3 Things to Bear in Mind When You Refill Your Dell Inkjet Cartridge

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when your Dell inkjet cartridge stops to work? Maybe, you’ll just end up throwing them away. But, haven’t you thought it wiser to refill the printer cartridge instead? Don’t be afraid to do this as there are only three things to consider in the entire process.

1.  Think of why you need to refill the printer cartridge instead of throwing them away. You save money on printer ink and printer supplies. You also help save the environment from harm. Don’t ever think that refilling your printer cartridge will damage your printer or void your printer’s warranty.

2.  Know the signs on when to refill your empty printer cartridges. Please don’t wait until they are empty. This can dry and eventually clog the printer nozzle. As an end result, your printer won’t work. When the “low ink” warning sign shows, refill the empty printer cartridge at once.

3.  It is important to learn the refilling process. Be ready with your paper towels before you start this job. Make a small hole on the ink cartridge, particularly where the letter “e” in Dell is written. Use a 1/16 inch drill for this process.

Use a syringe to transfer the printer ink slowly into the printer cartridge – about 10 to 15 ml will do. Insert the syringe and make sure it reaches the hard sponge inside the printer cartridge. Allow the printer ink to set overnight before placing it back inside the Dell printer. Remember to put a tape over the small hole to prevent ink from drying.

Once you’ve kept all the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can refill your Dell printer ink with much ease. You can do ink refilling once or twice before you dispose your printer cartridge with Dell supplies.

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