5 Steps to Save an Open Ink Cartridge

Worried about not being able to use an ink cartridge after you have opened it? Well, you really don’t have to be worried about this. There are ways by which you may save the open printer cartridge from drying.

Why should you actually save open ink cartridges? The answer is very simple. Try to imagine the money you’ve spent for the purchase when in fact you haven’t used the open printer cartridge at all. Additionally, think of the fact that throwing the unused open printer cartridge directly to trash will cause some danger to the environment. Having thought of these things, will you still not opt to save the open cartridge? Of course you will.

How to save an open cartridge

In order to save an open ink cartridge, you must consider 5 steps on how to store them properly for future consumption:

1. Using a moist cloth, you should wipe the printer cartridge nozzle. This can remove dried printer ink which may cause clogging later on.

2. Prevent any possible leakage from the printer cartridge. Do this by covering its opening through the aid of a vinyl tape. If you are dealing with multiple color ink tanks, make sure that each opening is covered with tape.

3. Wrap the printer cartridge inside a clean and damp cloth then place it inside a plastic bag.

4. Store the printer cartridge in a cool and dry place.

5. You have to check the printer ink cartridge every two to three days to make sure that it doesn’t dry up. When it does, you have to remoisten the cloth wrapped around it. Do this until such time you’re ready to use the opened printer cartridge.

    With all these said, you will be able to save on purchasing a new printer cartridge to replace the open one.

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