top of a cake or a cookie then the icing sheet will be absorbed by the frosting.

6. The latest in edible ink is called the decorating pen. These can be used to draw images not only on foods but also on plates. These can also be utilized in drawing temporary tattoos.

With all these facts on edible ink technology, you are surely convinced to try one. Get low cost and quality versions from reputed sites like printcountry.com.

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