3 Things to Consider When Changing Printer Ink Cartridges

Maximizing the use of your printers will depend on how you make use of your printer ink cartridges. Forming part of that is the way you change the printer cartridge. Just because you’re not encountering printing problems after you’ve changed your printer ink doesn’t mean you’re doing the entire thing correctly. So if you want to make sure you’re changing your ink cartridges right and you’re maximizing your printer’s usage, here are 3 things you should consider:

1.  There are differences from one printer model to another. Simply put, changing an ink cartridge for a Lexmark printer is entirely a different thing when it comes to a Dell printer and other printer brands. But of course, all printer cartridges are found inside the printer so you better check on that part where you can make the changes later on.

2.  Identify the colors that go with the printer. You have a wide array of colors to choose from. Aside from black, there is the cyan, yellow and magenta. These printer colors are separated inside the printer’s black box. Remove these ink cartridges using a lever but in some cases gentle wiggling of the printer will do.

3.  Always make sure you keep the process clean. Clean all residues that may be left by old ink inside your printer. This can result to clogging of printer ports thus affecting the printing capabilities of your new printer cartridge.

    Once you’ve taken note of these three things, you may now install your new printer ink cartridges. Make sure that you return the printer cartridge into its corresponding color slot. You will also need to reset the cartridges. It’s either you use the reset button that comes with your printer or turn the printer off for some time before trying to print with your new printer cartridge.

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