4 Secrets to Creating Printing Network Connections for Two PCs

There are businesses that cannot afford buying printers for each of its employees. When that is the case, you need to establish a printer network connection between several printers. Here are some basic tools to consider.

1. Connection should be made via the “client” PC. You can do this by setting up the printer on the “client” PC. This can help install all the required printer drivers and software for the process. You have to click “Properties” and “shared” when you reconnect to the “host”. After that, you should click on “My Network Places” on the client PC and then the printers will appear shared. Click on the printer icon for the installation process.

2. Setting up a LAN is also required. Use a network adapter then view the connection status. To set it up to LAN, you just need to double click over “Network Connection” and right click over the LAN that you’re using.

3. You can also use a printer switch. This will make a connection between 2 PCs and the printer. A crossover cable is also a good choice.

4. A print server can also help. This will only function with the help of a router so make sure you also have one. Just in case you don’t have a router, the PSUS4 server will help. This will automatically assign a static IP on the print server and the network card. It is also important to note that print servers may not work if you are using multifunctional printers.

In instances when you have no network ports available, you can still establish printing network connections between two PCs. In this case, a parallel port adapter or USB cables will serve your needs.

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